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The Book

Making Vegetables Volume 1 is a fun, colorful, artistic book packed with information on heirloom, organic seeds to seedlings. You will find easy, step-by-step instructions along with full-color pictures for germinating seeds, nurturing seedlings, building greenhouses, and so much more!

This book covers: spring vegetables, organic sustainable heirloom gardening, seeds, seedlings, compost tea, greenhouses, hot boxes, recipes, potting soil, and so much more! With its simple and to-the-point perspective, Making Vegetables Volume 1 is an entertainingly instructive book. If you have ever wanted to grow a more delicious, nutritious, and all-around better vegetable, this book is the place to start!

The DVDs -Coming Soon!

Follow Shoshanna for a full year of organic gardening fun! Learn the ins and outs of composting, green houses, hot boxes, seed to sprout, patio gardens, field gardens, harvesting, canning, freezing, drying, root cellaring and so much more. You will find yourself captivated as Shoshanna teaches you sustainable gardening, harvest and preserving the organic way.

DVD's volumes 1, 2 and 3 are packed with over 7 hours of learning, wisdom and knowledge from two generations of gardening experts with complex details made into simple, easy to follow instructions. It also features many well-known seed, compost, and gardening experts. You will learn through the Making Vegetables Series detailed steps on growing a more luscious garden. Whether you have a space on the top of a city building or a farm in the country, you can have delectable vegetables and a garden that is a raving beauty.

Discover the simple steps of the recipes, tips and the how to methods of having the best vegetables in town. All with pictures that will bless your soul with the joy of family, friends, food and fun! You will be delighted at the amount you will learn while having so much fun!

About The Author

Shoshanna Easling grew up growing organic gardens with her family. They sold their crops as their livelihood and preserved their harvest for the winter months. She has produced educational videos, DVDs, and books, including Making Babies a 480-page book and DVD series, as well as the Making Herbs Simple DVDs, Volumes 1 and 2.

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous book!
by Amy on Jan 31, 2014

I got my copy this week and I love it! The first thing you showed me is why I had a zero germination rate last year. =D I live in the cold high desert, and gardening is really a challenge. I am in awe of all of those who pull it off here.

Then I had two thoughts:
1. I can do this!
2. I really, really want to move to Tennessee.

Well, at least one of my thoughts is based in reality. I can't wait for our pathetically short growing season to start!

by Kat on Dec 5, 2013

My Making Vegetables Vol. 1 book just arrived today and I am so very pleased with it! As soon as it arrived I couldn't put it down. There is so much great information in it.

It is way above my expectations in every way. The photographs are amazing, the quality of the book and paper are way above standard, and it is jam-packed with tips, ideas, and directions. There is plenty to learn for the newbie all the way to the seasoned gardener.

I have been a serious vegetable gardener for 8 years now, and I am so glad to add this book to my collection of my favorite gardening books. I can't wait for the next two books and the DVDs!

Making Vegetables Book 1
by Kathy on Dec 3, 2013

Unbelievable....this book is excellent!!

I can't wait for book 2 & 3 and the dvds.
I have been gardening for 30 years and this book covers way more than I do.
The quality of the book in full color and thick pages is just fabulous!

I have this rave review after just minutes of thumbing through it....can't wait to sit and read it cover to cover.
Thanks for your hard work in doing this series....we all need to know how to be self sustaining with non gmo and organic methods of gardening.
The Experts articles are just superb!