Astragalus Root - cut

Herbs: Astragalus Root - Cut, Organically Grown

Botanical Name: Astragalus membranaceus
Origin: China

Short Description
Astragalus root is most popular for stimulating the immune system by increasing the activity of the white blood cell count which helps fight off any potential or present infection. It guards against colds, viruses, and respiratory infections. Astragalus also boosts energy levels, increases stamina and is safe for long term use; making it ideal for chronic fatigue, or for those who just need a little boost of energy.

Blend Astragalus with Rose Hips, Echinacea, Elderberry, and Peppermint to make a power-punching immune support tea.

Excerpt from ‘The Herbal Drugstore’:
“Astragalus Uses: Colds, flus, minor infections. Many studies confirm immune-boosting, antiviral, antibacterial, and tonic properties. Shows promise in restoring T-cell function in cancer patients and preventing growth of cancerous cells.”

Customer Reviews

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by Nikki on Feb 17, 2014

What is the minimum amount to be used to receive the medicinal properties?

    Re: Dose
    by Bulk Herb Store on Feb 17, 2014

    You will receive the medicinal properties no matter how much you take but it depends on the effect you need to how much you should take. It also depends on what method you use; whether you make a tincture or a tea or take it encapsulated. Thanks!

For use with Immune Disorder
by frank on Jan 13, 2014

Is this OK to use if you have a Immune disorder like Wegner Granulomutosis?

    Re: For use with Immune Disorder
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 13, 2014

    We recommend that you speak with your doctor first before taking anything. Thanks!

Shelf Life
by Rozlynn on Jan 4, 2014

what is the shelf life of this Astragalus root. Is it dried out or fresh?

Thank you!

    Re: Shelf Life
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 6, 2014

    Hello, It is dried and it will last 2-3 years if kept out of direct sunlight. Thanks!

Shelf Life
by Rozlynn on Jan 4, 2014

what is the shelf life of this Astragalus root. Is it dried out or fresh?

Thank you!

Safe while Pregnancy?
by Katie on Dec 23, 2013

I was just wondering if this herb is safe to take while pregnant and nursing? Thanks.

    Re: Safe while Pregnancy?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 30, 2013

    Hello, From the research I have done it seems it should be fine, however I would recommend consulting your midwife or doctor as well. Thanks!

by Anonymous on Apr 20, 2013

How is this taken? Is it made into a drink somehow? ground up & made into pill form? How can I use this?

Years ago, I used to take a liquid form I would buy at a health food store, but that store has long closed & I have moved from that area.
I have always had great results with Astragalus Root...never got sick while taking it.

    by Bulk Herb Store on May 3, 2013

    You can make it into a tea, grind it up and put in capsules or add the powder to smoothies, drinks etc. or you can make it into a tincture. You can find instructions on how to make tinctures on our site under "How To".

Safe for Children?
by Kristin on Feb 2, 2013

I am interested in this product for me and my three year old. We seem to always be getting sick with colds. I've tried to do research on Astragalus root, but it isn't a common one in the books I have (Practical Herbalism & ABC Herbal). Do you have any additional information about it? Or can you recommend a book that includes this herb? Thanks!

    Re: Safe for Children?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 12, 2013

    Hello! Thank you for contacting us. Since every person is different it is best to consult a Doctor about the safety of Astragalus for your child. From what we have researched it is best to give them a smaller amount than the adult dose if they are going to take it. Thank you!

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From our Mailbox


First of all, I just wanted to thank you for sending my order so fast!!! I did purchase the Herbs Made Simple DVD from the No Greater Joy website which, is how I found out about this website. I can’t wait for my Dr. Cinnamon Tea & Rise & Shine Tea that I ordered!!

I’ve started watching the video and I was SO surprised about the garlic poultice!!! I actually said out loud in my house, “You mean to tell me that I have a natural decongestant in my house that has more uses than spaghetti sauce & cooking?! And all I need is garlic cloves, cheese cloth, & hot water?!” Yep, made me want to stomp my foot when I realized how much money I have wasted purchasing cold medications.

I really appreciate this because my son is 3 and a lot of the over the counter medications are not made for someone his age & weight. I would rather give him something that will not harm him, but will help him at the same time.

THANK YOU Shoshanna!!!! You, your mother and your family have truly been blessed with some precious gifts and I thank you for sharing them with us!!

~Jackie L.

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