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Eden Salve is Nature’s Healing Touch!

Why It Works:
We formulated this salve using an effective blend of herbs and natural ingredients to numb pain, as well as heal and soothe. It acts as an astringent to draw out infection and poisonous bites. It is an antiseptic and fights bacteria. When you and your family need it, Nature’s Healing Touch is here for you!

How To Use:
Apply salve generously to cleaned wounds, rashes, insect bites, boils, and chapped, cracked, or dry skin. Use externally as often as needed for adults, children and infants.

Echinacea root, comfrey leaf, propolis, plantain leaf, echinacea purpurea, yarrow flower, rosemary leaf, beeswax, pure olive oil and grapefruit seed extract.

WOW! My 10-year-old daughter had some sort of nasty reaction on the back of her arm, from what, we're not sure. We'd been playing outside in the leaves the day before her skin erupted. Whether it was from an insect or spider or even a poisonous plant, we can only guess. I wish I had taken pictures of the daily progression of the inflammation and rash. It was getting uglier each day and was terribly itchy and uncomfortable. I was tempted to take her to a doctor, but I knew he'd only prescribe toxic meds; and since she wasn't ill or reacting systemically, I thought I'd let it ride. That's when I remembered I had Eden Salve in the house!!! I spread it on the affected area and we covered it with plastic wrap for the night. It was miraculous next morning to see that the rash had improved by 60% or more!! I can NOT credit "time" for this healing, as the rash was still getting progressively worse up to that evening. We put more salve on during the day and then again overnight with the wrap. This morning, the rash was flat and non-itching, and the color is now blending in a lot more with her natural skin tone. My guess is that it will be fully resolved within 24-48 hours. Only God knows to what extent this rash would have gone without Eden Salve, but I suspect I'd have had no choice but to have it evaluated and treated by a doctor.

P.S. My 2-year-old was automatically asking me to apply it to her mosquito bites this summer. Now, if that's not an honest testimony as to how well it relieves itching and inflammation, I don't know what is!!

-Kim Dunne

Customer Reviews

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by Amy on Apr 13, 2015

I have tried everything for a very persistent itchy rash on a very sensitive area for several years now with only temporary relief from other natural salves. After using this salve only once a day for a week, it doesn't itch at all even after sweating which usually makes it worse and it has nearly disappeared entirely. Thanks so much for making this stuff!

Good for Burns!
by Rachel McJunkin on Apr 10, 2015

One day I was taking something out of the 350 degree oven and accidentally touched one of the coils! I received a pretty nasty burn. I wondered what to do about the burn, then I remembered that Eden Salve was supposed to be good for burns...so I tried some. Within a few minutes the salve had reduced the redness to a tiny little red spot! I was impressed. It also helped on a wasp bite.

Wonderful product for mosquito blisters!
by Bethany A. on Nov 25, 2014

I live in Taiwan, and we just moved to a new city; all my new friends' children and babies get blisters (looks like a chicken pox blister) at the site of a mosquito bite. These get worse, especially if the child itches them, and usually leave pea-sized scars. Desperate to keep this from happening to my baby, I constantly applied natural insect repellant, even at night. But she did end up getting two bites on her wrist, and one on her forehead; I immediately started applying Eden Salve (I had ordered the New mama and Baby Kit before baby was born) and though the bites have turned brown and speckally, there's been NO blistering!!!! Thank God - and I have every day, for Eden Salve!

Eden Salve
by Belinda B on Oct 17, 2014

I absolutely LOVE this product!! I use this for everything! My grandchildren for diaper rash, for bug bites, stings, sunburn...even on our dogs. When flea season kicked in this summer, we used it on our dogs if they had a bad sore and it healed them. I make sure all my children have Eden Salve! I'm always asking them, do you still have some Eden Salve? Because it works on so many issues. Thank you Shoshanna for coming up with this product!

Great for diaper rashes
by Emily on Aug 6, 2014

I was considering quitting cloth diapers after 18 months of struggling with very bad rashes with my son. I had tried everything I could think of (many ointments, air dry time, different ways of washing etc etc etc) - nothing prevented rashes or healed them quickly. Have now used Eden Salve on my son's bum whenever I start to see reddish skin, and he has not had one diaper rash in two months - incredible, considering how often he was getting bad rashes before. Obviously, I still have to be careful to not let him sit in a bad diaper, but the Eden Salve is really working! preventative and healing his skin too.

Eden Salve/No need for stitches
by Shelley on Jul 31, 2014

My husband phoned me asking for bandaids. Strange.
Even stranger, I replied, "What happened with the chainsaw?"
So, his saw had "gotten away from him" and had made cuts on his chest and up the side of his face. Normal people would immediately go to the hospital and get stitched up.
However, we had plenty of experience with the Eden Salve. "Just keep the salve on it," he said, "It'll be okay." and prayer. :)
It was. We kept it clean and "dry" with salve on it. It healed up beautifully and is hard to see even now...several years later. I apologize for the delay in reporting.

Great for Cold Sores
by Elyssa Rae on Jun 17, 2014

I have a reoccurring cold sore and had recently purchased some of this salve. It is day two for Cold Sore now and what is normally a red angry blister is a slightly pink set of little bumps. I used to use Abreva for days before seeing these results. Excellent Product!!

Use it on Acne
by Cheryl on Apr 14, 2014

After years on antibiotics (oral and topical) for my adult acne, I decided I was still getting to many breakthroughs to be worth all those harsh chemicals. I stopped them both. I started taking vitex orally and using Eden Salve for any breakthroughs. I use the Eden Salve at night, after I wash my face. Some are gone overnight. Some take a few days but are still gone faster than the antibiotics. Between the two I have not had any of the huge, painful cysts I used to get at "that time of the month". (OH, I read something on-line that led me to believe my acne was hormonal which is what led to the vitex.)

Eden salve
by Ines on Mar 28, 2014

I use eden salve for everything! From bug bites to face rash. I am highly allergic to pork. Some of the reactions my body has are watery itchy blisters in my hands, or my lips. This time i broke out with a horrible rash all over my face. It was really itchy and without a doubt i use eden salve all over my face. The rash usually lasts a week or so and i am not able to put anything on it because it just gets worse! Eden Salve took care of the itchiness right away and it stopped from spreading any further in other areas in my face. I am highly considering only using Eden Salve as my moisturizer :) thank you Shoshana for sharing your God given gifts with us!

would this work for muscle pain
by bernadette on Mar 16, 2014

I have been searching for something that will help me heal my achilles tendon and also help with muscle aches. would this do it?

    Re: would this work for muscle pain
    by Bulk Herb Store on Mar 17, 2014

    I would recommend looking into our Muscle Salve Mix as that was created specifically for muscle aches and pains. Thanks!

