Bentonite Clay Powder

Herbs: Bentonite Clay - Powder

Origin: USA

Bentonite Clay- Pharmaceutical/Food Grade

This Calcium Bentonite Clay is a natural healing clay that is gaining popularity for its ability to help draw toxins out of the body, and speed the healing process. It is harvested from naturally occurring volcanic ash in the United States, contains high levels of trace minerals including silicon, magnesium, calcium and potassium, and is used in and for:

  • Oral health, including mouth rinses and toothpaste
  • Internal cleansing (by itself, or in mixes like Detox+)
  • Detox baths
  • Skin infections and irritations (such as acne, warts, eczema, etc.)
  • Baby powder
  • Internal cleansing for pets
  • And much more! Scroll down for recipes and testimonies from our customers to find out more of what Bentonite Clay is great for.

How It Works:
Bentonite Clay is a very unique substance, formed primarily of Montmorillonite, which is an extremely flat crystal flake, that carries a relatively strong negative ionic charge. The negative charge is compensated for by adsorbing a cation (in this case, Calcium) to the interior of the molecule. This is what makes it either Sodium Bentonite or Calcium Bentonite. To put it another way, think of the Montmorillonite crystal flake resembling two pieces of bread, with a strong vacuum pulling the filling in between them. Whatever lands there (Sodium or Calcium) determines what kind of sandwich it will be. Now when you activate this clay sandwich, it will magnetically grab the junk in your body (heavy metals, toxins, acid, etc.) and trade it for the "filling”, taking the toxins out in your waste. The two different clays although very similar in their inert state (dry), have very different applications when activated (mixed with water). Our Calcium Bentonite clay is only slightly swelling or non-swelling, and this allows the clay (if it is as finely sifted as ours) to pass uninhibited through the colon wall, where it will go on to clean the blood while giving vital minerals to the bones.

Bentonite Clay and wildlife:
Peruvian Macaws seem to somehow know the benefits of Bentonite clay. Macaws are entirely dependent upon wild fruit for their main source of food, but at certain times of the year only poisonous fruit is available. So they will fly to the nearest clay lick and eat the clay in the morning which will adsorb the alkaloid toxins found in the poisonous fruit they eat during the day. Its highest power lies in the ability to absorb toxins, impurities, heavy metals and other internal contaminants. Bentonite clay's structure assists it in attracting and soaking up poisons on its exterior wall and then slowly drawing them into the interior center of the clay where they are held in a sort of repository.

Why our Bentonite Clay?
Not all Bentonite Clay is created equal. Most of it is not mined for internal use or sifted as finely as it should be. Here at Bulk Herb Store, we’ve carefully selected a Calcium Bentonite that is unsurpassed in purity and quality. Harvested from its natural source in the United States, it is triple cleaned and purified to maintain the highest standard for pharmaceutical and food-grade quality.

Bentonite Clay and your pH Balance
Another factor that makes Bentonite Clay Powder so indispensable is its ability to elevate your body’s pH. The Bentonite will absorb some of the hydrogen from your cells, enabling them to fill that space with the oxygen you so dearly need.

Instructions For Taking Bentonite Clay Internally
If you are using the bentonite clay internally for a cleanse we recommend the following dosage amounts: Start with a ½ - 1 tsp. of bentonite clay in a glass of water or juice, once a day for several days. When you feel ready to increase the amount, you can work your way up to taking 1 to 2 Tbsp. a day. When raising the amount, be sure to do it slowly, allowing a few days between each increase. The Bentonite clay needs to be taken on an empty stomach, so when you do take it make sure it is at least 2 hours before or after a meal. The best time to take the clay is early in the morning or mid-day. We do not recommend taking it before bed. Be sure to drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water! This is a must to ensure an effective cleanse as well as to keep you from getting constipated while taking the clay. If you are not having bowel movements every day, then drink more water or add extra fiber to your diet.


Bentonite Clay Toothpaste:
We decided to make an all natural toothpaste recipe that would neutralize acid, remove bacteria-filled organic matter, leach out infection and promote healthy gums. Check out our Bentonite Clay Toothpaste recipe!

