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Let’s drink to HEALTH

When I was three, my family bought a piece of property and built a house right in the middle of an Amish community. My friends were Amish, and I quickly learned their way of life. One thing I found most fascinating was their daily use of herbs. They made herb teas, tinctures, broths and all kinds of herb concoctions. They would still go to the doctor for emergencies, but they took care of all of their nutritional health and well being at home. I saw them use herbs successfully on bug, spider, and snake bites, as well as on burn victims, colds, the flu, and more. When I was 5, my mom and I started our own herb garden. We started reading lots of herb books and experimenting with our own herbal concoctions. It was a running joke in our house that my mom could give you diarrhea by noon and cure you by supper. We read more books and got better at our concoctions. My mom (Doc. Deb, people started calling her) and her side kick (Me! Shoshanna) started coming up with herb tea, and tincture recipes that helped with my mom’s diabetes, my dad’s eye problem, pregnancy, sleep apnea and more. 22 years later I am still reading books, researching and working up herbal concoctions. It is cold and gray outside and almost everyone I know has some sickness right now. I am energetically healthy as I sit here writing this article. I am drinking one of my favorite teas I concocted called Double E Immune Booster. Having your health is priceless. Let’s drink to HEALTH!

Contains one of each:

  • Doctor Cinnamon - Dr. Cinnamon’s main ingredient is cinnamon chips. The rich flavor of dried orange peel and raspberry compliment the cinnamon flavor.

The soft smooth flavors you will experience as you sip Dr. Cinnamon are trade secrets—all herbal—very healthy and natural. Each brew of Dr. Cinnamon can be re-used several times.
* Very Berry Tea - Bilberry has anti-aging properties. Bilberry also improves visual acuity both at night and in bright light.
* Double E Immune Booster - Rev up the immune system. Our natural immune system is our first and best defense. God gave us leaves, roots and good sense to help us keep our immune systems working in top order to avoid sickness.
* Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew - This brew helps strengthen the womb, is highly nutritional, is a diuretic, aids digestion, and is high in vitamin C.
* Peppermint is not just in a patty, it is a wonderful herb! It is one of the oldest and most popular remedies. From simple bloating to the flu, peppermint leaf is GREAT! My favorite way to drink it is with Cream and Honey. Delicious!!!
* The Green Pharmacy - This book is full of helpful, practical information about home health.
* The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook - A book of herbs, dosages, herb properties, uses and more.

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by Kathy on Oct 1, 2013

Does the Drink to your Health kit contain the books also?

    Re: Contents?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Oct 2, 2013

    Yes, it contains both, The Green Pharmacy and The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook. Thanks!

by Anonymous on Jun 9, 2013

When it says that this contains one of each, what does that mean? Does that mean that there is one tea bag of each? And if so, how many times can each tea bag be used? Could you post some of the links that you discovered and found most valuable in your diabetes and what foods to eat and avoid when trying to maintain blood sugar levels research? Diabetes runs in my family and I want to try and naturally aid those that have it and inform and possibly alter the probablity ratings of the others. I am not asking for medical advice, I already absolutely believe that diabetes can be cured via diet, exercise, and herbs. I simply desire assistance in my research and practical examples from experiences. Thank you in advance.

    by Bulk Herb Store on Jun 12, 2013

    Sorry for not clarifying! It means 1/2 lb. of each of the teas. Here is a link to some research we found concerning diabetes:


Please, take a moment and comment on this product.


From our Mailbox

Thank you! Thank you! I placed my order on Wednesday and it was here Saturday. I had been out of my favorite tea, Rise and Shine, for a little while and really missed it. I just love this tea. I have yet to kick the coffee habit, but after a cup or two of coffee in the morning I make a pot of Rise and Shine right in my coffee pot. I drink it through out the day and make another smaller pot in the evening, using the same tea leaves for my husband and I to enjoy after dinner. I even make an altered version of the tea for my children. I leave out the Ginkgo and Bilberry and add Cinnamon and sweeten with raw honey. They call it cinnamon tea. I call it Rise and Shine for kids. Even my two year old asks for tea in her sippy cup. And whenever they've been exposed to an illness, I just add a spoonful of Echinacea to the pot. In warmer weather I make the pot the same but allow it to cool to make iced tea. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tea.


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