Dr. Cinnamon - Organic

Herbal Mixes: Dr. Cinnamon Tea, Organic

Contains Small Amount of Natural Caffeine: Cinnamon, Red Raspberry, Ginkgo, Orange Peel, Green Tea.

Spice up your day with our favorite Dr. Cinnamon Tea by soaking in the trade secrets of the smooth, sweet flavors within this aromatic blend. Energetically balanced, you’ll discover an expert fusion of both warming and cooling sensations in our golden elixir. Sip on the cinnamony notes of orange peel, focus renewing ginkgo, and mild red raspberry. Best served warm, stirred with a spoonful of honey.

Tea Brewing Recommendation:
1. Heat 1 cup of water to 208 degrees.
2. Add 1-3 teaspoons of tea into a tea strainer.
3. Pour water over herbs and steep for 15 minutes. Remove tea strainer and herbs. Sweeten if desired and enjoy!

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Cinnamon & Spice and Everything Nice

by Debi Pearl

February 2007

Cinnamon has become a good friend to me this past year. Diabetes runs in my family. When I was expecting my third baby I found it necessary to watch my diet in order to maintain a normal blood sugar level. I had to eat protein every three hours--a handful of peanuts, a glass of fresh milk, or a bite of tuna, just to keep from feeling like I was going to forget who I was. It was scary not having a clear mind. My sugar level would go low or high, depending on when and what I ate. If it was low, I felt weak and confused; if it went high, I felt agitated. The high sugar level did not affect my performance that much, but I knew from reading that it can be a killer. I therefore determined to learn what to eat in order to stabilize my sugar level. During my research I came to understand the function of the pancreas and how different foods affect it. A doctor can give you general advice, but it doesn't have the same force as knowledge acquired through your own research. Only when you seriously study for yourself will you gain control of your own health. Although cinnamon can not replace eating correctly, sometimes eating correctly is not enough to control your sugar levels. That is when cinnamon can mean the difference between insulin dependence and a pancreas functioning sufficiently to maintain balance on its own. It is amazing how much cinnamon has helped me.

Research shows that cinnamon does improve type 2 diabetics' ability to respond to insulin, thus helping to normalize blood sugar levels. Compounds in cinnamon stimulate insulin receptors while at the same time inhibiting an enzyme that deactivates them, thus significantly improving the cells' ability to use glucose. Studies have shown that less than half a teaspoon per day reduces blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. In testing, even when participants added sweets to their diets, cinnamon was able to help control their blood levels. This amount of cinnamon also significantly lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Cinnamon also has the remarkable ability to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is now being targeted as a major killer.

When I started using cinnamon regularly, I noticed as I worked at my computer that my mind was sharper. I thought it was due to my sugar level being corrected, but since studying all the new research I have discovered that just smelling the odor of cinnamon boosts brain activity. Tests have been conducted where participants have been exposed to different pleasant odors while being tested on several tasks such as crossword skills, matching cards, and remembering flash card sequences. Cinnamon emerged as the clear winner in producing positive effects on brain function. So when I drink Shoshanna's Doctor Cinnamon Tea and breathe in its wonderful fragrance, I smile because I know my brain function is at a peak.

Cinnamon is the bark of a tree and comes powdered, chopped, or as dried bark rolled into sticks. There are many companies now carrying cinnamon in capsules that are easy to take as a supplement, yet common sense tells me that dumping all the cinnamon in the body in one serving is not wise. As in all foods and supplements, adding a little here and a little there is much safer and more natural for the body to absorb. I keep the bark sticks at my desk and use them to stir (steeping in liquid) my tea, coffee, chocolate, and fruit drinks. It adds a pleasant taste, and each stick lasts several days. When my grandchildren spot the bag of cinnamon sticks, they ask for one to chew on. We often have little tea parties, and each child stirs her tea with her own cinnamon stick. It is totally fun. As they use their cinnamon sticks like straws, spoons, or chew on them, I know their little bodies are absorbing manganese, iron, calcium, and dietary fiber.

Because I enjoy drinking herbal teas, Shoshanna and I started working together to come up with the best tasting and healthiest herbal blends that we could. (She is strong on flavor, and I am best at health.) After lots of experimenting with different herbs, we finally came up with several blends of herbs that taste great while enhancing health in various areas. My favorite blend is called Doctor Cinnamon. It is my favorite because it tastes great and it helps control my blood sugar level, even when I eat a bite of cake. Just two or three cups of this tea a day helps keep my blood sugar normal. As with most of Shoshanna's Doctor herbal blend teas, Doctor Cinnamon has a base of green tea because of green tea's extraordinary healing properties.

Here are a few other ways we enjoy cinnamon:
- Mike loves cinnamon toast. We start with whole wheat bread, drizzled with butter or flax seed oil, honey, and then heavily sprinkled with cinnamon. Toast, lying flat, until golden brown.
- Stirring hot chocolate with a cinnamon stick really gives it a delicious taste.
- Adding cinnamon to breakfast cereal could help start the day a little healthier, and it makes the cereal a lot better, especially oatmeal or rice.

Customer Reviews

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by Rebecca on Oct 27, 2014

This was the first cup of tea I've ever had that I was disappointed that I had finished my cup!

Ok During Pregnancy & Nursing?
by PaulaG on Jan 13, 2014

Just checking to see if this tea is ok during pregnancy & nursing. Thanks!

    Re: Ok During Pregnancy & Nursing?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 15, 2014

    Hello, I would recommend waiting until your 2nd trimester to start drinking unless you have been drinking teas with Red Raspberry already throughout the beginning of pregnancy. Other than that you are good to drink whenever. Enjoy!

About to Order - Is this a tea bag or loose?
by Iris on Jun 15, 2013

I am about to place an order. Is the tea "loose" or bagged. I am wondering if I need to buy a strainer before it arrives?

    Re: About to Order - Is this a tea bag or loose?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jun 17, 2013

    Yes this is the loose tea and is not in individual tea bags.

Dr. Cinnamon tea
by Rose on May 8, 2013

I have never been able to acquire a taste for herbal teas but discovered I really enjoy Dr. Cinnamon tea iced. It is wonderful to have a good-for-me drink to help stay hydrated and to greatly reduce my craving for a specific soda. Thank you for your investments in our health!

by Jen on Dec 11, 2012

Our whole family enjoys this tea. It is certainly a tasty blend of flavors.

Coffee Replaced!!
by Kristi on Jun 16, 2008

We love Dr. Cinnamon tea at our house! My husband, a rotating shift-working state trooper, has replaced almost all of his coffee with this tea. Thanks for a delicious and healthy alternative!

Dr. Cinnamon Tea
by Anonymous on Feb 10, 2008

This tea (Dr. Cinnamon Tea) has an amazing flavor. I prefer it hot. It's one of those teas I bought because I knew it would be good for me and then came back for more because it was just so GOOD!!!! Even people who do not like "health food" will love this tea!

"the BEST tea i've ever had"
by Michelle on Jan 30, 2008

"I normally don't do reviews, but I just had to write in and tell you how much I enjoy the Dr. Cinnamon tea! A friend recently let me try it and I can easily say that it's the best tea I've ever had. I love how you incorporated cinnamon, green tea and the orange peel all into one.
Well done! ~ Michelle

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I just wanted you to know how much I love your products and the website! You have been such a blessing to my family! Thanks for all of your ministries!


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