Videos: Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. 1

Homesteading for Beginners,  Vol. 1

Homesteading for Beginners

Journey with this city-gone-country family as they teach you basic homesteading skills. Learn everything from starting and maintaining a garden, raising and butchering chickens, cutting firewood, to baking bread, making cheese, and much, much more. This video is for anyone who would like to have basic country life skills but is not sure how to even start. This DVD is entertaining for the entire family!

Running time: 120 minutes
Format: DVD

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Great Product
by Anonymous on Jul 28, 2009

My kids keep singing "cutting up the beans" and yesterday my son sat at his desk aking a "Carrot" sign. We don't even have carrots!

We don't live in the country, so this DVD was such a treat for us - the entire family loves it. (And trust me, I wasn't planning on loving a section called "Butchering Chickens" but it was fascinating! Especially for someone who's only seen chickens wrapped in plastic in the meat department of the grocery store!)

Please tell the Harrison family to make a couple more DVD's just like this.

Thanks for a great product!

We love this DVD!
by Jodi on May 29, 2009

We love this DVD! These are basic home skills that were commonplace to folks 50 yrs ago, and now, generally speaking, are lost. Homesteading for Beginners is informative, but also very endearing! We loved watching this family working and playing together... and it's set to neat music as well. Our boys especially liked the whole section on raising and processing chickens.... how cool!

All I can say is WOW!
by K in Mississippi on Feb 3, 2009

Dear Pearl Outdoors,

Thank you for producing the Homesteading for Beginners. All I can say is WOW!

We got the DVD yesterday and watched it last night.This DVD is full of information, our whole family was impressed. Our 4 year old wanted to watch it again, today.

There is so much useful info in it. We are looking forward to using some of the info as soon as we can. We are anxious to watch it again so we can get a better grasp on what was in the DVD. We loved the background music and how the children were a part of the whole process.

Thank you, again.

K in Mississippi


From our Mailbox

Hi! I LOVE you site and products! I healed my acne with your advice about cleansing the liver with dandelion and milk thistle! Thanks so much, Brittney!

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