Bentonite Clay Mask
Similar to masks used at the spa, a clay mask made from Bentonite draws excess oils and debris to the surface of your skin, boosts circulation to tighten the skin and stimulate blood flow, and whisks away dead skin cells that can clog pores. Mix Bentonite Clay with water to make a paste, apply to the face, and allow to dry for 20 minutes. Wash off gently and pat dry.

Bentonite Clay for skin irritation
To control itching: A simple “mud pack” made with bentonite clay powder and enough water to create a thick goo can help control the itch and dry up blisters, herbalists say. Spread the clay over the affected area and let air dry. Keep it on until the clay wears off or gets itchy. Wash off the residue.

First Aid
To make a healing pack, mix Bentonite clay powder or baking soda and oatmeal with water and an anti-infection herb (such as garlic, thyme, or calendula) or an herbal tincture. Apply to pimples, boils, or wounds.

From Our Reading and/or Experience...

  • Do not use metal utensils or containers to stir or store Bentonite clay powder. Contact with metal may decrease the clay's potency.
  • The internal use of Bentonite clay is an excellent and simple way to do an effective cleanse. Among other benefits, it can reduce body odor, skin blemishes, and digestive track issues of all sorts.
  • The clay can be stirred into water, juice or any other beverage of your choice. It can also be sprinkled on foods or encapsulated.
  • We keep it on hand, among other items, to use internally and externally in case of snake bites or any other kind of poisoning.
  • Bentonite clay can be used to benefit anyone: men, women (including before, during or after pregnancy, and nursing), children, and animals.
  • It can be used as often as you would like, and in any way you choose. Just remember to consume LOTS of water while using it internally.

Customer Reviews

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Food Poisoning
by Anonymous on Apr 1, 2015

I went to a seminar recently and got food poisoning from the meal they served. It was the worst case I've ever had, and I was worried. I started praying and God reminded me that I have a lot of ways to heal myself. I remembered the bentonite clay and it helped almost immediately. I was able to eat later that night and go out with friends the next day.

radioactive bentonite clay?
by Gary on Feb 14, 2015

I have a NukAlert to measure radiation. The NRC say 5000milliREM/yr or less is safe. I measured the Bentonite Clay to be 20micronRoentgen/hr. 5000milliREM/yr converts to 5700micronRoentgen/hr. My background radiation is 4micronRoentgen/hr. Since 20 is much less than 5700, the Bentonite Clay is well within the safe range but higher than my background radiation. So I will continue taking the Bentonite Clay, if anyone is interested. Thanks.

by Grace on Jan 3, 2015

The description says that this is okay to use while nursing, but I'm not so sure. It could just be me, but this is what happened. I began taking it, and by day two, my baby began to develop a rash on her face. It spread across her cheeks and on her nose. I stopped taking it after day three, and it went away. So, it could have been a coincidence, but then again, maybe not. I just want to let other moms know that this is a possibility. I love this company and their products!

Geographical tongue gone
by Jodie on Nov 28, 2014

Thank you for this product! My son had geographical tongue( weird circles and sensitive ) on his tongue. For several years I would take him to the doctor and they would tell me there was nothing wrong with him. To me this was a warning sign evident in his tongue. We eliminated many things from his diet and eat whole foods now. I decided to make our own toothpaste after finding a recipe, and guess what? His geographical tongue is gone after 5 days. His tongue looks so healthy now. We plan on ingesting it also a little at a time. Thanks for this product!

by Heather on Jul 30, 2014

Dumbfounded doctors couldn't help me. After staying at my fathers house a few months mixed with all the pills doctors prescribed, following a serious injury, I got very very sick. 3 different internal parasites, 2 different fungal infections and aspergilliosis mold toxicity and fungal ball in my lung. My body was shutting down and I seriously thought I was going to die. Doctors wanted to give me more of the SAME drugs. I bought the Diatomaceous Earth & Bentonite Clay here and drink it every day. I did also change my diet and do detox baths every day. BUT my body couldnt get rid of the toxins. I truly believe, 30 days later, these saved my life. I'm a customer for life. Ordering more goodies now.

bentonite clay
by Donna l. Mercer on May 3, 2014

My doctor put me on bentonite clay and activated charcoal for mold poisioning Ive been doing better ever since. My hair is coming back and my finger nails are growing! and he told me that the charcoal is the key to losing my weight! which is true! I feal more energetic! than I have been in a long time! Your Products are Wonderful!

