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Heirloom Seeds: Mama Pearl's Garden Collection

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These are high-quality, genuine Heirloom Seeds! All seeds are open pollinated, pure, natural & non-GMO. They are packaged in colorful paper seed envelopes, as pictured above.

Forty-four seed packs per kit, one pack of each:

1. Contender Bush Bean - 40 seeds (minimum)
2. Detroit Dark Red Beet - 250 seeds
3. Tonda Di Parigi Carrots - 800 seeds
4. Golden Bantam 12-Row Corn - 125 seeds
5. Marketmore Cucumber - 25 seeds
6. Red Romaine Lettuce - 250 seeds
7. Rocky Top Lettuce Mix - 1000 seeds
8. Russian Red Kale - 250 seeds
9. Oak Leaf Lettuce - 250 seeds
10. Japanese Giant Red Mustard Greens - 200 seeds
11. Five Color Silverbeet Chard - 150 seeds
12. European Mesclun Salad - 1000 seeds
13. Honeydew Tam Dew Melon – 25 seeds
14. Moon & Stars Watermelon - 25 seeds
15. Emerald Okra - 30 seeds
16. Red Creole Onion - 300 seeds
17. Cayenne Long Thin Hot Pepper - 25 seeds
18. Emerald Giant Pepper - 25 seeds
19. Red Marconi Sweet Pepper - 25 seeds
20. Rouge Vif D’Etampes Pumpkin - 20 seeds
21. Laurentian Rutabaga - 400 seeds
22. Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach - 250 seeds
23. Early Prolific Straighneck Squash - 20 seeds
24. Yellow Scallop Squash - 20 seeds
25. Moneymaker Tomato - 25 seeds
26. Cherokee Purple Tomato - 25 seeds
27. Pineapple Tomato - 25 seeds
28. Royal Chico Tomato - 25 seeds
29. American Purple Top Rutaba - 400 seeds
30. Golden Zucchini - 20 seeds
31. Genovese Basil - 40 seeds
32. Orange Porcupine Calendula - 125 seeds
33. Slo Bolt Cilantro - 100 seeds
34. Chives Common - 40 seeds
35. Dill Bouquet - 40 seeds
36. Echinacea Purpurea - 50 seeds
37. Thyme Common - 800 seeds
38. Nasturtium Dwarf Jewel Mix - 25 seeds
39. Sunflower Mexican Torch - 35 seeds
40. Sweet Pea Royal Family Mix - 25 seeds

To learn more about growing zones and planting dates for this seed collection, visit our blog page. This is our most requested product!

Customer Reviews

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How long do seeds last?
by Niki on Jan 4, 2013

I am not sure how much I can do this year and wondered - if I purchase the garden collection, will it last a year or two, or is it only good for this coming season?

GREAT!! Will order again!
by Marcie on Jun 26, 2012

We had to store these seeds for a year due to a move. Although a little late, we got them in the ground this year!! WOW!!! What a crop! Plenty to store and share! Thank you for this wonderful product! PS..Green beans tasted SO GOOD right from the plant.

Worth every penny!
by Angel French on Jun 21, 2012

THANK YOU for offering Heirloom, Open Pollinated, Non-GMO seeds! This will be my second year using them. I am still trying to use up the bountiful amount of seeds from 2 years ago that I bought from you in 2010! EVERY thing that I have planted has grown beautifully, bountifully, and better than I imagined. And DELICIOUS. My kids eat the spinach and tomatoes right out of the garden. Now THAT's worth every penny.


From our Mailbox

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I ordered from you recently, and I received my shipment in an astounding amount of time. Quick to arrive, great on price, and now I am equipped for any needs my family might have. I have already had to doctor my husband a couple of times when he woke up with a sinus infection. He was so impressed that the crazy tea I made him actually "worked", and now he is a believer in "God made" medicine. I am gaining so much valuable information from the books you sell, and my family is having fun all the while! We will be starting our tinctures soon. I look forward to ordering more in the future and to recommending your store. Keep up the good work!


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