Can it treat poison ivy?
by Petunia on Mar 15, 2014


do you think this would cure poison ivy? i know you should dry out PI, but this salve seems to work for everything!

thanks in advance!

    Re: Can it treat poison ivy?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Mar 17, 2014

    You could definitely use this on Poison Ivy!

Molluscum update!!!
by jenndpan on Feb 15, 2014

My 5 year old son has had molluscum bumps on his side and under his arm for almost a year. (20-30 bumps) It is a skin virus that your body will eventually heal, but it can take 6 months+. My son has very sensitive skin and the bumps would get very irritated and we were worried about them getting infected. We decided to try Eden Salve on it every morning and evening. After two days, the bumps started to dry out and scab and after 2-3 weeks, the bumps are completely gone!!! During the healing phase, my son didn't complain at all about any discomfort or anything and there is very minimal scarring, if any. Thanks for a great product!!

Wonder Salve!
by Kathy Brennan on Feb 14, 2014

After a decade of inflamed, dry, cracked, itchy patches on my legs I am almost completely healed. I started using Eden Salve about three weeks ago and noticed healing within a couple of days. The patches are now smooth and the redness is gone. The deep cracks are just about healed over...I am a very satisfied customer! Thank you for a great product!

Good for everything!
by Katie on Feb 14, 2014

We use this salve for everything skin-related with almost-instant relief... bee stings, diaper rash, dry skin, etc.

I recently learned of a burn victim in our community who suffered severe third-degree burns on much of his body, had skin graft surgery and was home healing. I gave some salve to this family and it is enabling their son to sleep better at night by taking away the itching as his burns heal.

I try to always keep an extra 1-oz. can in my purse to give away when I find someone in need.

by Jenny on Feb 14, 2014

I am 31 weeks pregnant and have developed eczema on my fingers, hands, and legs. It blisters, weeps, itches, and is sometimes painful - would you recommend trying this product on it? I've never had eczema before and am at a loss as to what to do about it. Thanks!

    Re: Question
    by Bulk Herb Store on Feb 17, 2014

    Hello, Eden salve has been used by others for eczema and has worked wonders. I would say give it a shot! It's not going to hurt!

After 6 months of trying everything...
by AJM in NY on Feb 12, 2014

I have had a terrible circular rash on my hand for the past few months. I was sure it was ringworm but the dermatologist said it was contact dermatitis due to all the things I had applied to my skin in an attempt to deal with the ringworm, which resulted in an infection, for which I had to take antibiotics. So the antibiotics stopped the skin from looking like something in a horror movie. But now what? My skin was still a bit inflamed and cracking. The dermatologist prescribed a heavy-duty cortisone cream, but I didn't want to take it since I read about the side effects. Then one day I stumbled upon a blog, and someone wrote about Eden Salve. I checked it on this website and bought a canister. Within 1 day of application, the skin cracking was gone. Within 2 days the inflammation was gone, and for the first time in 6 months, I see smooth skin again. This is all from just 3 days use. I am overjoyed with relief and will keep using the salve until the skin is fully healed, and probably for the rest of my life! Thank you Bulk Herb Store for making a truly miracle product, please never stop making it, you have a customer for life!

by Debra Labadie on Feb 8, 2014

I was just wondering if it is ok to use this on a 6 month old to treat eczema? Thanks!

    Re: Eczema
    by Bulk Herb Store on Feb 12, 2014

    Hello, the Eden salve should be just fine as long as it used externally. However, you could test it on a small spot of the child's skin and see if there is any reaction and use your judgement from there. Thanks!

by jenndpan on Jan 24, 2014

My 4 year old son has molluscum bumps under his arms and on his chest. The doctor suggested waiting it out for 6 months to a year for it to heal on its own. Do you know if this salve will work to treat molluscum?

    Re: Molluscum?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Feb 4, 2014

    Hello, from the research I have done, it may help to apply the Eden salve since it is an antiseptic, however I would also recommend placing band-aids over the bumps with the Eden salve underneath to help keep from spreading. Thanks!

shelf life of salves
by jm on Jan 16, 2014

What's the shelf life of salves? I notice one reply was 2 years and the other reply 5 years so which is it? Thanks.

    Re: shelf life of salves
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 20, 2014

    Hello, The Eden salve will last for up to 5 years, however for optimum effectiveness we recommend that you use within 2 years. Thanks!

Salve has odd smell
by Chris on Jan 7, 2014

I have some Eden Salve that is about 3 years old. It has been stored in my bathroom drawer in an air conditioned house. It has an odd odor that smells like old cardboard to me and like crayons to my wife.

Also, it has list most of its green color and is mostly clear.

Is this normal, is it still good, and do you think it has lost its efficacy?

    Re: Salve has odd smell
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 9, 2014

    It sounds like it has gotten too old to use and needs to be replaced, especially if the color has sunk to the bottom of the jar. The salve is normally good for approximately 2 years.

Saved my skin!
by Judy on Jan 4, 2014

I have patches of eczema on my legs which were
getting increasing bigger, redder, scabby, weepy, really icky looking. I received Eden Salve in the mail yesterday. I applied it last night and this morning--just a very thin layer. I am amazed at the difference in appearance of the worse site. The skin is smoother, the unbelievable itch is gone, the harsh burn-looking red is gone. Nothing has
ever made this one site better, until now. Thank you for this salve.

stretch marks
by samar on Dec 20, 2013

Can this be used for stretch marks during pregnancy, will it help?

    Re: stretch marks
    by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 23, 2013

    Yes Eden Salve would definitely be good for moisturizing your skin to help it stretch with your baby. I would also recommend trying Shea Butter. Or for a full recipe you could try Shoshanna's Belly Butter recipe below.
    2 1/2 Cups Horsetail/Shavegrass
    3 1/2 Cups Coconut Oil
    1/2 Cup Beeswax
    1 1/2 - 2 1/2 Cups Aloe Vera Juice
    2 T Vitamin E Oil

    Cook Herbs in oil as you would for a glycerin tincture. Check out our website for instructions. After it is finished, heat infused oil in saucepan on low and add beeswax. Stir until wax is melted. Let cool and harden. Then add the rest of your ingredients along with salve in blender and voila you have a nice creamy butter to use that will definitely help to prevent stretch marks. Thanks!

My Christmas gift to all
by Kelly on Dec 9, 2013

I have loved this salve for years now! And I love that you are willing to show us how to make it also. I have now for 2 years given these lil jars of Eden Salve as Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! At first everyone was like "What is that green stuff?" But then came spring with bug bites, chapped lips, sunburns, rashes and any kind of skin ailment and I told them, Get the good green stuff! Now they use it regularly too! Heals so much faster with it! Thanks BHS! God bless you all

Great stuff!
by Shelly on Nov 1, 2013

Works wonders for shining leather boots!

can eden salve be used vaginally?
by Tom on Oct 21, 2013

Our four year old daughter has alot of irritation and redness around her labia, I understand that this skin is very permeable and was wondering if this was considered internal? We would not be using inside of her vagina, but around the opening. thanks.

