Marjoram Leaf - Cut, Organic

Herbs: Marjoram Leaf - Cut

Common Names: Marjoram
Latin Name: Origanum Majorana
Origin: Egypt

Short Description:
Marjoram leaf is an aromatic tonic that is a pleasant means to good digestion. It eases Colic, sour stomach, stomach pains and menstrual cramps and is also an effective expectorant that loosens phlegm in the lungs and alleviates Sinus headache, bronchitis, dry coughs and the symptoms of Cold and Flu.

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Good for you
by Ela on Dec 12, 2012

I had never heard of marjoram before I decided to go out on a limb and try it, because it was on sale and the health benefits looked appealing. I now realize how awesome marjoram is. It really helps with cramps and stomach pains as a tea, and it's a good spice. It's better than anything in my spice cabinet that came from the store. One day, I will probably buy all of my spices from Bulk Herb Store, but until then, I will continue to buy the marjoram.


From our Mailbox

Dear ones: Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to buy books and herbs at reasonable prices, along with the good information you have provided on this website. Using the books you provided, I was able to make a salve for my 3 year-old daughter which actually tames an itchy, red, dry rash on her hands that has plagued her for two years. I used the information you provided, along with the information from the books I ordered from you, and then herbs from my garden and woods to make this healthy skin salve (that's what our family calls it - we've all become believers after each of us has benefited from it!). I have long been frustrated with her rashes and have found nothing over-the-counter to actually diminish it, and eliminate the pain and itching. I thank the Lord for you and for his healing plants!

~Gina G.

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