Bay Leaf - whole, organic

Herbs: Bay Leaf - Whole, Organic

Bay (Bay laurel, Sweet bay)

Botanical: Laurus nobilis:
Laurus, from the Latin word meaning to “praise” and nobilis, “renowned or famous.” Its Botanical name emphasizes the respect the ancients held for the plant.
Origin: Turkey


The bay tree is indigenous to Asia Minor where it spread to the shores of the Mediterranean and other countries with suitable climates. Bay leaf was always known as a symbol of honor and glory. In classical times to wear a laurel wreath or victor’s crown signified a mark of high esteem or victory; emperors, heroes and poets were adorned with the aromatic wreath. Bay was famed in ancient Greece and Rome.

This stately tree can reach heights of up to 60 feet. Bay is one of the most beautiful and aromatic of all trees. The bay tree is one of the most difficult to propagate, seeds tend to grow moldy and cuttings can take up to six months to take root. Bay trees grow in moderate climates and must be protected against freezing temperatures and winds. Turkey is the largest exporter of bay leaves.

Health Benefits

Bay leaf contains eugenol, (an analgesic and antiseptic) which has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Bay has been considered a powerful antiseptic for thousands of years. It contains compounds called parthenolides. Check with your herbal practitioner to establish a dosage to best fit your needs.

Fresh bay leaves are an excellent source of vitamins A and C and folic acid. This noble spice is an exceptional source of minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium and zinc.

Bay leaf may be added to the bath to produce a stimulating effect on the skin and can help in reducing body odor. Combining rose-water, bruised cloves, chopped bay leaves and vinegar make a marvelous spicy sent which is used as a perfume. Bay has been used to keep moths away; the leaf’s lauric acid content gives it its insecticidal proprieties.

Customer Reviews

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Bay leaves in daily use
by Yelena on Aug 6, 2014

My family comes from eastern Europe, and we are used to putting a bay leaf into almost anything we cook. Whether it be soup, mashed potatoes, and any other cooked or baked dish... when the meal is ready, we take the leaves out. Gives a great flavor to potato and meat dishes especially.

Great tea
by Anonymous on Sep 15, 2013

I always add a leaf of bay to my "Rise and Shine Tea". I love the flavor and it makes it look a little special too.
And I always keep Bay Leaves next to my bath as well to add in the hot water; They are reusable for a long time. I find it helps to cut down on body odor :) And never make a stew without throwing in a leaf or two. Yours work the best, much better than the grocery store brands, and at a much better price too!


From our Mailbox

I received my orders this week. We are steeping our Vinegar of the Four Thieves and sipping Rise and Shine Tea. But my best brag by far is with the hair treatment. I have very curly and very dry, prematurely graying hair - I don't like the results I've had with chemical preparations. So, I tried the Beautiful Hair dark this week. I was still having my doubts as I smeared green goo into my dry locks. But, as my hair dried after a good shampoo the next morning I was delighted to see the shine in my curls. I have never had shiny hair - always drab and dry. Thank you for such a wonderful product!


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