How much, how often and for how long?
by Hannah on Mar 21, 2014

I just ordered some of this and I'm excited to try it out. What is a good starting dose (and should the dose increase over time), how often do I take it (once a day?) and for how long should I take it? Thanks! I also ordered Making Herbs Simple and my family and I are really enjoying it so far!

    Re: How much, how often and for how long?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 2, 2014

    We usually start with about 1 Tbsp. once a day, 1-2 hrs. before or after a meal or vitamins. We work our way up to 2 Tbsp. or more once a day and do that for 2-4 weeks. If the detoxing symptoms are too strong (feeling sick, skin breakouts etc.) you can start with a smaller dose.
    Thank you!

best ever toothpaste
by MI mom on Mar 16, 2014

My husband and I absolutely love this toothpaste. It kills all the bacteria and leaves you with very fresh breath...we also noticed out teeth got whiter after just a few times of using it! Best toothpaste ever!! We can't live with out going back for us.

Cured stomach virus 3 times this year!
by Melanie on Dec 22, 2013

My family of 4 boys and my husband and I were exposed to the stomach virus three times in the last year. The first time my kids all got it and then when my husband came down with it I gave him 1 tsp of bentonite in 4 oz of water. I stirred it vigorously and he drank it. An hour later he was up and on his way to work! When we got it again later in the year, both my husband and I tried it and it stopped it in it's tracks for both of us but we were still nervous about using it on the kids so they all got sick. Finally this time my 7 yr old was the first to come down with it so I dosed him right away 1/2 tsp in 4 oz of water and then the whole family drank a dose too. It was stopped and no one else got it!! Now my friend's whole family has it but she isn't into natural remedies. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!

Making Deodorant w/ Bentonite Clay
by Carolyn on Dec 2, 2013

Would your mixture be a good and safe product for making my own deodorant?

    Re: Making Deodorant w/ Bentonite Clay
    by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 5, 2013

    Yes, this is the clay we use to make the deodorant on our YouTube videos. Thanks!

Which type do to sell?
by Chris on Nov 13, 2013

Sodium or calcium bentonite? You list both, but it is not clear which I would be buying.


    Re: Which type do to sell?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 14, 2013

    Our Bentonite Clay is a mix of 50% calcium and 50% sodium.

Quantity of Product
by Karen on Nov 11, 2013

In know this product is sold by the pound, but can you tell me how much a pound would measure in cups. Can't wait to try it!

    Re: Quantity of Product
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 12, 2013

    1 lb. of bentonite clay is approx. 3 cups.

Toe Fungus
by Debra Tasker on Oct 24, 2013

I have had the discolored toe fungus on each big & second toe of both feet for ten years. I've tried most OTC and home remedies without any sustaining results....until my grandson was treated with bentonite clay for a recluse spider bite in June 2013.
I make a thick paste w/water, apply, covering all my toes and leave on as long as possible. I then cover my feet with soft sock slippers and leave on until I shower. 3/4 grown out (Oct. 2013) & it is fungus free. Other great uses, as well. Now it's a staple in my medicine cabinet. Most local health food stores don't stock the food grade, dry powdered bentonite clay so order from these people & save your energies.

by Barbara Draa on Aug 26, 2013

I am very thankful that my daughter-in-law introduced me to your site! We strive to do as much of the natural as possible. I ordered your Bentonite Clay to use for a facial mask just for fun, but never really got started and gave it to my daughter-in-law for something she was making. Months later I was diagnosed with shingles and she reminded me that she still had some of the clay if I needed it to help with the outbreak. I got it immediately and applied it as a paste 3-4 times a day. It acted as a bandage to protect the area as it literally drew out the poisons from the shingles! I truly believe that it made a tremendous difference since I hardly had any pain or continuous outbreaks! To God be all the glory for all the prayers from our prayer warriors and to this clay God formed from the 'dust" of the earth that had a part in healing me so rapidly that after only 2 weeks there is no evidence of my ever having had the shingles!!!

