Indian Gooseberry Powder  (Amalaki Powder)

Herbs: Indian Gooseberry (Amalaki Powder) - Powder, Organic

Common Names: Indian gooseberry, amalaki
Latin Name: Emblica officinalis
Origin: India

Indian Gooseberry Powder (Amalaki Powder) is the most potent bioavailable source of vitamin C. Its strong antioxidant effect helps protect against free radical damage, and it is important in the regeneration of other key antioxidants such as vitamin E.

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by Alison on Apr 24, 2014

I love Amalaki powder. It adds a nice tang to my fruit smoothies. It keeps me and the family from getting sick.
Some of my kids have dry curly-coily hair that can be hard to comb. I mixed some Amalaki Powder with coconut oil and cooked it a bit in a pot, then blended it with Olive oil, added it to a glass bottle and it made a wonderfully strange detangling hair oil. Strange because I cannot figure out why it works, but wonderful because it helps us to comb through the tangles with much greater ease.
I love Amalaki and get antsy whenever we run out of it.

Vitamin C and such
by Anonymous on Feb 17, 2014

The vitamin C in this powder is amazing! Everyone around me is getting sick and I'm somehow immune (knock on wood). I've heard that ingesting this for skin and hair should be done on an empty stomach. Is this true? I've just been adding it to my morning shake.

    Re: Vitamin C and such
    by Bulk Herb Store on Feb 17, 2014

    Hello, thank you for the review! From the small amount of research that we have done, it doesn't seem necessary to take it on an empty stomach! Thanks!

by Ishshah on Dec 21, 2013

I know you recommend this, as an ingredient, in the Berry Herbal Brew as a remedy for fertility in your, "Making Babies", but once conception takes place is it safe taken while pregnant and later nursing? Thank you!

    Re: pregnancy/nursing
    by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 23, 2013

    From the research I have done it seems like you can take the powder while pregnant but to use caution as it can absorb iron. So if you have low iron or find that you are having trouble keeping it up you should probably stop. If you have any concerns consult your midwife or doctor. Thanks!

by T.D. on Nov 12, 2013

Is this considered safe for children to take as an immune boost since it is high in Vitamin C?

    Re: children
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 12, 2013

    Yes, Almalaki Powder would be a great thing to use as an immune booster for children! We are not medical professionals, therefore you will need to do your own research on this! Thanks!

by Kri on Sep 18, 2013

Can an Amalaki salve be used as a facial night cream?

    Re: Question
    by Bulk Herb Store on Sep 19, 2013

    Hello! Yes, you can! Many people have found that Indian Gooseberry works wonders on the face and hair! Thanks!

Topical application?
by Karen on Aug 3, 2013

Can you tell me how one would use this topically?

    Re: Topical application?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Aug 7, 2013

    You could make a salve! Go to the How-To page on our sight to get detailed instructions. Thanks!

by Jen malin on May 5, 2013

What is the dosage?

    Re: dosage
    by Bulk Herb Store on May 9, 2013

    Hello! We are not medical professionals, therefore, you will need to do your own research on this! We always recommend to start out with a small amount and just see how your body feels with it! Thanks!

Amalaki powder.
by Michelle on Dec 17, 2012

Hi, could you tell me how I would consume this Amalaki powder or fresh fruit? Thanks!

    Re: Amalaki powder.
    by Bulk Herb Store on Mar 22, 2013

    Hi! Our favorite ways to use berry powders like this, is to add them to a delicious smoothie! Also, some other options are to encapsulate the powder, or just mix in juice or water! We do not have personal experience with the fresh fruit, therefore you will have to do your own research on this! Hope this was helpful! Thanks!

by Linda on Nov 16, 2012

My husband and I have been taking the gooseberry in our cereal everyday since last December. We have not had a cold or flu all year. Plan on buying more great product.

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I love your website! I've always hated relying on "allopathic" medicine. But if a doctor prescribed say, an antibiotic for my child's eye infection, even though I didn't like the possible long-term effects of the antibiotics, I always felt like I better go ahead and give it to him so I wouldn't risk damaging his eye, just because I didn't know what else to do. I am so happy I can now work toward building up my own knowledge so I can be responsible for the health of my own family.

I thought using herbs was some mysterious science and that a person would have to pay a lot of money to a supposed natural doctor whom they weren't sure if they could trust if they wanted to know how to use herbs. So, thank you!


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