Lavender Flowers - Whole, Organic

Herbs: Lavender Flowers - Whole, Organically Grown

Common Name: Lavender
Latin Name: Lavandula angustifolia
Origin: France

Lavender has a wonderfully relaxing effect on the mind and body and makes a good remedy for anxiety, nervousness, and physical symptoms caused by stress such as tension headaches, migraine, palpitations, and insomnia. It also has a stimulating edge to it, acting as a tonic to the nervous system and restoring vitality to people suffering from nervous exhaustion.

From Our Reading and/or Experience...

  • we use Lavender whole in tea or tincture combinations. Of course, it can be used in many other types of remedies.
  • It can be used to benefit anyone: men, women (including before, during or after pregnancy, and nursing), children and animals.
  • It can be used as often as you would like, and in most any way you choose.
  • As is the case with most herbs, Lavender should be stored in a dark, dry, and cool place. Refrigeration or freezing is great, but certainly not necessary. Following these suggestions will delay the loss of its highly valued nutritional and medicinal properties.

Customer Reviews

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by jeimy on Oct 15, 2013

Hello, is lavender tea safe to drink during early stage of pregnancy?

    Re: Lavender
    by Bulk Herb Store on Oct 17, 2013

    You should always ask your midwife or doctor, but lavender is said to be ok while pregnant.

by Shelby on Jun 19, 2013

Can this lavender (and lavender from the health food store) be used to make tea?

    Re: Tea
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jun 27, 2013

    Yes, our lavender flowers can be made into a tea.

Helps my breathing
by Jody Hoffman on Jun 11, 2012

I would like to let everyone know how lavender helps I have end stage COPD and I carry a cloth bag of lavender flowers with me if I cant breath I simply crush the bag and breath in the aroma I get relief almost immediate.

Great prices and wonderfully fresh herbs!!!
by Elaine Y. Pollard on Jun 7, 2012

I came across your ad in Mary Jane's Farm recently, and thought I'd check out your website. I was very happy to see that your values mirror my own. It was wonderful to see that you support Christian missions.

I was also impressed with your prices, but honestly thought perhaps the quality would not be as good.

I have to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised. First of all, I ordered late Monday evening, and received it on Thursday! However, what impressed me the most were the lavender flowers. I don't care for lavender--at least until now. The flowers were so fragrant that I could smell them before I picked up the box off my front step. Once I brought them in, my whole house was filled with such a wonderful aroma. Unbelievably, I could still smell the lavender even a couple of hours after I'd put them away. I have ordered lavender from other suppliers, and was not impressed. I am with yours, though.

In this age of inferior products and poor customer service, it is refreshing to do business with a company such as yours. You have definitely won a loyal customer. I am on quite a few herbal and soapmaking lists, and I will definitely be recommending your company.

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From our Mailbox

Just wanted to thank you for the great website! I recently received my order from you. It came very quickly! I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of the fresh lavender. The package was sitting on my counter unopened and we
could still smell it! I can't wait to use them and I will definitely be ordering more from you.

I also wanted to thank you for the information you have about garlic. My son started getting a cough with chest congestion. I began giving him a crushed clove mixed into lemon juice and honey 3 times a day. In two days he was better! He has gotten it before and it seems to linger for weeks! I also started feeling the flu coming on not to long ago, I did the same thing and in two days my aches, fever, and sore throat were gone! Thank you so much for sharing that info with us.

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