Heals Burns & Treats Acne
by Kyle on May 23, 2013

I have a friend who does extensive plumbing work and he received a nasty burn on his hand... like really nasty. He applied a poultice once a day for a couple of hours and it healed in about a week with barely any scarring.

I bought some for my face as I have a few blemishes and put it on last night. I've already noticed much smaller pores and the blemishes have disappeared. I usually have dry skin around my nose and this is also gone, but it might also be because I've been drinking quite a bit of water. The stuff is great though.

Fungal infection
by larkyb on Mar 19, 2013

Years ago, my ex-husband had a nasty fungal infection on his feet that he refused to have treated. It was slowly spreading and becoming putrescent. I just happened to think one day of using the bentonite clay I'd bought for a face mask on his feet. I mixed the dry clay with vinegar and applied it to his feet every night for a week. The improvement was immediate, and by the end of the week, it was healing so well I stopped treating it. It never came back.
I am about to use it to treat diarrhea in my kittens. Hoping it works as well!

by Darlene on Mar 3, 2013

I would like to know if bentonite clay powder would be helpful for acne and how would I use it

    Re: acne
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 23, 2013

    Yes, we have found it to be very effective with helping rid people of acne. Watch our you tube Episode # 80 to see how to use it!

Question Please
by Leslie on Jan 16, 2013

I have been considering detox for some time and after finding your site and reading the reveiws it appears I cannot go wrong with your products. I do however have a question regarding the two types of clay powder. Is either type of clay better then the other (Sodium vs Calcium) when using it in the bath? Or is the difference only specific to ingesting the clay?

Thank you!

    Re: Question Please
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 1, 2013

    The Calcium is more effective as a re-mineralizer, whereas the Sodium is more effective in getting rid of toxins whether taken internally or externally.

by jan on Jan 5, 2013

I had trouble with receeding gums and tried everything. Needed dental implants and have many crowns. I even tried chlorine dioxide. My problems ended with bentonite clay. The best is to make a dry water bentonite mix - put it on a small strip of non absorbable paper about 3 cm long and then apply to teeth. It will stick like glue. Leave it overnight. I have no trouble using it - the following day you will not believe the results. Tonight I will try to mix some clay with colloidal silver.

Clay toothpaste & salve
by AK on Nov 29, 2012

I want to thank you for the wealth of info you offer on your site, & the other people's posts as well. They are all very helpful, so I'd like to add my story.
I was bitten on the ankle by 'something' one evening, while in the Caribbean. I didn't see it, just felt something & brushed at my leg. Later that eve, I was alarmed to see a rather large, purplish, swollen blister there that was weeping. I didn't have any clay with me, but I had some salve I'd made from your Eden salve recipe, so I smeared it on & bandaged it overnite. I used this several times while on holiday, & it healed. I was left with a purple mark however, the size of a quarter. When I got home, I had some toothpaste I'd made [again, from your recipe] & put some on. Every time I used it, the purple mark faded & shrunk. THANK YOU!! I don't know what kind of insect bite it was, but I suspect it prob had 8 legs. I will not be going on hols again without my own toothpaste & salve. BLESS YOU!!

