Books: Companion Guidebook - Herbs With Shoshanna

Companion Guidebook - Herbs With Shoshanna


  • Softback
  • 20 pgs.

These guidebooks complement our Making Herbs Simple Vol. 1 and 2 DVDs. They each cover 8 common herbs, have beautiful color pictures, are a small size and are easy to carry around! They have fun tidbits, interesting info and facts about each herb, as well how to use them.

There's a different version for each DVD, so make sure to choose correctly in the drop-down list above.

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From our Mailbox

Hi, just wanted to drop you a quick note - "you guys" have the best ever
website devoted to herbs and their many uses. I am soooo grateful I found you. Plus, your prices are very reasonable, shipping is next to immediate and the herbs are always fresh. I recommend you to friends all the time. Thank you for being here for us!

I know you cannot administer medical advice but you do provide good
information and other sources to check on information. I believe you help us to good health and perhaps even saving a life or two along the way. In my home, I believe herbal therapy has kept my husband alive and kicking where one of his MD's almost killed him!

Thank you again, Jaye

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