Herbal Colon Cleanse Kit

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This kit includes:

  • 6 lbs Bentonite clay powder
  • 2 lbs Detox+
  • 1 lb garlic powder
  • 1 lb activated charcoal powder
  • 1/2 lb 30-40K Cayenne Pepper Powder


  • Detox+ is our exclusive mix of cleansing herbs. It includes Bentonite clay powder, apple fruit pectin, flax seed, psyllium seed, slippery elm bark powder, marshmallow root powder, bilberry fruit powder, peppermint leaf powder, and activated charcoal powder.
  • Bentonite Clay draws metals and toxins into its sponge-like surface by electrical attraction and bonding. They are then eliminated as the clay passes through the body. This is an effective way to cleanse your body of toxins and help restore balance to your system.
  • Activated Charcoal Powder works as an adsorbent of toxins in the digestive system, relieves gases and may promote recovery from food poisoning.
  • Cayenne Powder stimulates every system and cell of the body. Cayenne has been valued around the world for its uses as a stimulant, astringent, antispasmodic, circulatory tonic, anti-depressant and antibacterial agent.
  • Garlic Powder helps stimulate the flow of blood and lymph, expels phlegm and otherwise improves the internal environment to make it unfriendly to harmful micro-organisms.


- To begin your cleanse, drink 16 oz. of water before or during bath. Add 2.5 pounds of Bentonite Clay to hot bath water. While bathing, spread clay on skin, being sure to get clay on all glands (armpits, neck, crotch, behind the knees, etc.). After 20-30 minutes of soaking, rinse and dry off. After clay settles in tub, drain water and wipe up the clay. In our research we found that if you take a Bentonite clay bath, depending on how much metal you have in your body, the clay will darken and become slightly slimy. If you are highly toxic, the clay will turn black and tar-like.
- Take your daily dose of Herbal Colon Cleanse herbs with water or juice, or mix with food such as applesauce. The garlic, cayenne and activated charcoal can also be encapsulated. One dose = 1 tsp Detox+, 1/2 tsp Bentonite clay, 1/2 tsp activated charcoal, 1/4 tsp garlic and 1/8 tsp cayenne. Be sure to drink extra water to help the herbs do their cleansing job.

- Add 2.5 pounds of Bentonite Clay to hot bath water and repeat bath process as in Week 1.
- Each day, take two doses of Herbal Colon Cleanse herbs as described in Week 1.

- Each day, take three doses of Herbal Colon Cleanse herbs as described in Week 1.

- Each day, take four doses of Herbal Colon Cleanse herbs as described in Week 1.

Special Considerations

  • The Herbal Colon Cleanse should not be used during pregnancy or while nursing.
  • It is also not recommended if you are on blood thinners or antibiotics. As always, check with your doctor or medical professional before doing a cleanse if you are on medication.

Customer Reviews

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cleanse side effects?
by Olga Korotkyi on Sep 26, 2014

Hi there, I'm on week 3.5 of the colon cleanse. I feel amazing! My bowels feel as though they were defibrillated into a new rhythm where (bluntly) my new regularity is now at least 3x day! That never happened before. I feel light and energized! I understand that with any sort of cleansing the body will begin to get rid of its toxins through the bowels, sweat, urine etc, is it normal to have a rash-like skin break out? It only developed starting with about 2.5 weeks in, on my back. Now it's sort of red spots in small patches on my back, making their way to my upper arms. I'm not too concerned, they're not bad, just itchy at times. I'm wondering whether it's a developed sensitivity to an ingredient or the cleansing part?

    Re: cleanse side effects?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Sep 26, 2014

    Most likely, it is just as you said. The cleanse is pushing the toxins out and you are seeing it visibly. The rash should calm down and eventually disappear as you slowly finish cleansing. Thanks!

Colon Cleanse
by Jana on Feb 17, 2014

I was questioning dosage. I have Bentonite clay and would like to use that for a colon cleanse. I was reading about the dosages and wasn't sure how much to take of the Bentonite clay and fiber. I would like to capsule the Bentonite clay and take the fiber in juice or water. How much of each and for how long?

    Re: Colon Cleanse
    by Bulk Herb Store on Feb 17, 2014

    Check out this blog post for more info on dosage recommendations. Thanks!


Can't swallow cap. any recomendation?
by Kelsey on Jan 5, 2014

I'm unable to swallow caps. so what would be your recommendation on how to take the powders? Would a tinc. with the garlic and pepper be o.k.?

    Re: Can't swallow cap. any recomendation?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 7, 2014

    Hello, You could put the powders into a smoothie or juice drink and blend well. Thanks!

