Books: Created to be His Help Meet

Created to be His Help Meet


Author: Debi Pearl
ISBN: 1-892112-60-4
Paperback: 295 pages
Publisher: No Greater Joy Ministries

The Back Cover

Somewhere over the passing years and changing culture, women have lost their way. This book is written to lead them back home. Regardless of how you began your marriage or how dark and lonely the path that has brought you to where you are now, I want you to know that it is possible today to have a marriage so good and so fulfilling that it can only be explained as a miracle.

This book has been ten years in the making, four years in its actual writing. It is at my encouragement that my wife wrote it. I have long wanted other women to have the benefit of her profound wisdom and grace, and I want other men to experience the blessing of being married to a heavenly-gift bride.

Debi is my sweetheart and best buddy, my best friend and my only confidante. She is not by nature a passive, lie down and roll over woman. In our early marriage, she challenged my authority and occasionally stood against me sometimes with reasonable provocation, and sometimes because she was just stubborn and self-willed.

I am often amused when others suggest that Debi is a submissive wife simply because she has a submissive personality. They should have seen her thirty-three years ago throwing rocks at me and calling me names.

Admittedly, we didn't start out with a perfect marriage. Debi has strong opinions that she solidly believes in, but she has learned to be her husband's helper in every way that a man needs a woman's support.

I have never met or read of another author that I thought was more qualified by life and her own experience to write a book to women on how to become the help meet God intended. She exemplifies all that she has written. Every word of this book comes with my blessing and wholehearted agreement.

Why we like this book

Every married woman desires to be cherished and adored by her man. God promises joy and fulfillment to the wife that is willing to obey His Word. In this book, Debi shares how she reached the blessed state of a fulfilling marriage. She addresses all the vital issues involved in a plain and direct manner.

Customer Reviews

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The journey called marriage
by Sarah Verkouteren on Jun 28, 2013

When I was single I read this book 2-3 times as I desired to prepare myself to have the best marriage possible. I praise God that He led me to do that! I am not docile by nature and as a new bride of 3 months, I can see how reading this book has prevented so much heart ache and grief already!

My husband, Eric, is such a visionary. I laugh out loud as I write that because when I first read Created, I said I would never marry a visionary. He has new plans and new ideas every day. If I hadn't read Created to be His Help Meet I would continually be trying to help him reach yesterdayís goal and that would frustrate both of us. Instead, I've had so much fun listening to his ideas and plans. His mind is brilliant and he has so many different business ideas, and I think they would all succeed if he pursued any one of them. Realizing that I can leave the responsibility of accomplishing our goals on his shoulders, I've been able to support and encourage and provide feedback. My husband is amazing. Currently he is working two jobs (his choice because he is learning two different skill sets that he wants to have) as well as starting up his own business. As his wife, I am able to pick up the loose ends, write emails for him, and be his stress relief and friend. I am convinced he is going to be famous someday and Iím proud to be his wife.

This area of learning how to communicate and live with a visionary is just one area that Created helped me understand. Key concepts about joy and thanksgiving have made me irresistible to my husband in a way that astonishes me. I seldom make rash purchases, but when I saw a T-shirt that said, ďMy Husband RocksĒ I got it without second thought. When I wore it, my husband was so tickled! His public display of affection skyrockets when I wear that shirt out and we always have so much fun! The first day I wore it I was at home doing the dishes and he came over and took over doing the dishes stating that he didnít want me to stain my new clothes! Iíve done dishes in a lot of things, but that was a first!

Another area of change is our finances. We married with college debt. I am inclined to pinch every penny and I got frustrated when I donít see the same drive to pay off the debt in him. My husband loves random acts of kindness and one day when we saw an unhappy cashier at the store he opted to buy her a box of chocolates, to try to cheer her up. I didnít say anything, but inwardly I was groaning as I reluctantly faked a smile and handed her the box of chocolates. My mind was trying to think of ways to save money next week so that we could still be within our budget. Eric knew my heart wasnít in it and we spent a quiet afternoon finishing our errands. This was a familiar situation for us. After we got home I prayed that God would change my heart and give me wisdom to know how to truly love my husband in this area. A couple days later I apologized to Eric for being resistant when he wanted to bless people. I told him that it was one of the things that was so attractive to me and that I didnít ever want it to change. I told him that I wanted to be more like him in that area. And I told him that I was willing to eat PB and Js for every dinner in order to be able to stick to our budget and still bless people and so I wasnít going to ever question his small ďblessing purchasesĒ again. By Godís grace I was able to fully enjoy his next blessing purchase. About a week later Eric came to me and said that he had thought of ways to cut back on our budget. He presented several things that I had been hoping for and In the end we have been saving so much more!

