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When we were growing up, herbs were like tomatoes. We grew them. We put them up for the winter. We used them daily, and gave concoctions away to other people in need of them. My mother was always teaching us. If we were weeding the garden, she would talk about which weeds were herbs and what those herbs could do. She instilled in us a passion to learn and create. Read more!

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The Naturally Clean Home

Make your own herbal sprays, scrubs and more with common kitchen ingredients. This spring cleaning companion, filled with over 150 natural cleaning recipes, will have you safely making your home sparkle and shine in no time!

The Naturally Clean Home

Lemon Drop Tea

The organically grown herbs in our Lemon Drop Tea are just as good to your health, as they are to your taste buds. This refreshing, naturally sweet tea will take you straight back to childhood memories of munching on Lemon Drop Candy!

Lemon Drop Tea $17.95

Heal your body with Eden Salve!

Miracle Salve

Heal yourself with Nature’s Healing Touch!

Eden Salve $7.95

Making Herbs Simple

Making Herbs Simple

Making Herbs Simple - Volumes 1 & 2. Learn how to find, wash, dry, and store herbs as well as prepare tinctures, poultices and much more!

Making Herbs Simple $39.90