    Re: can eden salve be used vaginally?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Oct 22, 2013

    Yes, you can use it as a vaginal cream. It's safe to use as a diaper rash cream. Thanks!

Eden Salve on Sunburn
by Amanda on Oct 9, 2013

I recently bought Eden Salve for the first time and took it on vacation. It worked really well on my bug bites but the surprise was how well it worked on sun burn. My husband and I have no pigment so we burn just thinking about the sun! I put the eden salve on our burn and it looked noticeably better the next day! :) Yay!

Miracle for jellyfish sting
by Lesley on Sep 11, 2013

I was on vacation at the beach, and unfortunately got flung off of a waverunner into a pod of about a dozen jellyfish by my boyfriend's estimation. I got stung pretty badly on the inside of one arm with minor stings on my other arm and leg. It swelled up and turned red pretty fast. Once we got back to shore, I remembered I had some of this salve in my purse. So I slathered it all over the stings. The pain was mostly gone in 10-15 minutes with only some minor shooting pains the rest of the night. I kept applying every hour or so that night.
The next morning the swelling had gone down and a lot of the redness was gone. There was no more pain at all after that. I have kept applying the salve a couple of times a day and it is healing up really fast. Thank you so much for this product!

Eden Salve
by Rayia on Jul 11, 2013

Could this salve be used on the face? My son has severe eczema on his face that we can not get cleared up and I am wondering if there are any herbs in this that makes it "harsh" for sensitive skin?
Thank you!

    Re: Eden Salve
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jul 12, 2013

    You can use it on your face for sure! There is nothing harsh in Eden's Salve. Thank you!

Great for shingles!
by Dawn Segerson on May 31, 2013

I have had shingles several times. I will not use the vaccine or any pharmaceutical medication for relief. When I got my first outbreak after getting the Eden Salve, my husband recommended putting some on the blisters. In two days, all the blisters were healed or healing (This part usually lasts weeks or a month.) Last time, I put some Eden Salve on it as soon as I began to feel the tingling stings. By the next morning, no stinging, and no blisters ever appeared. Hope this helps someone else.

Eden Salve
by Anonymous on May 29, 2013

I have been a long time user. I just LOVE it! I keep a tin in my purse and always have a few laying around the house. My kids hear nearly every day, 'put some Eden Salve on it'!

I just wanted to share what Eden Salve has done for a friend of mine. On April 30th, he was burnt from gasoline being spewed out of a carburetor. When I found out a couple of days later, I urged him to get Eden Salve overnighted to him - he was skeptical, but trusts me and he complied, lol. I told him it would heal his hand and he would have no scarring. For about a week and a half, he used the meds prescribed by the Dr. After that, he applied ES daily. He is so amazed. He told me he was afraid he was going to look like a freak when it was all healed, but he has nothing to worry about as it healed up nicely! I thank the Lord for your ministry and your willingness to do as He leads. You have definitely changed my friend's life. It may not have done it all on its own, but without ES, I don't believe it would have healed like it did. Thank you!!

Eden salve for daily moisturizer
by Anonymous on May 27, 2013

Would this be good to use for a daily moisturizer on your face and on chapped lips? If not, what would you recommend? Thank you.

    Re: Eden salve for daily moisturizer
    by Bulk Herb Store on May 29, 2013

    It depends somewhat on your skin type, if you have oily skin it might be too oily. Personally I would check out the Body Cream recipe on Shoshanna's YouTube Episode - 43, to use as a lotion. Eden Salve works pretty good on chapped lips, you can also check out her Herbal Lip Balm recipe, Episode - 38 on YouTube.

Eden Salve
by Stephanie Paulus on May 19, 2013

Eden salve is amazing. We use it for everything from cuts and scrapes to diaper rash. Thanks for such a great product!!

Truly a miraculous healer!
by Amy on Apr 27, 2013

This salve has helped our kids over the winter months with dry skin. I have one daughter whose hands were red and almost cracked. Extremely DRY! I used Eden Salve morning and night for a few days and they healed right up! Nothing else I had used worked. I use Eden Salve on burns, bug bites, scratches...you name it! It's a wonder worker. I will DEFINITELY always have it around the house.

Not just for people!
by susanne on Mar 30, 2013

Getting ready to order more of this wonderful salve and just had to say that we have been using it for years now with amazing results! BUT! We have also used it on our farm animals with amazing results too! I wish it came in larger containers! Thank you!

Miracle salve!
by Rebecca on Jan 31, 2013

My younger sisters developed a poison ivy type of rash after helping to get rid of an old dead tree. No poison ivy treatment helped, and four different doctors called it "contact dermatitis" and prescribed prednisone, because they didn't know what else to do. We didn't want to take prednisone, so we ordered the salve, and it took away the itch and the rash!
A week or so later, some of my siblings had a piano recital, and my 13 year old sister started reacting to something in the church. Her arms started itching, and they saw she was developing huge welts. My other sister remembered that she'd brought the salve with her, and they spread some on her arm, and in a few minutes, the itching and the welts were gone! Her leg began itching as well, and when the left the church, they found she had a welt nearly five inches wide on here leg! They applied salve to that as well, and in very little time, the welt was completely gone! Now ton convince grandpa to use it on his cracked hands. . .

eden salve
by Nancy on Jan 6, 2013

I have had some kind of miserable rash for several years now that comes and goes on my face. I went to an allergist and he found I have a severe latex allergy and stopped me from eating avocado and bananas because they are related to the rubber tree. I saw marked improvement but I was still having occasional red burning crusty areas especially around my eyes and cheeks. This eden salve is a little miracle. The first night I put it on after washing my face. I even put it on my eyelids. Blotted with a little paper towel because it is kind of oily but when I woke up the next morning, the red was all gone and just a few dry areas were left. I am so happy with this salve and will continue ordering it.

Amazing healing ointment
by Maryanne V on Jan 3, 2013

My husband works outside and his hands show it. His fingers split when it gets cold out and he swears that the only product that works is this salve. I also used it on the one and only cold sore I ever got and it healed very quickly. This is something every household should have available.

pronto healing for baaad burn
by Ann on Dec 31, 2012

I didn't realize the burner was still on when I set my hand across it while cleaning the stovetop. Immediately several striped whelps throbbed across my palm and fingers. Thankfully I remembered the Eden Salve that I'd recently purchased. It not only eased the terrible pain right away, but I couldn't get over how much my skin healed overnight (following another good application at bedtime, with plastic bag taped around my wrist to keep the salve from wiping onto the sheets).

