Books: Created To Need a Help Meet: A Marriage Guide

Created To Need a Help Meet

Created To Need a Help Meet: A Guide for Men of All Ages

Author: Michael Pearl
ISBN: 978-1-61644-036-7
Paperback: 248 Pages
Publisher: No Greater Joy Ministries

Michael Pearl is a bestselling author of several books including To Train Up A Child, which has sold over 670,000 copies in English and has been translated into over ten foreign languages. Mike along with his wife Debi have sold well over 1.3 million books in more than 30 languages. Created To Need a Help Meet: A Guide for Men of All Ages is Mike’s first book written specifically for married men.

Be a Man?
“It is not good that the man should be alone.” Genesis 2:18b

In recent years men have been given a lot of mixed messages as to what it means to be a man, husband or father. Men hate mixed messages. Just tell us like it is (or should be) without all of the extra verbiage. That’s exactly what Mike Pearl does in eliminating the conflicting messages and getting to the meat of the matter.

Discover God’s design for a man and how you can find joy doing what you were designed to do! Learn your responsibility as a man/husband/father. Learn how to love your wife “even as Christ also loved the church”.

As always, Mike’s presentation is direct with no holds barred and he is not afraid to hurt your feelings. With his over 50 years of Bible study he presents God’s perspective on the subject and his over 40 years of marriage bears witness to its effectiveness. His wife, Debi Pearl, weighs in to add grace to Mike’s writing style.

This is the third book in the “Created” series. Created To Be His Help Meet has sold over 360,000 in 5 languages, and has helped countless women understand their roles as wives. Preparing To Be A Help Meet was written for single as well as married ladies. Mike’s new book can help men understand how to be the husband God created them to be.

Excerpt: “If you are alone, you have a need. Like me before I married, you are not complete. You will always be looking, wanting, hoping until you become one with your helper. Likewise, if you are married but do not function as one with your wife, you are still alone. The aloneness is worse than it was when you were single and still had great expectation of fulfillment, for your empty relationship now mocks you like a thirsty man who spent his last dollar to buy a well only to discover that the water is too bitter to drink.“

Mike delivers the truth straight up, no fluff, and with his unique brand of manly humor. Can you handle the truth?

Man Up!!!

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created to need a help meet
by Lorrie Bevins ` on Nov 29, 2013

Do you have this as an audio book?

    Re: created to need a help meet
    by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 9, 2013

    We do not carry an audiobook for this book but does carry the audiobook. Thanks!


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