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Activated Charcoal Powder has anti-poison, astringent, and absorbent properties. It has been used as an anti-poison remedy for centuries. It works as an absorbent of toxins in the digestive system.
Activated Charcoal Powder can adsorb a variety of particles and gases, which makes it ideal for removing potentially toxic substances from the digestive tract. Your stomach acid does not break down the Activated Charcoal Powder, so it is not absorbed by the body, but carries toxins out of the body in the feces.
Our Activated Charcoal is specially made from a mix of oak, maple, alder, white alder, black hawthorne, birch, cherry, black walnut and lilac to create the best and most absorbable charcoal needed to function for your body.

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Charcoal and Toddler
by Laura Gill on Mar 20, 2015

Greetings😉 praise to our sweet Savior for this product!!!! My 3yr old daughter had several small but messy accidents today. She was fussy,clingy, and miserable! I mixed some charcoal in with grape juice to disguise the black color. Within 20 to 30 minutes she had a very hard and very large BM! Now she is back to her happy self!!! Thank you so much for providing this product!!Many Blessings😇

helpful for inflammation
by Anne on Oct 22, 2014

I recently used activated charcoal to relieve some pain and swelling in my feet. Due to bunions and the movement associated with them (as affecting the next toe) I was in pain and having difficulty walking. (I'm actually needing to have surgery on them, most likely, but in the research phase of that) Due a scheduled appointment, I was needing to be able to do quite a bit of walking for several days and was quite concerned. I had made a patch, or poultice, of activated charcoal for the bottom of my foot a few days before and had relief, however, a few days after removing the patch, the pain was back. I used patches for both feet before this appointment and was able to walk pain-free for the entire duration (3 days). I firmly believe that the activated charcoal (mixed with a small amount of water and applied to the foot, then covered with a 'patch' or bandaid) took out the swelling and eliminated the pain. I haven't read of this anywhere - maybe this will help someone else, or provide a 'clue' to better health and pain relief.

Charcoal is the real deal
by Hector on Sep 9, 2014

I came across this in my late teens. I'm 29 now and there has never been something that I have had gastro wise that charcoal hasn't been able to take care of. My first use was when my family had a bug of some sort and everyone got sick. I got really nauseous that night and wound up taking this. I took a heaping tablespoon and within 30 minutes what ever it was, was gone.

As for taking this while taking medication, from personal experience and from medical websites it isn't a great idea because the charcoal will most likely cause the medication your on to not work as it will absorb it. I think it I read somewhere that you have to take the charcoal 2 hours after you have taken the medicine. Not anytime before that.

So many uses!
by Rachel on Sep 4, 2014

Im a licensed esthetician,so I make my own compounded lotions and masks.
One of my favorites that I make and my friends love,is actually a slight variation of Shoshannas's toothpaste recipe,with spearmint instead of cloves.
When I'm having stressed out skin or a friend is broken out,I give them a scoop of this mask/toothpaste (yes,I use it as a toothpaste,i add a small amount of stevia :) and a small amount of your activated charcoal to mix into it.they say it works wonders.
Lay a hot hand towel over your face once it dries to steam and soften the mask for easier removal and to open and further purge the pores.

My other use for this,as an acid reflux remedy.
I take a tablespoon of Slippery Elm Bark in my warm vanilla milk drink i make with it,wait about 30-60 min then take a heaping teaspoon of charcoal mixed into some organic berry juice.
It helps tame the acid and calm your tummy.

by lissa on Aug 15, 2014

this stuff really works for a upset tummy . just a spoonful in a glass of water. works every time

activated charcoal
by Bonnie Paddock on Jul 4, 2014

I was introduced to activated charcoal about 20 years ago and use it whenever I feel illness of any sort. Drs. Agatha and Calvin Thrash have a book, RX: Charcoal, which describes the myriad safe uses of activated charcoal inside and out. I noticed several complaints about the charcoal leaving marks, but I've found it always scrubs off or washes out easily, so don't be deterred by that. Do, however, avoid breathing the charcoal dust.

Good for soap?
by Jennifer on Dec 26, 2013

Hello, I want to use activated charcoal in my handmade soaps, some soap websites sell activate charcoal from bamboo and I see yours comes from a mix of sources, will it still be good to use in soaps for skin care?

    Re: Good for soap?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 30, 2013

    Hello, yes this Activated Charcoal would be great to add to your soap! Thanks!

Saved our dogs life
by caroline on Nov 16, 2013

Our 'oh so loveable but not so smart' puppy jumped up onto the counter and ate a whole pan of brownies while we were out. Chocolate is very toxic to dogs and by the time we came home he was almost completely non responsive. While my husband tried to find a vet that was still open (it was 11pm) I force fed him activated charcoal pills with water and a siringe. By the time we spoke to a vet he told us that really that was all he could do for him too. We spent the night feeding him activated charcoal every couple of hours and by morning he was still shaky but much better. A real must in the medicine cupboard. BTW for all those parents, there are few teenagers that don't learn the hard way, and when they come home intoxicated, Activated Charcoal is the best thing.

What does "activated" mean?
by Judi on Nov 1, 2013

We live in central Peru and can't ship alot. My question is what is the difference between regular charcoal and activated? Could I get by with using the charcoal from our fires here?