This was one of the worst burns I've ever had and it didn't even blister. I am more of a believer than ever - in the power of and inherent wisdom within these herbs!

by Charli on Dec 13, 2012

My mom bought this salve for me to use on my sensitive skin earlier this year. After reading the ingredients, I decided to use it as a face cream. I have mild acne that doesn't seem to go away, and figured if anything would help my skin, this would. And...it blows me away how it soothes my blotchiness, breaks up zits, and makes my skin glow! I also apply it to every little scrape, scratch, burn, and bruise I know of...it's so AWESOME! BUY IT!

Great for everything
by Schumacher Family on Dec 9, 2012

I have used this salve on everything! I had a c-section and it is great on the incision point. Also it is great for diaper rash. My most frequent use is burns. When I was at a friend's wedding, I accidentally grabbed a hot curling iron. I asked for ice but they did not have any. I had just purchased the salve and immediately thought "Well, it's worth a try!" It is the best burn cream I have come across. There is a burn cream my family had used for years but then couldn't find it any more. I now tell all of my extended family that it works at least as well as that cream! Besides, who wouldn't want to have a natural as opposed to who knows what cream.

Foot fungus be gone!
by Sarah on Dec 9, 2012

My young sons toes started peeling and soon he had horrid cracks behind his toes. I have never dealt with a foot fungus, but that was definitely what we had on our hands. I tried numerous home rememdies(soaking and applying tea tree oil, spraying silver on his feet) which seemed to help some, but as soon as I put the Eden Salve on his feet things turned immediately. I would put it all over his feet before bed and then put socks on. The NEXT morning the cracks on his feet were healed over!!!! I have used natural remedies for years for everything, but I'm not sure I've run across anything as effective as this salve. Truly amazing!

Works Wonders!
by Ashlyn on Nov 4, 2012

Unlike many of the other "natural" products I've used, I have been VERY pleased with the Eden Salve. My son has eczema and we've used prescribed creams from the dermatologist that didn't work as well as the Eden Salve. We also use it for chapped lips. My son recently developed severely chapped lips and within two days of applying the Eden salve regularly, his lips are baby soft. I hardly ever write reviews, but I've been so pleased with this product, I wanted to stop by and leave my review. Thank you for this product, Shoshanna!

Cold Sores
by Tiffany on Nov 3, 2012

This stuff is amazing. I use it whenever I get cold sores. It works way better than that expensive Abreva. When I use the Eden Salve, my cold sore never seems to get to that oozing, dried up, cracked and bleeding stage and heals much faster. I put the salve on every couple of hours and it keeps my lips moist while healing the sore. Thanks!!!

Wonderful Product!
by Morgan on Oct 19, 2012

This salve is seriously AWESOME! I have used it on so many different things-it's just amazing! I had a burn on my hand and after like a week of it healing I noticed it leaving a scar and it just looked rough, so I thought about this salve and applied it to a band-aid and left it on for several days (changing it once per day) and then it started itching, which is good! Now, no scar! I use it on my kids when they get that chapped area under their bottom lip. I have used it on excema patches and bug bites. It really is like a miracle in a can! I wouldn't be without it!

First Aid in a Can!
by Melissa on Sep 4, 2012

I feel like a Girl Scout! I have used the Eden salve so often. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to help when kids, even someone else's kids get hurt.

While crossing the street with a group of kids, a little girl fell and scraped her knee. As her mom consoled her, I whipped out my Eden Salve, and offered her some. Immediately after my applying the salve, the girl's tears stopped and she felt better. The mom was impressed and I showed her this wonderful little salve.

I have also used it on my kids so often that now when they get hurt, they just go get it and apply it themselves. It's nice to feel safe about kids treating themselves!:)

I normally live in Israel and can not find any product like this in Israel, although I have tried. I love this salve and I share it with everyone I know!

Wasn't Expecting Much, But Wow!
by Lesley on Aug 13, 2012

I was at an outdoor restaurant when what I thought was a gnat landed on my knuckle. After I swatted it and it stung me, I realized this was no gnat. The sting was incredibly painful and turned red and started swelling within a few seconds. I was at a loss as to what to do, then I remembered I had just gotten a small container of Eden Salve to try and dropped it in my purse. I put a little bit of the salve on and in 30 seconds the pain was gone. Then the redness and swelling dissipated. By the time I got my food and finished my meal it was like nothing had happened. This stuff is crazy good.

Eden Salve
by Jennifer on Jul 18, 2012

Hands down, my favorite product of yours! My children are all allergic to any type of bite or sting, and where we live the mosquitos are horrendous. There were times when they had so many bites, you could tell the poison was affecting how they felt all over. I tried every product i could find, Eden salve was the only thing that helped. Almost instant itch relief and less swelling, and with continued use the bite would be gone in two days! Thank you so much for your products and your passion for sharing your knowledge of the natural medicines God has given us.

We love Eden Salve!
by Meghann on Jul 18, 2012

We have been using this salve for a few years now and love it. It soothes the bites, rashes, cuts and scratches beautifully, plus it lasts forever! I will try making it when my tin runs out next!

Good healing salve
by Kara Hughes on Jun 28, 2012

I wanted to tell how how impressed I am with the Eden Salve. I was deboning a lamb leg while watching a movie with my daughter, and the knife slipped, and I cut my finger rather badly. After cleaning it out really well, I put some Eden Salve on it and wrapped a bandaid around it very tightly. In retrospect, I probably should have gone to get stitches as even the slightest bump would make it start bleeding again, and it didn't completely stop until about 20 hours later. But I didn't, and just put Eden Salve each time I changed the bandaid. In about 3 days the skin was obviously healing, and by 5 the cut was completely closed. That was a month ago. My finger is still tender where the cut was, as the inside layers haven't completely healed yet, but I have absolutely no scarring that I can see.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful healing salve!

Cure all miracle salve!
by Richard Hicks on Jun 21, 2012

This stuff is a wonderful gift from God. I have my family and extended family sold on it. My mom uses on her rheumatoid arthritis. My grandma uses for her aching joints. My 22 year old daughter and 13 year old son use it for acne. My kids use it for everything from bug bites to poison ivy to strange rashes. My husband uses it on cuts which heal in 24 hours and old scares which seem to slowly fade away. It almost seems to be a cure all miracle salve. We are very satisfied customers. Thanks.

We LOVE the Eden Salve
by Jeanie Reimer on Jun 21, 2012

We LOVE the Eden Salve and use it for absolutely everything (injuries, rashes, chapstick, facials)! Thanks for making a product that makes our skin feel amazing and is free from harmful chemicals.

