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Herbs With Shoshanna - Volume 1

We are so excited to bring you ”Herbs With Shoshanna”, where we teach you to identify the herbs in your own back yard. With close-up camera angles and a professional videographer, we introduce you to the wonderful world of herbs and how to use them. No herbal experience is needed for this video. We will take you step-by-step how to find, wash, dry, and store herbs. We teach you the hands-on steps of making poultices, tinctures and much more. This video is packed full of great information in an exciting way. We made this video for you!

Includes a 20-page Companion Booklet, featuring 8 common herbs with beautiful color pictures and fun herbal tidbits.

Running time: 78 minutes
Format: DVD
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Entire Video: "Making Herbs Simple Vol. 1" in Hi-Def 508 MB$14.95Buy Now
Chap. 1: How to find and identify herbs in the wild 139 MB$2.95Buy Now
Chap. 2: How to dry and store herbs 56 MB$2.95Buy Now
Chap. 3: How to prepare various tinctures 205 MB$4.95Buy Now
Chap. 4: How to prepare an herbal poultice 92 MB$2.95Buy Now
Entire Video: "Making Herbs Simple Vol. 2" in Hi-Def Come along with Shoshanna as she introduces you to the wonderful world of herbs! She will take you into the wild, where you can identify herbs, learn what they are good for and how to make teas, tinctures, poultices, salves, and more in this captivating DVD download. 420 MB$14.95Buy Now
Chap. 5: How to prepare an herbal hair treatmentFree!Watch Now

Customer Reviews

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Simple and Educational
by Lisa Blunt on Nov 18, 2012

We purchased Volume 1 (downloaded right to my laptop, so convenient and didn't have to wait for shipping!) It's been great for homeschooling and sharing with my husband. I'm learning so much and excited about our future with herbs! So happy to be able to teach my children at a young age, the importance of using herbs. They have a natural interest...go figure :)

Thanks, Pearl family. We enjoyed learning intently at the Shindig in Big Sandy, Texas! Look forward to the next one.

Video Review featured on the Buffalo River Review
by Marcia Freespirit on Jan 31, 2011

Video review: Herbs With Shoshanna Volume 1, Making Herbs Simple with Shoshanna Easling and Debi Pearl

This is a wonderful video for those who are just learning about herbs. Shoshanna shows how to find several herbs locally and also gives some basic information on how to use them. I have watched numerous videos on herbs and Making Herbs Simple is by far, the best!

My favorite section of this video is the information on how to prepare several tinctures and poultices. These can be used for inflammation, bug bites, bad skin and more!

This production was made for Lobelville's very own Bulk Herb Store located on Hwy 13 in Lobelville. I have visited the store and really enjoyed this video. Come spring, I will have to check around and see how many of the herbs I can find in my own backyard!

Marcia Freespirit, CEO
JimSam Inc. Publishing
P.O. Box 54
Lobelville, TN 37097

Love it!
by L.B. on Jun 2, 2009

Just wanted you to know that i got it and LOVE it. You guys are great.

Herb Video gets an A+!
by Bonnie on Oct 28, 2008

Dear Shoshanna, Debbi & Friends,

DELIGHTFUL! INSPIRATIONAL! We really enjoyed your DVD! AA++++++++++++++++

Making Herb Simple
by Tami on Oct 28, 2008

I absolutely LOVE your dvd. I learned SO MUCH and will definitely watch it over and over.

Herb Video - Funny, too!!
by Jen on Oct 28, 2008

We just loved the Making Herbs Simple Video! Shoshanna's humor was great throughout the video, my 6 year old budding herbalist could easily follow along the video and we all shared in the hilarious "hair treatment" part. I can't wait to try that! Thank you for providing us with a great video!!

DVD - Fun for the entire family!
by Amber on Oct 28, 2008

I just have to say that this is a really neat and informative DVD about
basic herb knowledge. Most of it was stuff I had not learned before - as
I'm relatively new to the world of herbs. I love the way Shoshanna
teaches us all about these every day herbs in a super easy way to
My whole family has enjoyed watching this thing 3 or 4 times now - and
we just got it in the mail last week!

Herb DVD Download
by Leah on Oct 28, 2008

I just watched the downloaded version of Herbs Made Simple. It was great! I didnít want it to ever end! It was very fun and informative and I feel that I can actually use these ideas on my own. Thanks so much!

"How to prepare an herbal hair treatment!"
by Shelli on Jun 19, 2008

I just wanted to let you know that my family watched the "How to prepare an herbal hair treatment" last week and we were pleasantly enlightened with the video and even my 6 year old son loved it. We were glad that Shoshanna made it so simple and basic in understanding so that even the youngest viewer can benefit. We have decided to download the Making Herbs Simple in the near future for more great ideas. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful products and how to's!

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From our Mailbox

Just wanted to thank you for the great website! I recently received my order from you. It came very quickly! I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of the fresh lavender. The package was sitting on my counter unopened and we
could still smell it! I can't wait to use them and I will definitely be ordering more from you.

I also wanted to thank you for the information you have about garlic. My son started getting a cough with chest congestion. I began giving him a crushed clove mixed into lemon juice and honey 3 times a day. In two days he was better! He has gotten it before and it seems to linger for weeks! I also started feeling the flu coming on not to long ago, I did the same thing and in two days my aches, fever, and sore throat were gone! Thank you so much for sharing that info with us.

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