    Re: What does "activated" mean?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 5, 2013

    Our Activated Charcoal is specially made with a mix of oak, maple, alder, white alder, black hawthorne, birch, cherry, black walnut and lilac to create the best and most absorbable charcoal needed to function for your body.

great for all GI complaints
by JJ on Oct 17, 2013

This is wonderful stuff for nausea, vomiting, diarhhea & headaches- sometimes it is thrown up- but never more than twice. AND THEN, we feel SOOOO much better. We have found that many headaches - if not due to dehydration- are due to toxins which the AC promptly absorbs. HOWEVER...must take with LOTS of water to avoid constipation AND - in regards to headaches -it helps most when BMs are frequent to get the charcoal and toxins out of the body ASAP.
Hope this helps!

Recipe for use topically?
by Michelle on Jul 25, 2013

I've read in a few articles that AC works great for removing impurities from your skin as well. They all list products like masks or charcoal sponges that you can purchase, but I would rather save a bit and make it myself. Do you have any recipes for a facial mask or would you just mix with water and apply?

    Re: Recipe for use topically?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Aug 2, 2013

    You can just mix water and apply! Be sure to test it first on a patch of skin first because it may stain your skin slightly black depending on your tone. Check out Shoshanna's Kitchen on YouTube for more natural body care recipes. Thanks!

Activated Charcoal: Teeth Whitening!
by Kate Haffner on Mar 5, 2013

I use this once a week to whiten my teeth. It works awesome!! Just put some AC on your toothbrush and brush like normal. Be careful as it will stain a white sink so wash it quickly. It will not stain your skin. I love this store!

Good for Poison Control
by Julia on Feb 26, 2013

When I was younger, one of my cousins got sick from eating something toxic. My aunt called the doctor's office, or poison control (not sure) and it was recommended to give the person burnt toast. The charcoal from the burnt toast alleviated the poisonous symptoms very quickly.

What material is this sourced from?
by Dani R. on Jan 22, 2013

I was reading some good info on activated charcoal powder, and am excited to get some and have it on hand. I am wondering, however, what your powder is sourced from. Thanks in advance!

    Re: What material is this sourced from?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 2, 2013

    It is comprised of MIXED hardwoods - oak, maple, alder, white alder, black hawthorne, birch, cherry, black walnut and lilac.

No more pain!!
by amy on Jan 20, 2013

This stuff is pure magic. My daughter who is 11yrs old has suffered from bad stomach pains for the last 2.5 yr. Every time she ate she would have pain even after a few bites of food. She had seen G.I docs (two) had many tests done stomach scopes to find no major illness. They said she had some type of stomach inflaming gave us some pills. She HATES pills they worked a little. She decided to no longer take meds. Live with the pain I guess. I last week gave her Activated Charcoal to try and she LOVES it. She had stomach pain after dinner one night took the pill and she said amazed herself how fast it worked and off she went to the gym to work out happy. A sick kid over time becomes depressed and now finally she is no longer in pain!

Activated Charcoal
by Wendy Riffe on Sep 18, 2012

This is one of the most amazing products. It seems to banish all kinds of stomach problems along with a ton of other issues people have. I found a site on line that is full of information on this product. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a web address so I won't. I do love the fact that I can get this in a half pound size from the Bulk Herb Store. This is my new favorite store! You guys have a fantastic selection and I'm telling everyone I can about you. Thanks for your great products! Wendy

Activated Charcoal
by Anonymous on Sep 10, 2012

I love having this product on hand.It helped me for a urinary tract infection,in just one day I was having no more symptoms:) my whole family uses it for many different things.

Activated Charcoal for Beautiful Eyes!
by Anna Burns on Sep 2, 2012

Activated Charcoal has many wonderful uses, but recently I've started using it as eyeliner/eyeshadow/mascara. It works great! I use it dry for both the shadow and mascara, but I have a friend who adds a tiny bit of vitamin E oil to it to make a liquid mascara. Tastefully done, it looks beautiful - I absolutely love it! And not only is it beautiful, but unlike commercial cosmetics, it's perfectly natural and healthy for my skin!

Food Poisoning cure!
by Anonymous on Aug 21, 2012

My 6 children and I were visiting my family. After having dinner at a friends, we noticed the kids were starting to complain of stomach ache. I immediatley took activated charcoal powder in a capsule, just in case. Then my mom and all the kids took down with it really bad. My mom's stomach was in severe pain, so I gave her some capsules as well. An hour later, the pain was gone! She couldn't beleive it. The kids couldn't take down capsules, but they slowly started getting better the next day... except for one of my daughters. My mom was so scared of how she was doing, we considered taking her to the hospital, as she was vomitting every 10 minutes for the last 12 hours. I finally decided to mix the charcoal powder into some apple sauce( yes, it was Black, I didn't think she would eat it) but she actually liked it! I just gave her a little bit, so that she could take more after she vommitted again, but to our surprise, she never vommitted again! We gave her the rest, and she made a very fast recovery... better than her siblings that were recovering without it. Needless to say, My mom forced me to leave her some of my Magic Black pills!

Great Product!
by Emily on Jul 19, 2012

This stuff is amazing! I use it for so many things. Just be careful because it can leave a black mark on clothing.

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