Takes the pain away!
by Rachael on Jun 21, 2012

My daughter is 9 months old, and has a viral infection causing sores on her toes, hands, and at her lip. Thankfully it's not the hand, mouth, and foot disease rather cold sores. I am using hazelwood for her eczema which seems to work quite well. I decided to put this on the sores. Each time my daughter crawled on our wood floor she cried. Then it dawned on me, her sores on her toes. However, why wasn't this a problem earlier? Since I didn't have her eczema cream, I had used Eden Salve. Hrm? I applied the Eden Salve one more, then held her for about 7 minutes before I left her down to play. Moment of truth--approaching the wood floor she lifted her foot remembering the pain about to come. No pain ever came! She then proceeded to go after a toy happily, as she realized it didn't hurt. I was quite pleased with this product before, but now I am BLOWN AWAY!!! May God bless you for sharing and combining such an amazing product using the gifts of His handy work.

Works as deoderant!
by Sara Borgeson on Jun 21, 2012

I recently bought Eden Salve, and have liked it very much. I use it on frequent cuts and burns that I get on my fingers and it has healed them very fast.
Recently I threw out my aluminum deoderant and bought a natural, aluminum-free one that was quite expensive. (I have also tried plain baking soda and a homemade deoderant in the past and both either stung terribly or didn't serve their purpose.) I developed a terrible rash under my arms, which I ignored for a couple of weeks until it got too red and bumpy to leave alone. I decided to try Eden salve, which I applied in tiny amounts 3-4 times a day. In two days it was totally gone except for a slight darkish look to the skin where the rash had been, and by day three that too was completely gone! On top of that it worked perfect for odor, besides the herb smell, which I don't mind at all. I'm considering using it as my deoderant all the time. :)
Thanks for your great product!

Heals ringworm
by -Anonymous :) on Jun 21, 2012

I just wanted to say that Eden Salve worked on the Ringworm that my baby had on his head. By the time I realized what it was, it was a little larger than the size of a quarter. Once I realized that it was a fungus I immediately started putting Eden salve on it. After I started putting it on, it got better each day & a month later it was gone. I think it would have gone away sooner had the Ringworm not been in a spot where my son kept rubbing the salve off every time he was laying down. :) I was so thankful that I didn't have to spend any money buying stuff to get rid of it because we had Eden Salve in the house! Love it! Thanks so much!

Magic Salve
by Meg on Jun 21, 2012

This is a product I hope to never be without again! After learning about the harmful effects of otc drugstore ointments, I cemented my belief in avoiding toxic chemicals on me and my family. I had found a couple of ointments that worked OK, but then I came across Eden Salve after ordering herbs here. After reading the comments, I thought "it can't be that good...", but eventually ordered the small can. I was blown away by the effectiveness and versatility. Cuts, burns, arthritic pain, rashes, external chemical reactions, infected nails...all immensely aided if not eliminated by this remarkable salve. In fact, in our house, we affectionately call it Magic Salve.
Thanks for providing such a helpful product!

Our everything salve!
by Kim O'Bier on Jun 13, 2012

This salve provides amazing relief from itching and burning...it has really helped our family to deal with dry itchy skin in the Winter, not to mention bee stings (takes the sting out and prevents swelling), bug bites and poison ivy. It is our go-to ointment because it works so much better than anything else we've ever tried, and with a house full of fair-skinned red-heads with very sensitive skin, we've tried our share! This goes everywhere with us.

Wonderful healing product
by Paula Johnson on Jun 13, 2012

My husband has asked me to order 4 more tins of Eden Salve. His thumbs crack badly each winter and Eden Salve is the first product he has tried that not only relieves the pain, but actually heals the cracks. Thank you for such a healing product.

Healed bleeding diaper rash!
by Sarah on Jun 11, 2012

Thank you so much for your Eden salve! My daughter was born with pneumonia and in the NICU for 25 days on powerful antibiotics that gave her a bleeding diaper rash. The drs tried for 2 weeks to clear it, even trying oxygen therapy!

I prayed and remembered your salve. I ordered it and started it right when it came. I noticed improvement after the 1st application and within 24 hrs. the dangerous red had changed to a soft pink!

It's now been 3 days and the rash the drs. could not cure, is almost 100% healed!

Wonderful product!
by Bobby Thompson on Jun 11, 2012

I can't say enough about this product. I try and spread the word as often as I can. Most recently I used it on my daughter's scalp. She is 6 and has always had sensitive skin. She broke out with seborrhea dermatitis, my nursing diagnosis I used it for 4 days, once a day and it has cleared up! All without having to use the conventional treatment of tar shampoo, really, tar. So she is happy and I'm happy it saved us a visit to the dermatologist and using the yucky shampoo. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Helps heal eczema
by Trudi on Jun 11, 2012

I'm just another one of many who want to thank you for your wonderful Eden Salve! A friend couldn't say enough good about it, so I ordered some to have on hand for those occassional burns/bites/abrasions. My six-year-old daughter has eczema that gets worse in the cold, dry Colorado winters. The tincture ointment I used on her as a baby was old and no longer effective, and I couldn't find any natural ointments that didn't sting or burn when applied. Finally one night I tried the Eden Salve and it not only stopped the burning and itching, after several days of use it helped to heal the eczema! It's not completely gone, but it is no longer a problem for her. I have used this on SO many different ailments, and it hasn't failed me yet

Goose egg be gone!
by Rachel on Jun 11, 2012

I just wanted to share about your salve. Like others who use your products, we have found the salve to be effective for everything we've used it for: diaper rash, cuts, burns, scrapes, chapped skin; the list goes on. But one day my toddler hit his head pretty good, and got one of those goose eggs in plain sight, right on the front of his little noggin. I smeared a thick glob of salve on it and wrapped his head so that he couldn't get his hands all gooey. It stayed on most of the day and night, and of course he wiggled out of the dressing by the next morning. But by then the goose egg was gone, and the lingering discoloration appeared yellowish, like the final stages of an old bruise. I have been impressed by the efficacy of herbs in general and your products in particular, but it was gratifying to see it clear that little goose egg so fast!

Works for everything!
by Angel French on Jun 11, 2012

We use Eden Salve on everything as well. I have even given it to someone for an infected old wound on a diabetic woman's toe that was not healing (healed within a few days), on another woman's scarlet fever sores, and on a boy who wrecked his bike in our alley, and had a bloody arm full of gravel (the bleeding stopped and it helped ease the pain). My favorite new use has been on fever blisters/cold sores. Besides preventing these through diet and keeping l-lysine levels up, I still get these occassionally. When I feel the warmth of one about to start, I immediately start using Eden Salve. Using this helps either stamp it out altogether, or lessen the healing time to a couple of days rather than over a week or two. That's a huge deal! Also, I used to be terrified of spiders, but other than learning more about spiders, having Eden Salve in my home gives me the confidence of knowing I am equipped for the unexpected! Thank you Shoshanna, and God Bless!

