Lavender Rose Tea, Organic

Herbal Mixes: Lavender Rose Tea

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Contains Small Amount of Natural Caffeine: Rose Petals, Bay Leaves, Lavender Flowers, Black Tea, and Stevia.

This tea mix is mineral and anti-oxidant rich. It’s a great tension tamer and helps you relax. It also helps with colds, flu, migraines symptoms and more. We recommend using 1-2 tsp. tea per 8oz. cup of water; use more or less according to you taste. Steep for 2-3 minutes before straining.

Red Rose Petals

They are used for tonics and gargles because of their astringent properties to cure catarrhs, sore throats, mouth sores, and stomach disorders. The oil from the petals is used to relieve headaches, insomnia and nervous tension. The petals contain quercitrin, volatile oils, and coloring agents. Rose petal tea is mild and quite lovely.

Bay Leaves Whole

Bay leaf may be added to the bath to produce a stimulating effect on the skin and can help in reducing body odor. Combining rose-water, bruised cloves, chopped bay leaves and vinegar make a marvelous spicy sent which is used as a perfume. Increasing the use of bay in cooking has been shown to help the body process insulin more efficiently, which leads to lower blood sugar levels. Bay has been used to keep moths away; the leaf’s lauric acid content gives it its insecticidal proprieties.

Lavender Flowers Whole

Lavender has a wonderfully relaxing effect on the mind and body and makes a good remedy for anxiety, nervousness, and physical symptoms caused by stress such as tension headaches, migraine, palpitations, and insomnia. It also has a stimulating edge to it, acting as a tonic to the nervous system and restoring vitality to people suffering from nervous exhaustion.

Black Tea

Black Tea is the best selling drink in the world. The British have a lot to do with that. Thus, the phrase, "Tea time". Of course, there was also that infamous tea party in Boston. It can be used as often as you would like, and in any way you choose.

Stevia Herb

Stevia is naturally 30 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. It is an alternative to artificial sweeteners with no added calories, no side effects, and very little aftertaste. Stevia is a widely available tabletop sweetener in Asian countries. It has been used to treat digestion, liver, and intestinal problems.

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