Colon Cleanse or Parasite Cleanse?
by Jane on Dec 30, 2013

I saw your video where you told of a body cleanse where you first do the liver cleanse (is that the liver tincture?), then the metal cleanse (is that the Detox+ mix?), then the Colon/parasite cleanse (is that the Parasite Cleanse Kit or the Herbal Colon Cleanse Kit?). I am sorry, but I can't find the video again. You said to take two weeks for the liver cleanse, then two weeks for the metal cleanse, and then 4 - 6 weeks for the parasite cleanse. I would like to try this, but am a bit confused what to order. Thanks so much for all your fun help!

    Re: Colon Cleanse or Parasite Cleanse?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 31, 2013

    Hello, we recommend doing the Colon Cleanse first then the Liver Cleanse, and follow up with the Parasite Cleanse taking fiber throughout the entire time. You can do the cleanse for as long as you wish or you start to feel a difference and feel better. Anywhere between 2-4 weeks for each cleanse would probably be good to start with and then go from there and decide what your body needs. Hope that helps!

It say's not to do while breastfeeding?
by Jody on Nov 19, 2013

I have become ill. I have never had regular BM. once every two weeks or less. if I do more than that it is only little pellets. I am now not feeling well and I know it is doe to the constipation. Bloating cramps in lower back etc. But I am a breast feeding mother and my baby is only ten months old (not quite) so I do not plan on weaning him any time soon. Is there some other way to cleans my colon safely, maybe omit some of the herbs?

Thank you!
and God be with you.

    Re: It say's not to do while breastfeeding?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 20, 2013

    We do not recommend taking any kind of cleanse while you are pregnant or nursing however we would recommend that you take fiber to help with the constipation. Our Resolution Fiber is excellent for that. We would also recommend taking Happy Gut which is our Probiotic. Happy Gut is a great way to get good bacteria back into your digestive tract to help with digestion without cleansing per se. Also remember to drink lots of water all the time! You may want to try juicing with organic vegetables once a day as well. Hope you get better soon! Thanks.

Jackie's son's Ulcerative Colitis, May 15 2013
by Jessica on Jul 13, 2013

I'm about to order the Herbal Colon Cleanse Kit for my son. Jackie, 'ulcerative Colitis' is not a specific diagnosis, more an 'umbrella term' for a variety of symptoms with many causes, including parasites for which tests will not always show 'positive', as some are hard to detect.
Our son became sick after visiting the Dominican Republic in May 2012, was misdiagnosed with "ulcerative colitis", and given immune suppressants, all of which made him worse. We researched for months, and found he has amebiasis (amoebic Colitis). He finally responded well to treatment with flagyl, but was not given proper follow-up treatment, so we are waiting to see a new specialist. Meanwhile, we are using clay, and are about to try this Colon Cleanse.
Don't lose hope: there are at several well-known bacterial and amoebic pathogens which cause ulcerative colitis and crohn's symptoms, and for which there are known and effective cures. Additional help from natural therapies can be very worthwhile.

Heart Medication
by Jennifer on Jun 20, 2013

Hi, I take 460mg daily of Cardizem for tachycardia. Will it be ok to do the complete cleanse? My cardiologist is not familiar with herbal remedies.

    Re: Heart Medication
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jun 27, 2013

    As far as I know the Detox+ doesn't usually increase the heart rate or anything, I'm not sure what the cayenne pepper would do. I would strongly advise talking to a natural health care professional before doing the Detox as not everybody responds the same, or you can try doing your own research and see what you come up with as I am not familiar with that condition.

Weight loss
by Tammy on May 31, 2013

Is it your opinion that doing this cleanse may help with weight loss(this is not the sole reason why I am doing a cleanse)? I am on my last stubborn 10 pounds to lose and I need something to get my metabolism going again. LOVE your store!

    Re: Weight loss
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jun 3, 2013

    It is possible it may help you lose some weight by getting rid of waste in the body.

Ulcerative Colitis
by Jackie on May 15, 2013

Hello. My 19 year old son has been suffering from ulcerative colitis for one and a half years. He is currently taking medication for it. I was wondering if you would personally reccomend a colon cleanse for him. He still has some symptoms although we've cut out meat, dairy, eggs, raw veggies, and because he's allergic also wheat, corn, soy, peanuts. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. God Bless!