Love this product!!
by Fair skinned on Jun 6, 2012

Like all the other comments, this product is great for cuts, scraps, insect bites & eczema. It heals each of these very quickly. I have very fair skin and sensitive to lotions. Many facial lotions will cause me to break out so I am extremely choosy as to what I put on my face; however, I started using Eden Salve for dry spots on my face and noticed that not only does it heal the dry spots, it also aids in quick healing of acne. I was so impressed that I now use it nightly as a facial moisturizer instead of facial lotions as
well as an acne treatment. I'm definately hooked for life on this product.

cure all
by Beth on Jun 2, 2012

Perfect for little boy's chigger bites and worked amazingly fast when I was stung by a nasty scorpion!
Pulled the tin out of my purse during church when hubby was complaining about a deep cut on his hand hurting so bad, "honey, that's not a cure all" , he said. I just pointed to where it says "nature's healing touch", he applied..no more doubting from him!! Needless to say Hubby, 4 children and I use it on EVERYTHING!!

Great product - and I am a doctor!
by Val on May 11, 2012

Shoshanna, this is a fabulous product. I myself am a physician and I use this on my own children and recommend it to my patients as well. It is also great for healing up my cracked hands that dry out from frequent handwashing. Great product.

by Lisa C. on Sep 7, 2011

I use this salve on my eczema and it calms the itching and redness. Also recently on a burn from hot oil and it has healed so nicely. I have used it on what I believe is rheumatoid arthritis on my finger. It was inflamed and throbbing and the salve really was soothing. It is great to use a natural product with such wonderful results!

Post-surgery Healing
by Pat P. on May 17, 2011

My husband broke his ankle and required surgery to place a plate in his fibula and a couple of screws in the tibia. So he came home with a 5" incision on each side of the ankle. He is diabetic and wound healing is always a concern, especially on the lower extremities. Since the stitches were removed, I have been applying Eden Salve at least twice a day to the lower leg and the incisions have been healing quite nicely. Also, he says how much better his leg feels after I apply the salve. Thanks so much for this wonderful salve!

Love this!
by Rachel on Mar 3, 2011

Hi, I just wanted to say how much I love this product. At my house we have 5 boys, a dog, 37 chickens and 2 adults who have all used this wonderful salve. We call it "all better cream" because when we use it we become all better. We have used it on bee stings and I actually saw the stinger come to the surface and was able to gently take it out, on cuts where the pain left almost instantly, on burns where the burning pain actually disappeared, on unknown blisters and hives that went away in no time, on bites of all kinds that have healed without itching pain, on sores on my dogs face- the hair grew back and was healed totally in one weeks time, on a dying chicken that the boys had to doctor back to health with all better cream for the bleeding on its broken neck- hey the salve worked so well that over 3 days the chickens neck began to move again and the chicken was back to itself in 5 days. oh and the bleeding stopped the minute we applied the salve. Amazing stuff- so amazing that I am now ordering my 5th one in 6 months because I keep giving mine away to someone else who needs it when we have only half used it. Thank you for a great product and I am sure I will find 100's of more things that it will help my family heal from - chickens and all.

Great for everyone
by Carlene on Jan 31, 2011

Hi I just wanted to tell you how much I love your salve! I basically use it on everything! It does wonders on a tiny little baby bottom all the way to a sore 96 year old grandma's skin. I always feel really confident when I use it because I know there is nothing unsafe about it! I keep it in my purse and am always pulling it out when friends need it. Thanks so much!

Wasp Stings
by J. Knier on Oct 25, 2010

My young son had an encounter with a yellow jacket (wasp) yesterday. It stung him twice on the back of the neck, and was starting to swell. I applied Eden Salve, and five minutes later he said, "Oh! It's better!" I reapplied a couple more times that evening and by morning there were just two small red dots. Fantastic!

For Poison Ivy
by L. Henderson on Oct 14, 2010

When I ordered my usual supply of Double E Immune Booster I decided to finally give in and buy that Eden Salve that I'd been considering for a long time. Well, if at all possible, I will never be without it again! It is truly a wonderful salve! A day after I ordered it, I discovered that my daughter and I had poison ivy. When the salve came, I decided to try it because nothing else was working. It instantly started feeling better and it was gone in a couple days!!!! When my husband and son got small patches of poison ivy, I started right away with the salve and it was nipped in the bud. I didn't know that I was going to be using it for poison ivy when I bought it, but I was SO glad that I had it! We've also been using it for bug bites and sores and it heals quickly and thoroughly.

Good for everything!
by Castillo Family on Jul 30, 2010

We LOVE this product !!
We use this for everything. Burns, bug bites, cuts, bruises, rashes, dry skin, etc. This year my daughter forgot her sun block when she went out to swim, and got a nasty sunburn, her face was beet red, and painful. I decided to give our "Shoshanna" a try, since it works miraculously well on everything else, and the next morning, she barely had a little pink color, and the pain was gone. She didn't even peel. If you would have seen her sunburn, you'd understand why this was a surprise. I now use this on my pets as well, our little dog had an allergic reaction to the flea and tick gel that we put on him, and broke out in a terrible rash. I used this ointment, and it was gone. Even my skeptical husband reaches for the "Shoshanna" now, it healed his dry , cracked, and bleeding hands, he's a farmer, and his hands get so rough, and cracked. Not a problem anymore. I can't say enough about this product, but I will say I'm going to be a life long customer!!! Love your herbs too, this web site is wonderful. We found you in our NGJ magazine. You, as well as they, have been a blessing!!! Thank you!

It's wonderful!
by Misty on Jun 23, 2010

Hello. Just wanted to share a great example of your Eden Salve's wonderfulness! I with my cousin and 9 children age 1yr to 11 yrs went to my uncle's 3 acres for a week of fun. And bug bites. Thankfully i brought my Eden Salve and by the 2nd day the older children were asking me "where's the green salve" so they could dress their own bug bites! Thanks for a wonderful remedy that even the children were seeking. ~Misty.

Daughter loves it!
by W. Doster on Jun 18, 2010

We have been using Eden Salve on just about anything you can think of for the last few years. Chapped skin, rashes, cuts, burns, bites, etc. Every time my daughter has a skin issue she asks me to put the “Eatin’ Sab” on it!!! Thanks for a great product and a great website!!! I can’t even begin to add up the amount of money we have saved in medical bills by using the resources and products from your store!!!

Thank you!

Cold Weather Wonder
by Angie on Jan 21, 2010

Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Edens Salve! My children's hands have been so chapped from the cold and playing in the snow and this really helps to moisten them up.

Heal burns
by Tricia on Dec 21, 2009

I used Eden Salve for minor burns on my finger tips from picking up a plate that had just come out of the hot oven. The burn began smarting and turning red. I gently smoothed the wounded fingers in Eden Salve, and within a half hour the smarting had totally stopped and the redness was gone. The next morning, there was no sign that anything had even happened. I wish I had been using this amazing ointment sooner!

