Cats Claw Bark - Cut

Herbs: Cats Claw Bark, Cut

Common Names: Cat’s claw, uña de gato
Latin Name: Uncaria tomentosa
Origin: Peru

Cat's claw is used in tinctures, teas, infusions and more. Some people mix corn silk with cat's claw to help keep the kidneys cleaned out.

Precautions: Avoid use before and during pregnancy.

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Cat;'s Claw Bark
by Tammy on Jan 14, 2014

Can this be added to the Brain Booster tea? My hubby has Alzheimer's in his family and I want to do everything I can to help my family avoid it.

    Re: Cat;'s Claw Bark
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 15, 2014

    I haven't heard of using Cat's Claw for Alzheimers but if you'd like to it couldn't hurt. Thanks!

before pregnancy
by V on Oct 17, 2013

Hi. How long before getting pregnant should you avoid this? Thank you

    Re: before pregnancy
    by Bulk Herb Store on Oct 18, 2013

    If you are trying to get pregnant , I would advise not using this herb at all. Thanks!

Safe for nursing?
by Andrea on Jul 22, 2013

Is this herb safe for lactation?

    Re: Safe for nursing?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jul 24, 2013

    Cat's Claw is not recommended to take while nursing.

lyme disease and cat's claw bark
by Ali on Feb 25, 2013

You don't have very much information on Cat's Claw on your website. I was wondering if you could provide more details about the best way to use it for children (if it is indeed safe for children to use). My 5 year old contracted Lyme Disease, and even though he's gone through the routine antibiotic treatment for it, I'd like to supplement with a natural/herbal way of treatment, as some of his symptoms aren't completely gone. Also, what precautions should I take in using Cat's Claw/ what dangers are there with it? I love all the information you freely give on your website, and I've loved every single product I've bought from you. I'm a customer for life!

    Re: lyme disease and cat's claw bark
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 19, 2013

    Hello! Due to FDA regulations we have had to remove some of the information on our website. Unfortunately since we are not licensed professionals we can't give you much info about the Cat's Claw Bark. What I would suggest is to do some research for yourself or talk to an Herbalist about how to give your son the Cat's Claw. Personally if this was my child I would be giving them an equal mixture of Cat's Claw, Butcher's Broom, and Cornsilk in a tea form.

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