I marvel at Godís work in our lives. I know that part of the reason we are experiencing so much fruit in our marriage is because I am not establishing bad habits. There are times when I am not the ideal wife, but because my habit is to try to learn and love my husband, he quickly forgives my faults. I know there are going to be rough times ahead. I know that I have barely tasted married life and have so much to learn. But I am thankful for Created to be His Help Meet. It has allowed me to change my perspective before the heartache. It has allowed me to see Eric for the amazing man he is. And it has allowed me to be able to thrive in this journey called marriage.

May God Bless!
by Carreen Bruning on Jun 11, 2012

If you are married you absolutely NEED this book from day 1!

As I have been reading this it has not been as hard to hear as I believed it would be. I truly believe that as I have been praying and praying for a long time for God to give me wisdom and show me how to be a better wife (I prayed for him to fix my husband for a long time when I realized that God will not listen to my selfish, prideful prayers! He wanted me to humble myself and realize that I needed just as much help if not more than my husband)! I believe that when we pray and ask God for wisdom he will without a doubt send it our way. So from the very beginning of this book I have felt peace about all that I have read (especially since you use just the KJV Bible) and I truly believe this book along with daily Bible reading and prayer is what God wants me to be reading and using for growth in my marriage! Debi you are absolutely right in everything that you say and I am grateful and thankful that you have written this book to help guide women like me (married 6 years 3 children, 27 yrs old) into a wonderful Heavenly marriage. For those reading this my husband is not a wonderful christian man either, he rarely goes to church, drinks, chews, teaches the kids things that go against what I teach them, curses in front of the kids and when we fight it gets down right ugly and in a very small house my children see and hear things they should not have to! But me in all my "righteousness" takes them to church sunday morning, sunday night, and wednesday night. They go to our churchs christian school that I volunteer at to be with them, I pray and read my Bible daily and attend our church prayer group as well as other ministries. So I thought God has to change him because I am doing everything I am supposed to (and I let my husband know that regularly) and my children deserve to be raised by a christian father...right...wrong! God says get off your high horse because as long as you're being disobedient to your husband you will never move forward with me. Thanks to Debi and her wisdom I am finally seeing what happens when you obey God in pure FAITH that HE will make things right and your path straight and I pray for my husband but not for him to be changed but for God to speak to his heart that they may have a walk together as I want my husband to have a relationship with Christ and I will only pray for that now and let God work his magic and hopefully my new found faith and obedience can be used as a vessel to answer that prayer! Suck it up ladies, read the book and quit listening to the feminist lies this world is feeding you! REAL women are secure enough in their walk with God to let go of there so called "rights" that destroy their marriages and families and follow Gods plan which leads to heavenly marriages here on earth and beautiful crowns in Heaven afterwards! Its is worth it!

I love all the stories that she tells in the book.
by Kari on Jan 28, 2011

This book was certainly inspired by God's Word. It's not always an easy read, especially if you are not walking in the will of God in your marriage. However, the Bible says that the Word of God can cut like a two edged sword. Sometimes in order to fulfill our godly place in the home and in life, for that matter, it's important that we allow the Word to cut us a bit.

They are inspiring, heart breaking at times, but always uplifting in the end. This book certainly helped me learn my place as a godly wife and mama. Our home has been a much more pleasant place to live. I will not say that I am not still learning, as I am. I still, at times, will find myself slipping back into old habits, which is immediately shown in our home environment. You know the quote, "When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"? This is so true, however, it doesn't mean that everyone in the home needs to walk on pins and needles to make mama happy. We need to put the joy of the Lord in our hearts and become that happy, joyful wife and mama for our family. It really does make a world of difference! :-) This book is a wonderful blessing and will bless any woman who reads it and follows God's blueprint for a heavenly marriage.


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