Books: Diet and Heart Disease

Diet and Heart Disease


Author: Stephen Byrnes
ISBN: 1-885653-14-X
Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Whitman Publications


At the turn of the century, heart disease and arteriosclerosis were virtually unheard of. Today, however, they are the Western world’s number one killers, with cancer running right behind.

As a practitioner who has examined many people, I know that clogged arteries and poor circulation are an unfortunate fact of life for many. While mortality statistics at the turn of the century are not altogether reliable, there is always a consistent figure for deaths from heart attacks or heart disease: between 6-8%. By the 1950’s, that number had climbed to 30%. Today, almost 50% of all deaths in the United Sates and Australia are from cardiovascular disease (CVD) or coronary heart disease (CHD). What went wrong?

As we shall see in this little book, the answer will surprise you. Most of the public (as well as most medical professionals) believes that CVD and CHD are mostly caused by an improper diet and in this they are correct. Where they go wrong, however, is in the elements of that diet.

It is very common to hear such nutritional mantras as, “Saturated fat clogs arteries,” and “Don’t eat too much cholesterol—it’s bad for your heart.” These assertions are false. Surprised? You should be. The very diet that has been recommended to reduce heart disease by many medical and nutritional practitioners for the past 50 years is the very diet that CAUSES it!

Heart disease is a very complex rubric of different causes with diet being a major, but not the only component. It is hoped that his book will enlighten all who read it. It is hoped that you will avoid heart disease by following the instructions in this volume.

Why we like this book

It tells the truth about what is really contributing to the continual rise of heart diseases in this country. You’ll be relieved to know that whole foods like eggs, raw milk, raw milk products, and unprocessed meats are not the cause. A must read for anyone with heart disease in their family history. It’s a quick and easy read.

Lastly, though we don't agree with every point the author makes or some of his/her suggested methods, we have found this book to be informative and worth recommending. However, by selling this book, we are not recommending other works by the author or his/her chosen lifestyle.

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