    Re: Ulcerative Colitis
    by Anonymous on May 16, 2013

    Based on what I have been reading about it, it sounds like it might be beneficial and personally I would prob. do one and also slippery elm powder to help sooth the intestines, however that is only my opinion from reading up on it, and it would be good to verify with your Dr. and make sure it is OK with the meds. he's taking. Also here are some herbs I found that have been used for UC:


while breastfeeding?
by Danielle on Apr 18, 2013

Is it safe to use bentonite clay while breastfeeding? I have found mixed information in my research. Thanks!

    Re: while breastfeeding?
    by Bulk Herb Store on May 3, 2013

    The bentonite clay by itself is fine to take as it will pull the toxins into itself instead of releasing them into the blood stream.

Herbal Cleanse
by Shelly Ann on Apr 9, 2013

I have a couple of questions about, the clay cleanse? 1. on one page you said it is okay to do while your nursing and then on the herbal detox (which still has the clay in it) you state not to do it while nursing? I am probably missing something but, could you let me know which one is safe while nursing. My baby is 18 months old and I like to continue nursing until 2 if possible, but my whole family is struggling with a lot of sicknesses due to poor diet and I just want us to feel better! 2. I would like to know If you have a book that could start someone on switching over their whole house to herbal living? I got most of my info on herbs and stuff from your Parents site and then read the clay stuff and thought Yeah!!! Something I can do right now! Sorry for the long post, thank you for your time.

    Re: Herbal Cleanse
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 30, 2013

    The bentonite clay by itself can be taken while nursing because it adsorbs the toxins into it's layers so they aren't floating around and getting in the bloodstream and or milk, where as the Detox+ has other ingredients in as well like charcoal that will not keep the toxins from floating around. A book with lots of teas, tonics, oils, salves and tincture recipes for the whole family would be Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.

colon cleanse
by Heather on Mar 2, 2013

After the 4 week cleanse, so you suggest a dosage or routine for maintenance so that the cleanse doesn't need to be done anymore?

    Re: colon cleanse
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 23, 2013

    It's best to keep up with a Fiber after the cleanse to help keep the colon in good shape but I would suggest doing a colon cleanse at least once a year!

while fasting, or after?
by Heather on Jan 28, 2013

I do a juice fast at the beginning of every year. Can I do this cleanse while fasting, or is it better while eating food?

    Re: while fasting, or after?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 12, 2013

    We do not recommend doing both at the same time as the detox+ will take your nutrients as well as the toxins out of your body and you would only be getting the nutrients from the juices while on the fast. I would personally do the detox+ some time before the fast.

Colon cleanse
by Sheri on Jan 17, 2013

Would the colon cleanse be okay for a 14 year old to take. My nephew has a lot of bowel problems and we are trying to find something that might help him. He has a mild case of altism so lots of things bother his stomach. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Re: Colon cleanse
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 12, 2013

    Yes we would highly recommend it, however we would suggest drinking a large amount of water (no less than 8 cups a day) and possibly extra fiber, to ensure the toxins are being flushed out. He needs to have at-least 2 bowel movements per day during the cleanse. Also you might consider taking gluten and casein out of his diet.

Colon cleanse and liver detox
by Katie on Dec 18, 2012

I am excited to be "cleaning house" come the first. I would like to do a full body detox, can I do a colon cleanse and body detox at the same time? Or would the colon cleanse cause the detox herbs to be ineffective? I love your store!

    Re: Colon cleanse and liver detox
    by Bulk Herb Store on Mar 22, 2013

    Yes you can do the Detox+ and Liver Cleanse at the same time, however it might be better to start on the one and wait a week or two before starting the other one, just to make sure you're not overloading your body.

another question
by MKH on Dec 16, 2012

When I took just the Detox+ several months ago, I followed your recommendation to take it with Fiberwise from Melaleuca. Can I take Fiberwise along with the detox+ and the Bentonite clay this time as well? Or should I take the Fiberwise at a different time of the day -- does it negatively affect the absorption of the garlic and cayenne pepper?
Thanks so much!

    Re: another question
    by Bulk Herb Store on Mar 22, 2013

    As far as I know there should be no disadvantage in taking the Fiberwise with everything else.

by Betty on Jul 5, 2012

i am currently doing this cleanse and just finished my first week. just a question, you say that the charcoal, cayenne and garlic can be encapsulated, what about the rest? should it not be put in capsules? if not, why not? thanks!!

i have been encapsulating all of it so far and now i'm not sure if i should be. any input would be appreciated!

    Re: question
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 21, 2012

    The bentonite does not need to be in capsules as you know since it is for bathing in and the Detox + would not be easy to put in capsules because of the seeds and the texture of the mix. Detox + also works best if added to water and drank down.

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