4 year infection cured with one treatment
by Danielle on Oct 19, 2012

I had an infected belly button for 4 years, since my daughter was born. I asked numerous doctors and even had a sonogram performed to see if during my c-section something was left behind that was bothering it from the inside. We found nothing. I tried prescriptions as well as every homeopathic remedy I could think of.
I purchased the clay to help my husband with his belly issues but decided one night to make a paste for my belly button.....that was over 2 months ago. Infection never came back.
Miracle. That's all I can say about this clay!! Now if only it would start helping me with my laundry :)

A must have for Poisonous bites!
by Lauren Lockhart on Oct 12, 2012

Three weeks ago I got bitten in the middle of the night while sleeping by a poisonous spider, I'm assuming? I awoke to a swollen ankle that quickly turned bright red. By mid morning the swelling was increasing and the redness was beginning to go up my leg. I immediately began taking the bentonite internally and made poultice packs with the bentonite after I had soaked it in warm water to open the pores on my foot and leg. Within three days the swelling was almost gone and the redness had decreased by nearly 75%! I am thankful for this powerful little clay! It kept me from spending big bucks in the ER and getting injected with tons of antibiotics. This is a must have for any home!!

Bentonite clay
by J on Sep 7, 2012

My daughter was 15 and started having trouble with her gallbladder. She was in so much pain that she went to many different doctors but no relief. Her gallbladder would swell up so bad that it would stick out of her skin and be so hot to the touch. Finally she went to discuss having it removed. She was hospitalized and for a week they prepared her for surgery but the surgeon and the anesthesiologist disagreed whether she should have the surgery that day or not. After a week I took her out of the hospital and vowed to find something natural to help her. After lots of research I found a product that contained bentonite clay and bought it for her. She took it as directed for two weeks and immediately the pain was gone and no more problems with her gallbladder. We changed her diet to be more gallbladder friendly. When she has a flair up with her gallbladder she takes the bentonite clay for two weeks and is immediately better. It was miraculous after a year in bed in pain to feeling better than normal again. I do recommend it as a cleanser. It works.

Makeup and a Cleanser All in One!
by Anna Burns on Sep 2, 2012

I love this stuff! So far I have made toothpaste with it, used a clay mask, and my most recent and exciting discovery - made a cosmetic facial powder! I discovered that by mixing a little cocoa with dry bentonite clay, until it matches my skin color, I can effectively cover up blemishes and even my skin tone! I just use my fingers to rub it in, and as long as it's the right color, it looks great! I think a little beet powder mixed in would also help to make it match your skin color. Then, when I'm ready to wash my makeup off, it can double as a thin clay mask! I simply wet it a little and let it dry before washing if off, and it does the work of drawing out impurities and cleansing my skin! It's makeup and a cleanser all in one!

Amazing for venomous caterpillar sting
by Andie on Sep 1, 2012

Two nights ago I was stung extensively by an Io moth caterpillar. Dozens of the barbs had made contact, over a 2 inch x 1 inch area! Shock, burning, itching, swelling, headache, metallic taste, weakness and dizziness, and some systemic itchy spots ...nasty critter! Still having a disconcerting array of symptoms this morning.

So today I find advice online to apply a Bentonite mud to it. I thought, Hey! I have some of that in the pantry, though I'd never used it for anything.

Bottom line? This stuff is amazing, nearly all of the symptoms are gone, less that 30 minutes later. Wow. Wow. This going on the list of things to stock up on when extra cash comes my way.

Irritation healed!
by Lisa Pittman on Aug 26, 2012

For three months my ring fingers were sore, scaly, itchy, red and hot to the touch under my rings. I tried many creams with no help. I had bentonite clay and tried a "mask" on my hands and wrists. Four days later, the skin is as clear as can be. I am amazed! Thank you for your knowledge and praise God for His creation of this clay.


by Donna on Aug 25, 2012

My Husband was staining the house and he needed to finish even though it was After 9:00PM. As I held a Light on the section he was working , I brushed against a shrub ang felt an immediate sting and burn which became red and before I got to the house I had raised rash the size of a 50 cent piece. I put wet redmond clay on it and covered it with saran wrap over night and the next day. When I removed it , there was nothing but it began to tingle in that area where I was bit when the clay was removed. No reddness, swelling, or rash. The tingling went away by the next day. This stuff is miraculous.

