Books: Companion Guidebook - Herbs With Shoshanna

Companion Guidebook - Herbs With Shoshanna


  • Softback
  • 20 pgs.

These guidebooks complement our Making Herbs Simple Vol. 1 and 2 DVDs. They each cover 8 common herbs, have beautiful color pictures, are a small size and are easy to carry around! They have fun tidbits, interesting info and facts about each herb, as well how to use them.

There's a different version for each DVD, so make sure to choose correctly in the drop-down list above.

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I purchased quite a few herbal books recommended by BHS before heading over here and many of them have been very helpful. Many of the Filipinos are fond of using herbs up here on the mountains and even grow some in their gardens. I lent a friend three herbal books- Practical Herbalism, Growing 101 Herbs That Heal and The How-To Herb Book. She was so happy to see pictures of the herbs she has in her own garden and that she can finally label each one and learn of its advantage and hopefully put it to proper use. Mountains of thanks to BHS! In Christ, Grace

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