No diaper rash
by Jennifer on Nov 23, 2009

My son is now 18 months old. He has never had diaper rash in his life! I attribute it to your Eden Salve.

Since he was first born if he started to get a little red in his diaper area I would just apply some of the Eden Salve and the redness would disappear. I am now ordering another supply. It is so great to have a product that I can count on and John-Mark is so happy never to have experienced diaper rash!

Thanks so much!

Heals bumps
by Jenny on Oct 28, 2009

I am so thankful to have found your Eden salve. We’ve been praying and trying various remedies for some bumps on the back of my kids' arms and sometimes the bumps appear on their face for a few years. I have tried supplements, coconut oil, exfoliating, standing on my head, (well, no not really, but sometimes you feel like you’ll try anything!) etc., but to no avail! So you can imagine, my gratitude to finally seeing those bumps go away after using your salve. Over about a 2 weeks period of time, we applied the salve, pretty consistently, 1-2 times a day. Now, the bumps are nearly gone.

I think the bumps could be related to a candida issue since your salve has candida killers in it. I know we’ve had other candida symptoms and found it intrigueing that your salve took the bumps away versus some sort of nutritional deficiency.

Thank you again for the salve and being such a wealth of information!

Many Uses
by Tracy on Oct 15, 2009

Absolutely fabulous stuff! Too many uses to mention...we all love it and the children ask for it by name.

Kids Love It!
by Bonnie on Sep 15, 2009

Thank you so much...we just love the Eden Salve...the kids all call it "the Shoshanna". They say it makes everything better, and they are right--the salve is great!

Even Helps our Cow!
by Lisa on Aug 24, 2009

I have already commented on the Eden salve and how it helps our daughter's wind chapped cheeks. My hubby, however, usually pokes fun at all my "weeds and sticks". That is, until he tried the Eden Salve. Now he goes to it for everything from bug bites, to scratches, to burns.... He calls it his "Shin-in-o-kenchi Cream" (he didn't understand Shoshanna's name when I told him). At any rate - I wondered if you would be selling it in buckets any time soon...!

He is now using it on our cows! It works great, by the way!!! One of the calves had a split between her toes and it started to swell. After cleaning it twice in one day and applying the salve - the swelling was nearly gone by the next morning! Pretty amazing when you consider she was on her feet all day and walking in all sorts of crud. Anyway - just wanted to pass that little funny along. Thanks!

Skin Breakdown
by Holly on Jul 28, 2009

I was just chatting with [a good friend] online and she told me had a skin breakdown. I instantly thought of Eden Salve. We have been very pleased at the results with it on everything from 2nd degree burns to insect bites.

by Kathryn on Jul 28, 2009

It is such a great salve to have around. I've used it from diaper rashes to bug bites and where stitches have been needed (no scars!)

Great for cuts, scratches & abrasions.
by Kelly on Jun 15, 2009

Just wanted to let you know how much we love eden salve. It is wonderful for the kids' cuts and scratches, as well as chapped skin. I used it on an abrasion w/splinter my daughter got while climbing. It healed the wound and drew out the splinter overnight. Thanks so much.

The Best Stuff we've ever used!
by J.M. on Jun 2, 2009

The Best Stuff we’ve ever used!

I am so impressed with your Eden Salve! I just wanted to comment that it works wonders on cold sores, too. Heals them in a matter of a few days instead of the usual 2 weeks. We also love it especially for diaper rash.

Brown Recluse spider bite...
by J.B. on Jun 2, 2009

I just now came across my little tin of Edens Salve that my daughter gave me 2 years ago. I had meant to write to you sooner but life just seems to get away with us. At any rate I must tell you that I got a Brown Recluse Spider bite two years ago this coming 4th of July. I did not know what it was and although I kept it clean (I am an RN) and took care of it as best I could it
continued to get worse. I did suspect a spider bite but it started to look pretty nasty about day7. The first week I treated it with Neosporin and then when it did not look to be healing but getting worse and darkening I started to use the Eden Salve. I continued using it for 3 weeks at which time I finally went to the Dr. It was then that I learned what it was . The dr was quite upset with me as I should have come sooner to see her but she also wanted to know what "in the heck have you been using on this?" To which I answered Shoshanna Eden Salve. She said she was going to make a note of it as it worked miracles on my bite. She was stunned that it had not gotten nasty as these bites tend to do. They can in fact be deadly I understand. So I am please to tell you that not only has it healed in short order (using the salve for about 8 weeks) but the nasty scar is also gone. I great product. ~Thank you so much.

Great for Eczema
by Clara on Jun 2, 2009

I just ordered more Eden Salve. My husband has had an Eczema like rash on his arms since childhood. After using the Eden Salve for three days, it is completely gone! His skin is so soft with no rash or itching! It is wonderful!

I plan on giving Eden Salve as Christmas presents to my family this year.

Thank YOU!

Best First Aid Ointment
by M. Family on Mar 3, 2009

Your Eden Salve is the best first aid ointment there is. It does awesome on basic bug bites or injuries(simple scrapes); to serious injuries such as battery acid burns. etc. Thank You for creating something safe and convenient :)

A huge blessing!
by Debby on Feb 26, 2009

This salve has been a huge blessing to our family. My husband has severely sensitive eyes. Any dust, pet hair even stuffy office air makes his eyes itch and they puff up and he inevitably rubs them. Well, after finally convincing him to try Eden Salve over the prescribed ointment he hasn't gone back. I really didn't like him using those chemicals on his eyes and I am sooooo grateful for your product. Besides that, each of our family members have enjoyed the many benefits of this salve. My youngest has instant relief when I use this salve as a diaper ointment - no sting and the healing time on her sensitive open skin is amazing! My other daughter uses this for her dry skin and we use it for bruises scratches and all sorts of other nicks. But thank you, thank you, thank you. I am really grateful to God that he has given you the knack and knowledge to create such a natural blessing.

Thanks for a great product.
by Joy on Feb 23, 2009

Wanted you to know my husband's thoughts about the Eden Salve. He fell off a ladder and hit his face on the pavement. He had several cuts, scrapes and bruises that looked really bad. As soon as he could, he started applying Eden Salve several times a day, and within a few days, you couldn't even see the marks! His co- workers asked him, incredulously, "What did you put on your face to heal so quickly?!" And he told them about Eden Salve, and now they want some too! Thanks for this great product!

Eden Salve is our Cure-ALL!
by Rachel in Alabama on Feb 11, 2009

Eden Salve is our cure-all around here! It was worked wonders on burns, cuts, chapped windburned skin, insect stings, fire-ant bites, poison ivy, and rashes. It is the best product we have found anywhere. Thank you!!!!!