Healed my spider bite!
by Alicia Trotter on Aug 1, 2012

I use Bentonite Clay as a mask and apply it directly to bee stings or bug bites that are swollen and feverish. I had a bad spider bite that had spread from the size of a quarter to the size of my whole arm from elbow to arm pit. It was feverish and really red. I applied a mask of the clay and left it on for 30 min. I repeated this 3 times in one day and it was already on its way to healing. After 2 days it was completely gone. It extracted the poison in my arm and I was healed.

Daughter developed skin rash from her braces
by Rhonda on Jul 21, 2012

My 7 year old daughter had orthodontic work done about 5 months ago to correct an overbite that was causing sleep apnea. After a few months the Herbst device attached to the braces, unbeknownst to me, had created a fissure in her cheek. She developed a rash around her mouth.

A friend began to circulate our toothpaste video and I thought I'd give it a try (since another friend had given me some BHS BC a year ago that I had NOT used). I was doing this for me but Marley Scout does what momma does and insisted on using my "homemade toothpaste.". I immediately noticed the rash was gone 24 hours after she started using the paste.

It was not until Marley over heard me mentioning to my friend that he rash was going away and I suspected the BC was helping....then Marley showed me the fissure in her cheek. "See mom your toothpaste is helping my sore heal too.". I could NOT believe how big it was. Within a few weeks it has totally healed!

Digestive Tract
by Michelle on Jul 17, 2012

Our daughter began to have accidents well after being potty trained. As they got worse we sought medical help. THREE YEARS, several docotors, several trips across the country, hundreds of tests and xrays, several prescriptions, and even many trips to a pediatric gastroenterologist later she was still having the same issues! She has an enlarged colon due to severe blockage. They still don't know the cause but none of the medicines they gave her had good results (NOT TO MENTION THE HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS) so I threw them away and gave her a clay/psyllium husk shake every morning. Within 4 days she began to pass long ropes of mucoid plaque! Within a week she was having regular bowel movements and now 6 months later is still impaction and accident free! We just have to continue until her colon is shrunk to normal size. Praise God for his healing, this stuff is amazing!

My favorite.
by Michelle Bell on Jul 17, 2012

I have bought many things from your store. My favorite thing is this bentonite clay. I feel so much better when I drink a glass of it. Plus I have used it for my feet. They get really sore and I soak them in this and they always feel better and less swollen.

by REBECCA SIMPSON on Jul 15, 2012


nursing and cleansing
by Molly on Jul 4, 2012

Can you use bentonite clay internally to detox while nursing?

    Re: nursing and cleansing
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 21, 2012

    Hello! Please see From Our Reading and/ or Experience.

Updated on "Amazed"
by Amber on Jul 3, 2012

Last I night I had posted that I was trying BC on my hand that was very swollen from a wasp sting. Well, after 4 applications, the swelling is gone and I have no pain, itching, and I now have knuckles again. Thanks so much for all the information on this product and I can't wait to try it for different things!

by Amber on Jul 2, 2012

As I am reading all of these testimonies, I have a large slab of Bentonite Clay on my hand. I am amazed at all the wonderful things this stuff can do!

Yesterday evening I was stung by a red wasp on the top of my hand. I have never swollen up bad from stings, so I put some plantain on it and thought nothing else about it. About an hour later my hand started to ache and swell pretty bad. Through the night and into today I have tried all sorts of home remedies. Nothing has seemed to work. A good friend called this evening and told me she had something for me to try. She had heard about, but not tried, the Bentonite Clay and had ordered some from you.

So far, the pain has relieved and I will definitely be ordering some for my household. Thanks so much for all the wonderful information! I will let you know the outcome. :)

Much Increased Energy
by Laurel on Jun 23, 2012

I have an autoimmune condition that has produced such severe fatigue that I had to quit working and go on disability. The fatigue continued to worsen to the point where I could only shower every two weeks, couldn't get to the grocery store much less cook anything, and at times had to pull myself up the stairs and then collapse, panting for breath. The first dose I took of the clay gave me so much energy that I couldn't go to sleep at night. But from there on, I have had enough energy to take care of myself again. I am so grateful for this miraculous gift from Mother Nature.

