Cinnamon sticks - whole, organic

Herbs: Cinnamon Sticks - Whole Organic

Common Name: Cinnamon
Latin Name: Cinnamomum burmannii
Origin: Indonesia

Cinnamon acts as a tonic to the entire body. It promotes sweating, increases blood circulation, increases the production of digestive fluids, relieves smooth muscle spasms, and increase the flow of urine. Externally, it can be used as a tea or powder for vaginal infections. In the digestive system, it helps with weak digestion, colic, griping, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Cinnamon can also act as a relaxant, reducing anxiety and stress. It has strong volatile oils that are a potent antibacterial, antifungal and even a uterine stimulant.

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  • This is not like the Cinnamon you may find on a spice rack in a supermarket. This is much fresher and more effective.
  • We use it very often in tea and tincture combinations. Of course, it can be used in many other types of remedies. Most often we add it to other remedies (especially tinctures) to make them taste better.
  • Chewing on a few sticks after a meal is a great way to neutralize the germs that cause cavities. They also freshen your breath, and are a digestive aid. We love it!
  • Cinnamon is a food and spice. Thus, we keep it in the kitchen as all other food ingredients. We add it to many dishes (hot cereals, meat dishes, deserts, stir fry, vegetables, etc.) to enhance the flavor and add nutritional value to our foods.
  • Like most spices, Cinnamon is a potent flavor enhancer. Use it often, but a little goes a long way. We find ourselves adding it to more recipes everyday.
  • Cinnamon can be used to benefit anyone: men, women (including before, during or after pregnancy, and nursing), children and animals.
  • It can be used as often as you would like, and in any way you choose.
  • As is the case with most spices, Cinnamon should be stored in a dark, dry, and cool place.

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Cinnamon Uses
by Brianna on May 27, 2013

Is this the cassia cinnamon? Also, would a stick of this keep well in satchet in my closet? I've been looking for multi-purpose cinnamon that I can use both in my scented crafts and in my cooking.

    Re: Cinnamon Uses
    by Bulk Herb Store on May 28, 2013

    Yes this is the cassia cinnamon and it would be fine to use in sachets.

So fresh!
by Jennifer on Feb 18, 2010

I love your cinnamon sticks because they are the freshest I’ve seen. I use them daily to add to my Red Raspberry tea. They are so fresh and strong that I am able to use the same stick for several days—I just rinse it off after each use and save it for the next time!

Great with Applesauce
by Jennifer on Aug 24, 2009

I have a great use for the Cinnamon Sticks I got from Bulk Herb Store! When I was canning applesauce recently, I put one whole stick in each quart of applesauce, then processed them as usual. After a few months, we opened a jar to find a super-tasting cinnamon applesauce. I thought you might want to pass this along to others as it is apple harvest time. This would be an easy way to add delicious flavor to applesauce. Thanks for providing excellent quality products!

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I really have enjoyed all the products that I have purchased from you, and plan to buy more in the future. Thank you so much for all of your great products. I loved the book Created To Be His Helpmeet. I thought the book Nourishing Traditions was so insightful, I have lots to read still, but I am a busy mother of three, and have only read bits and pieces here and there. I also really liked the How to Herb Book. I have just started getting into using herbs in the last year, and while I have a lot to learn, that book certainly held my attention. May God Bless you as you continue to work for Him.

~Jasmine T.

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