ImLife Tincture

Herbal Mixes: ImLife Tincture

Wildcrafted & Naturally Caffeine Free: Olive leaf, Burdock root, Echinacea root, Pau D'Arco bark, Dandelion root, Nettle leaf, Red Clover tops, Cat's Claw bark, Butcher's Broom root.

(Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.)

Tincture Directions:

Fill a clean glass jar with 1/3 of herb mix, maybe a little more. Fill jar with 90 proof rum, vodka, or whiskey, screw lid on, label including all the herbs. The alcohol will break down the herbal properties in about 3 weeks. Shake once a day to help keep all the herb loose. After 3 or 4 weeks strain herbs off and throw away. Honey can be added to liquid tincture to make it more palatable. Keep tincture in a place out of sun and not too warm. Cabinet works great!

Customer Reviews

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Cough and Cold
by Metz on Sep 23, 2014

A few years ago, I had a cough and cold so bad that I sat at the kitchen table to sleep for two weeks. The medication that the doctor gave me didn't work at all. After two weeks, I decided to try Plantain Leaf tea. The cough was gone within hours. I continued to take the tea for about a week after. Whenever I get a cough or cold since then, I reach for the plantain leaf and mushroom. Since reading the comments on IM Life, I am now brewing my first batch. I want to try it for my yeast problem, and to have more options for colds and immune problems.

Made 2 tinctures
by Kim Horton on Sep 19, 2014

I made up 2 ImLife Tinctures today and it was so much fun! Because I am trying to take care of a yeast problem, I made one with apple cider vinegar. There was enough to make another tincture and so i made it with vegetable glycerine. I will be ready ward off those winter sniffles and colds. Thank you BHS!

by Heather on Jan 25, 2014

Can you tell me a measurement for one to two dropper fulls?

    Re: Dosage
    by Bulk Herb Store on Feb 4, 2014

    Hello, I think it is 1 dropper is about 1 tsp thanks!

Use a clean white cotton sheet section to strain
by Pat Wilson on Dec 8, 2013

To strain an herbal infusion or tincture, I use a section of old clean white sheets that have been placed over a non metal strainer. Use a bowl or jar to catch the liquid. When the mixture stops dripping, I take the edges of the fabric and tighten it around the herbal mix to strain out more of the herbal liquid. Nice way to obtain most of the goodness from the herbal infusion.

Help to rid body of yeast?
by Melissa on Sep 14, 2013

I am currently using this tincture in hope to rid my body of yeast! I have been battling recurrent yeast infections and am at my whits end! I am curious if anyone else has tried before, and if so, what the outcome was. I also decided to infuse a small amount of coconut oil with the mix to use topically... Any other recommendations?

    Re: Help to rid body of yeast?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Sep 17, 2013

    The IM Life would be a good thing to take it's just better to make an apple cider vinegar tincture since you want to stay off any type of alcohol. Also, eating plenty of yogurt drinking 100% cranberry juice helps. I would also advice taking our probiotic supplement called Happy Gut. Most of the time, our diet not only deprives our body of ideal nutrition, but also fails to deliver the “good” bacteria that our gut needs in order to function optimally. If your married, you might want your husband to take it also in case he has a yeast infection as well.

Great help for Lyme Disease
by Tricia on Sep 6, 2013

I recently went off of antibiotics and anti-malarials for Lyme and Babesia after 5 years of treatment. I ended up with a systemic yeast infection from antibiotics. I took the plunge and added IM Life to my protocol and I have felt surprisingly well. I'm hoping I can avoid pharmaceuticals and switch to herbs for good!! Thank you Bulk Herb

Lyme disease
by Amy G on Aug 19, 2013

I notice a lot of the herbs in this tincture is recommended for Lyme disease. My 20 month daughter just started showing signs of it. Would you recommend something like this for her?

    Re: Lyme disease
    by Bulk Herb Store on Aug 20, 2013

    Yes, if you made it with glycerin, this tincture could help.

by Sheila McMann on Jul 6, 2013

I have successfully made several salves to date. Just completed my first attempt at tincture. I chose IMLIfe, used vodka base. Impressed at the concentration. I need to tweek my tools a bit. Strained through cheesecloth once and then tried coffee filters. Filters are time consuming. So searching for alternative method, just to remove more of the residue, for more aesthetic appeal. Can't wait to really put it to the test. Treating my son and daughter for lyme's disease. Daughter since 2010 and son recently. This mix utilizes several herbs known to be helpful in combating this pathogen. I will update on progress.:) Thanks BHS, god bless

imlife tinc
by Sparkle T on May 22, 2013

Why is the imlife tincture not recommended for pregnant or nursing women? What instead should/can be taken to fight off viral health challenges and boost the immune system safely and effectivrly while pregnant/nursing? thanx in advance!

    Re: imlife tinc
    by Bulk Herb Store on May 22, 2013

    The reason it is not recommended is because some of the herbs in it are not safe for use during pregnancy or nursing, such as cat's claw. You can use Echinacea and Elderberries to name a few. Also our Double-E Immune Booster Tea should be fine to use.

by Bambi on May 11, 2013

I already have a tincture I made from the "Double-E Immune Booster". How does this compare? Should I have both on hand?

    Re: Comparison
    by Bulk Herb Store on May 13, 2013

    It depends on what you are using it for. The Double-E is great to use for boosting the immune system when you feel like you are getting sick and the ImLife Tincture is more of an overall health tincture that you can take more regularly if you want, however there is some echinacea in it so we do recommend taking a 2 wk. break at least every month to avoid immunization.

by Tammy on Apr 5, 2013

Would it be ok to add Mullein to this mix or should I brew that seperate and add it in? Thanks for any help!