Healed the spider bite
by Kari Martin on Jun 21, 2012

My daughter had a spider bite (I suspect brown recluse from the looks of it and how it acted) and the red patch was 1.5" diameter. I put a poultice of BC and water on it every hour or so and covered it with gauze. It was totally healed in 2 days. Love this stuff!

Clears up allergies!
by Ryan and Nessa Knudson on Jun 11, 2012

My little girl has skin allergies that are set off by just about anything. We tried a new "all natural" soap that had peppermint oil and she broke out in itchy, puffy, red hives all over her body. I gave her a Bentonite clay bath and let her sit with clay on all the rashes for 30 minutes. Afterward she stopped complaining and crying of the itching and went to sleep. By morning her skin was soft and completely rash free, except for one little spot that I left as a test area. It was still swollen and rashy. I love the stuff and am now taking it internally. Thanks!

works for burns
by Rayna Grubert on Jun 11, 2012

I have used bentonite clay on burns. They have healed quickly without scarring. I have also used the clay on fever blisters and they seem to heal faster.

The best cleansing cosmetic product
by Priscy on Jun 9, 2012

I have used clay all my life to clean my face. But when I moved to US I was looking for clay in the stores (I thought I could find as we have in my country). Finally I found this great product here and I am happy that I have back again my beautiful skin. I recommend it to any one who wants to try something better and natural instead of chemical products on the skin.

Comments/Question about Bentonite Clay
by Lynn on May 26, 2012

We have been using your Bentonite clay for years - both topically and internally. Face masks, bug bites, skin infections and heavy metals have been warded off and resolved!

Toothpaste, Wow!!
by Adee on May 26, 2012

I have had the clay and have used it effectively for some time now. Recently when I saw your post for toothpaste I decided to try it. I made a very small batch bringing to a boil a couple of cinnamon sticks with less than a cup of water and a couple of cloves (because I know them to be antiseptic) and only mixed in enough clay to get it pasty with a bit of sea salt (didn't feel I needed the sugar). I had been having really bad gum inflammation on one side of my mouth. I am please to say that after only two mornings and two nights the inflammation is down and the pain minimized and my teeth...looking brighter already! The taste without the sugar is barely noticeable but then again, I enjoy the earthy taste for some awkward reason.
I'm sold! I was using an "organic" non fluoridated brand but will probably be giving that up in lieu of my own homemade version. Thanks a bunch Shoshana!

Facial Mask and Spot Treatment.
by Deeter on May 5, 2012

I use a Bentonite clay facial mask weekly. I make a relatively thin mixture using mineral water, a drop or two of French lavender oil, a drop of peppermint oil and of course the clay. Leave it to dry naturally and then rinse with lukewarm water. Pat dry. Finish by moisturizing with organic Argan oil and soon your skin will be glowing!

I save any of the mixture that I have left for spot-treating blemishes. Apply a heavier coat and leave on overnight. My blemishes are always gone in the morning.

On to the toothpaste!

Brown Recluse bite
by C. Cook on Sep 29, 2010

My dad a number of years ago was complaining of cramps in his intestines. He was seen by numerous doctors. They ran test after test and found nothing wrong with him. He called me to ask what I would do. When I suggested he take bentonite clay, he laughed because I told him to eat dirt. He was having so much pain he said he was willing to try anything. He started with a small amount and worked his way up to a couple of tablespoons a day. After taking it for three days, the cramping calmed. After a week the pain was gone. The best I can guess was he had so much toxin built up in his body and needed to get it out, which is just what the bentonite clay was able to do for him.

Another experience I have had with bentonite clay was when my husband was bitten by a brown recluse spider. He had a serious Staphylococcus infection but refused to go to the doctor. I mixed the clay with water and placed it on the infected areas several times a day and had him take it internally as well. It took a couple of weeks for him to heal and he does have scar's but he is alive and well after two bites on the leg from a brown recluse! Praise the Lord, He provides all we need.

