Lemon Divine Tea - Organic

Herbal Mixes: Lemon Divine Tea

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Contains Small Amount of Natural Caffeine: lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon peel, orange peel, rose hips, green tea, licorice, and ginkgo.

This is a smooth tea that is not only satisfying to the taste but very good for you. It is full of vitamin C, boosts the immune system and more. Great hot but also good cold. Enjoy this taste of spring!

You can make a cup at a time with 1 - 2 teaspoons of the premixed herbs per cup of boiling water or a pot at a time for the whole family.

For more information on making teas, see the Preparing Remedies page. The following books have been our best references on making our own teas over the years:

Tastes of spring

This morning I woke up to the birds chirping a spring melody. The smell for flowers and herbs are so near, but still not quite here. It has been a long cold winter, and in TN the sun has been very shy. The other day I was thinking of those warm sunny days, and remembered that spring taste in tea. Growing up we had ice tea with our lunch and supper every day. Spring and summer we had it all day long. So, I walked through my herb store and got a little this and a little that. The right herb tea can make you feel like spring is here. I went to my kitchen and started to blend flavors and color. The smell put a smile on my face as I began to feel like spring. All the office workers in Bulk Herbs Store are on stand by for taste testing any new teas. As the smell came from the kitchen they started pouring in wanting to taste test. They were all pleased with the two new teas and helped name them. Zach, our computer brain guy, insisted we name the the ice tea after him. Zach’s black special-tea(Best iced but also good hot) and Lemon Divine(Great hot but also good cold) are simply a taste of spring. These teas are high in vitamin C, boosts the immune system and more. You just can’t go wrong with refreshing nutrients like these.

Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling

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It is Divine
by Jaye on Jul 15, 2012

This is my first purchase from your business. I live in FL with the six month, 90+ degree summers. I purchased this tea specifically to use as an iced tea. It is delightful!! I do not like a strong citrus flavor, this is so subtle and the smell is beautiful. Thank you for this lovely blend.


From our Mailbox

I received my shipment in the mail yesterday. The book Practical Herbalism is everything your site says it is and more, and I am enjoying Mama's Red Raspberry Brew! I am very impressed with your amazingly fast processing and shipping. Keep up the good work. I've already been telling all my friends about your store, and I am looking forward to placing another order soon.


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