    Re: Mullein
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 30, 2013

    I would suggest researching to see if Mullein would be safe to use with these other herbs!

by Laura on Mar 26, 2013

Can this be taken daily for long term?

    Re: Dosage
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 30, 2013

    Its best to take if you have a problem your trying to help heal or to boost the immune system but I would not take this all the time because your body can become immune to the Echinacea which you don't want. The echinacea is a huge immune booster and if you become immune to it then it can no longer do its job.

by Debbie on Mar 18, 2013

Can you make this tincture without alcohol?

    Re: Tincture
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 24, 2013

    Yes, you can make it with either apple cider vinegar or with vegetable glycerin if you don't want to use alcohol!

imlife tincture
by carolina on Mar 8, 2013

Hi! Do you take this every day or only when you start feeling sick?

    Re: imlife tincture
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 23, 2013

    If you are using it to specifically treat something you can take it while your trying to treat the problem but other than that I would suggest just taking it to boost the immune system if you feel sick.

ImLife Ticture
by Jenifer on Feb 20, 2013

This is my first tincture to every make! I made a glycerin batch and a vodka batch. I am amazed that it works! I know that sounds crazy, but it really works! So far, I have saved over $100 in co-pays alone. Thanks!

Infant use?
by Kristie on Jan 31, 2013

Can this be used on an infant 3 months and up? What is the dose if so?

    Re: Infant use?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 12, 2013

    No, we do not recommend giving to infants.

ingredient question
by Leslie on Dec 29, 2012

Does it have to be 90 proof vodka or will 80 work? what is better - the vodka, rum or whiskey in these?

    Re: ingredient question
    by Bulk Herb Store on Mar 25, 2013

    Either one will work, but Vodka is our first choice and we like to use between 80-100 proof.

IM Tincture
by Jennifer on Oct 5, 2012

I am wanting to purchase this item,but I don't know how to take it. I have Lyme's Disease and I don't know how much I should drink of this tinter and since there is alcohol in there will I be getting effects of alcohol?

    Re: IM Tincture
    by Bulk Herb Store on Mar 15, 2013

    Personally this is one I would take when starting to feel sick. I'd just take 1-2 droppers 3-4 times a day to give the immune system a boost. Since you would be taking such a small amount of the tincture the alcohol should not have an effect unless you are extremely sensitive. If you want to evaporate the alcohol before you take it just put the droppers of tincture in a warm/hot cup of water or tea and drink.

ImLife to strengthen immune system
by Dee McLeod on Sep 26, 2012

I have made this tincture two years in a row now and I have a friend who swears it keeps her from getting her previous yearly bout of pneumonia. This is a wonderful blend of some very powerful herbs and the quality of these BULK HERBS is outstanding. Thank you for providing this wonderful mix.

Various Uses
by Happy Mom on Aug 14, 2012

I made this vodka tincture for my whole family. When my children ages 3 and 6 start getting a cough or a fever, I give them the ImLife tincture. Since it is on vodka, I give them 1/4 of a dropper every 4 hours. Within a couple of hours they would be all better! Thank God! I don't remember the last time I needed to use Tylenol for a fever, cough, runny nose, etc. All I use now is IMLife.
My husband and I use a dropper full twice a day when we start to notice any signs of a cold. The next morning we are much better, still taking a dropper full to kill any existing viruses:)

Thank you for this combination of herbs!

God Bless!

tincture dosage
by Tracy on Aug 11, 2012

I bought the tincture kits and they are all made and ready to go. How do I find out the dosages for the tinctures? I bought the kit so it includes the imlife, snooze, and immune. thanks so much

    Re: tincture dosage
    by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 11, 2012

    When your feeling like you need an immune system boost I suggest taking a 1/2 tsp 3-4 times a day!

Whooping Cough
by Allison S. on Jul 27, 2012

I have only been at herbal remedies for a few months now. Last week our family started what appeared to be whooping cough. As a licensed RN, It was a make or break situation for me(trust in the herbs or fall back on western medicine). Was I going to stick buy these herbs or was I going to go into the doctor and proceed as before.

My amazing husband volunteered to be the lab rat and see what method worked better. This way our asthmatic could get antibiotics.
I thought long and hard and realized its now or never.
We attacked the cold/cough aggressively and used IM tincture twice daily, garlic poultice once a day. We also made strong cough tea with a generous portion of mullein and a ton of honey, lemon if on hand. (Double filter the tea if using mullein.)

Well everyone quickly got over the cough, it actually was amazing.
However my husband works 50+ hours at work and does not rest enough. He still has the cough.
The reason that is important is because 1) I really think it was whooping cough, he is going on a few weeks now with a horrible cough which often wakes him up at night. 2) rest really, really matters.
All in all thank you bulk herb store. You not only saved me $$$ for co pay and prescription you also saved my family a whole round of anti-biotic.

It works!
by Holly on Jul 18, 2012

Thank you for not only being a great resource for buying dried herbs and supplies, but also for teaching us how to do so many things. I have been making the ImLife Tincture for a while now and it has definitely boosted our immunity!

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Hi April, I am so grateful for the peppermint & spearmint tea bags that you sent me. That was so nice of you! When I opened the package it smelled soooo good! I tried the peppermint in the tea I made today and this batch came out better than any of the others so far. I think I'm finally getting the hang of making the tea without over-steeping it. And the peppermint really helps. I only put one teabag in for a pot of water big enough to fill a pitcher.


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