Smoking and Cats
by Angela on Nov 24, 2009

Two weeks ago my daughter-in-law put dog flea medicine on her cat. She did it at 10pm, went to bed and work the next day. My grandaughter came home from school the following day and found the cat convulsing, shaking, and eyes completely black from the pupils being so dilated.

She called me bawling and I told her there was only one thing I know of that will even have a chance to save the cat...bentonite clay. The cat didn't even resist when it was administered with a syringe. In a few hours he started to improve, then after that he started improving by the minute. By morning he was playing again and is now completely normal.

I have seen this clay cure up some of the nastiest infections ever. I also used it to stop smoking and my son is using it now to cleanse himself of nicotine and it's working for him too.

It's a "medicine" that no home should be without.

Renews Memory and Combats Fatigue
by Customer on Sep 9, 2009

Please let everyone there know... I had two teeth removed in January that both had amalgams. I have been having memory issues beyond the norm and amazing fatigue. I was hoping that it could be caused by mercury and that, perhaps, the clay would help. After a week of the Bentonite Clay, I felt better. By the end of the month, I felt almost entirely like myself again.

Thanks so much for what you do!!

Really Works!
by Customer on Jul 30, 2009

I woke up one morning with three tiny blisters on my stomach area, two of which didn't cause much trouble, but the third turned really bad, getting infected and swollen badly. After two days and lots of research on spider bites, I found the bite was a bad one and got information on someone who had heard of using clay on bites with great results. They had used French green clay but suggested any clay should work. It happened we had some in the freezer with our herbs so i made a poultice and after a few hours it started feeling better. The next day it was much improved and no more pus was oozing out. The Bentonite clay has worked wonders- thank you!

Spider Bites, oh my!
by Paula on Mar 19, 2009

I've just placed my second order of bentonite clay. One night as I was putting my son to bed, I noticed a rather large inflamed spider bite on the back of his leg. I don't know why it hadn't bothered him enough for him to mention it. Anyway, I mixed up some bentonite clay with water and smeared a thick coat on the bite. The next day I did the same thing several times. It took a few days to clear it up, but the bentonite clay did the trick. Later I learned from a medical book from the description of the bite that I should have taken him to the doctor. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. We've used bentonite clay as a facial mask, on insect bites, and all sort of maladies. Our home will never be without it again!

Morning Sickness
by Kristy on Apr 9, 2008

I also take Bentonite Clay to relieve morning sickness- I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have found it to help greatly in relieving nausea. I took it with juice every morning the first few weeks and, boy, could I tell if I missed a day! It works great.

Morning Sickness Cure
by Christy on Nov 14, 2006

Someone recomended this to me when I was pregnant with the third. I took one teaspoon of clay in a glass of water in the evening and in the morning when I woke up my morning sickness was non existent! From then on I took it twice a day until I was well past my third tri-mester. Adding lemon to the water helps the taste but it really isn't that bad.

Bentonite clay powder for stings
by 1ofeach on Sep 13, 2006

Just today I received my order of Bentonite clay from the Bulk Herb Store. My children were outside playing when the package came in the mail. About half an hour later my son came in complaining of sharp pain on his shoulder. Poor dear, it was his first sting. I immediately opened the bentonite clay, mixed a little with some water and applied it to his shoulder. Within minutes he said the pain was better. Now he's back to playing outside.

Praise be to God for His perfect timing, and for His gifts of herbs!

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From our Mailbox

I just have to let you know how much I appreciate your business...

When it comes to health and healing I would say that I was from a “typical American” family. Hamburger helper and Rice-A-Roni every night, vaccines when they’re due and hospitals when you’re sick! But I thought that herbs sounded like a neat thing to study (not to mention the fact that we were uninsured! It sounded like a real money saver too!) so I went to the local library to get a few books.

Reading about herbs eventually led me into natural health and healing, food toxins and additives, whole and traditional foods, and lastly to women’s health and birthing. I have developed a true passion for natural health/healing and natural birthing (and I love reading now too!) ...It all started just browsing your website one day. I just wanted to let you know how you have touched my life. So thank you! And keep up all the good work! ~Megan

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