Feverfew Herb - Cut, Organic

Herbs: Feverfew Herb - Cut

Common Names: Feverfew
Latin Name: Tanacetum Parthenium
Origin: USA

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Feverfew for 16 year old daughter
by Debby on Sep 25, 2014

Feverfew has been a God send for our 16 year old daughter with chronic migraines. Traditional treatments just drugged her where she could not function, but feverfew has decreased the headaches to almost nothing and she can function.

by Cindy on Mar 19, 2014

I read the story that you said was so amazing. My daughter is 15 and has had chronic migraines since she was 5 and they have only gotten worse and worse. The lady said feverfew with lemon balm and to make sure they are dried leaves....is this how it comes? I am new to this.

    Re: Migraines
    by Bulk Herb Store on Mar 20, 2014

    Our Feverfew and Lemon Balm are dried leaves of the plant. Therefore you could use them at once. Thanks!

by Kristen on Jan 29, 2014

Is feverfew safe to take while nursing?

    Re: Breastfeeding
    by Bulk Herb Store on Feb 4, 2014

    Not enough information is known on how Feverfew affects infants through the mother's milk. I would recommend talking to your midwife if you have any further questions! Thanks!

by Jennie on Nov 23, 2013

My 14 year old has been suffering with migraines for a while now. But it has gotten progressively worst. Would feverfew be safe for to use? I saw an earlier comment that it shouldn't be given to young children but the age range was not specified.

Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.



    Re: Feverfew
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 25, 2013

    Yes, feverfew can be taken for headaches. Here is a wonderful article about a lady who's daughter suffered from migraines and started taking feverfew.The results are amazing!

by Lauren on Nov 19, 2013

Could you provide any information on this herb. Possibly what it's actions are or what it's typically used for and how it's typically used? Thank you so much!

    Re: Feverfew
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 20, 2013

    Thank you for your question. Feverfew is most commonly used to help treat headaches, or fevers. For a headache or to help reduce a fever I would recommend making a tea of the herb. However we do not recommend for young children or expectant mothers to use Feverfew.

Feverfew safe during pregnancy
by katie on Apr 8, 2013

Is feverfew ok for use for migraines during pregnancy?

    Re: Feverfew safe during pregnancy
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 30, 2013

    From what I have researched it doesn't sound like it would be safe to use during pregnancy.

Fever Few
by Lynn on Apr 7, 2013

I was wondering if you can brew Fever Few like a tea, instead of the capsules or Tinctures?? Thanks,

    Re: Fever Few
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 30, 2013

    Yes you can brew it as a tea!

by Monica Barrows on Oct 12, 2012

Sorry I'm new, I'm not familiar with your store but love to learn. Do you sell capsule for this herb? Do you have a book on how to do this?? Which one? How about empty teabags, do you sell them?
Thank you so much for your expertise.

    Re: Feverfew
    by Bulk Herb Store on Mar 15, 2013

    We sell empty capsules and the capsule machines but we do not sell any herbs already encapsulated. We do sell tea bags and that is the way I would suggest making the feverfew. Thanks!

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RISE AND SHINE tea is wonderful. I got the UPS box containing my tea...and I could hardly wait to brew a cup! OOOOHHHHH it is soooo goood!


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