Great Product!
by Nicole on Feb 3, 2009

I have to say this is the best stuff ever. My friend gave me some to use when my daughter had bad diaper rash that included sores. The Eden Salve helped heal her after only one application. I couldn't recommend this stuff enough. It's my Go-To diaper rash ointment.

2-3rd Degree Burns
by G on Jan 17, 2009

Just want to say thank you so much. You have a wonderful website and really enjoy the herbs I 've read about and purchased. The eden salve works wonders. I have used it on my son's 2nd-3rd degree burn on his neck, and it healed within one week. I plan to pass it on as a gift to a new mom in our church...

Salve Works for Tough Bruises
by Elizabeth on Dec 2, 2008

My daughter introduced me to Salve when I started Kickboxing. My hands were bruised and swollen, she told me to generously put Salve on my hands, which I did. Within minutes the pain subsided and by the next day the bruises were practically all gone. I was so excited that I called my daughter and told her about it. I also told my Kickboxing instructor and she asked if I would bring it in for our next class

Eden Salve
by Anonymous on Oct 27, 2008

We shared this product with a friend about a year ago. She likes it very much, and when she went to visit her son's family, she took it with. A few months later, her eight-year-old granddaughter visited for a few days, and I baby-sat her one night. She told me all about Gramma's earlier visit. Her most excited story went like this: "A bee BIT me once, and Gramma put some MAGIC stuff on it so it didn't even HURT anymore!" I asked my friend about it, and she said she had put some Eden Salve on the bee sting. This product may not be MAGIC, but it works just as well!

All Around Salve Success
by The Hatfields on Aug 6, 2008

We also love your Eden Salve. We have been using it since you first came out with it and use it for bug bites, cuts, rashes and burns. It's great for diaper rash...it doesn't burn like the other ointments when the rash is raw. It helped our friend who had a bad burn from paint thinner on her leg. She saw (and felt) immediate relief. It also helped our friend who has suffered several times from poison ivy. We've also used it successfully to fight and prevent athletes foot. All our kids go "the salve" right away and take care of their own sores. Thank you so much for this great product! It's time to reorder!

Eden salve keeps it scar free
by Raegan on Jul 18, 2008

We love Eden Salve. My two year old daughter had an accident with our tread mill and to make a long story short got her hand stuck in the machine while the belt was going. I took her to the doctors immediately and she was "treated" for a good sized second degree burn on the palm of her hand. Treated being they wrapped it in a bandage and told me to keep it covered for two days, and clean and dry after that until it healed. So that very same day I bought some. It took four days for it to arrive and in that time my daughters hand had made so little improvement that we couldn't see a difference at all. When the salve came I put it right on the sore and covered it with a bandage. I had her sleep with it on overnight. The next morning when I took the bandage off I could not believe the visible improvement. It was not just slightly healed but a good third of it healed over. To say the least it only took it a couple more days to heal completely. And she has no scar at all. We don't go anywhere with out it, and we use it on all scraps, bites, and blisters. The serious ones and the ones that just need that "kiss." Thank you for such a wonderful product. The Roy's

Wonder Working Eden Salve
by Anonymous on Jun 11, 2008

I LOVE Eden Salve. My mom bought 2 and gave me one. I have three children, three years and under, and it works wonders! The first impression was a good one. My daughter had some scrapes on her hand that were red and swollen. I didn't know where she had gotten them and believed that they would become infected if I didn't help them along. I cleaned the scrapes and applied some raw honey. By the end of the day there was no change. I rubbed a little of the green salve directly on the area before she went to bed that night and by morning all redness and swelling were gone and the scrapes had scabbed up. Now I use the salve for everything! My son is a chronic faller. He trips on his feet, the rug, runs into walls, falls off the couch, etc. He just covers himself with bumps and bruises. If I apply the salve right away, the bruises are gone or almost unnoticeable by the next day. It used to take a week for each bruise to heal and go away! I want to order a bunch of these because I need one everywhere...the bathroom, the car, my purse...

The "ointment" the kids ask for!
by Vicki on Jun 10, 2008

Our family LOVES Eden Salve! We use it for EVERYTHING - cuts, chapped lips, burns, insect bites, etc. It is better than any antibiotic ointment we've ever used. I love the fact that it is safe for my children to use by themselves - I even think my 2 year old ATE some the other evening and I knew I didn't have to worry about poisoning! Whenever the children have a wound, etc., they ask for the "ointment," put some on and go back to play! Thank you for this product!

First-Aid for the Kids :-)
by Caroline in Georgia on May 23, 2008

Eden Salve--what a fabulous product! Our son (5) and daughter (2) now fix their scratches and cuts on their own. They love ES because it doesn't sting and it takes away the pain.
I keep Eden Salve in my pocketbook. We can't live without it! Thank you for your great products and excellent website.

Miracle Salve!!!
by Lisa on May 9, 2008

My daughter's face gets wind burned and chapped very easily. The Eden Salve take the soreness away for her immeediately, and has her skin looking better by the next morning. It has also worked wonders for burns... :-)) I also like that it is not a petroleum based product!.

Eden Salve vs Poisonous Japanese Caterpillar
by Sue in Japan on Mar 13, 2008

Here in Japan we have poisonous caterpillars...their little hairs contain poison, and cause an awful itchy red, raised rash. My 8 year old son had the awful rash all over the lower part of his face, down his neck, armpit…these rashes usually take a couple weeks and lots of steroid cream to go away. With the Eden Salve…the rash was better within a couple days and gone within a week! I have also been glad to have it on hand for treating mosquito bites -- especially on my infant. We are all sold on this great natural medicine.

"The Salve"
by Dairy Mom on Mar 5, 2008

My family loves this product. We have three children and live on a dairy farm. There are many scrapes, cuts, bites, dry hands, and rashes in this house. My children know how well it works. My 7 and 3 year old beg for it. ""The salve"" as we call it in our house cures everything!! Even the baby loves it. Thank you so much for making 1 product that we use for EVERYTHING in our house!
dairy mom

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From our Mailbox

I just have to let you know how much I appreciate your business...

When it comes to health and healing I would say that I was from a “typical American” family. Hamburger helper and Rice-A-Roni every night, vaccines when they’re due and hospitals when you’re sick! But I thought that herbs sounded like a neat thing to study (not to mention the fact that we were uninsured! It sounded like a real money saver too!) so I went to the local library to get a few books.

Reading about herbs eventually led me into natural health and healing, food toxins and additives, whole and traditional foods, and lastly to women’s health and birthing. I have developed a true passion for natural health/healing and natural birthing (and I love reading now too!) ...It all started just browsing your website one day. I just wanted to let you know how you have touched my life. So thank you! And keep up all the good work! ~Megan

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