Accessories: Mesh Tea Infuser


This 2½ inch, stainless steel tea infuser is great for making your favorite loose-leaf tea. Simply squeeze the handle, insert tea and let tea infuse for the desired amount of time.

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love this infuser
by gladys on Dec 31, 2014

I order this infuser thinking it would be small for a cup of tea. It holds @ 3 teaspoons so I am finding I use it for cooking soups, etc by adding my spices or root herbs(ex/ dandelion) so I do not have to pick out later.
I use it for tea in a pot or cup. I am not having a problem with it not closing.
I find it useful mainly for cooking.
Love it

These work perfectly!
by Lori on Mar 9, 2014

I got one of these and it works great to put into a mug or my saucepan on the stove. It has a very good spring and never lets any particles out unless they are super fine and get through the screen, but they would with any fine mesh infuser. I have been using it now for a few months and it is still as strong as ever.

Nice idea but doesn't work.
by Melissa on Nov 28, 2013

This looked like a typical tea infuser and seemed like a great idea. Problem is, just went to make a cup of tea and noticed the two halves don't close all the way, leaving about a 1/8 inch or so gap, so when you put the tea infuser into your cup, the tea just floats out. I had to go and pour my cup through a typical strainer to get all the tea out once it was done steeping. It's useless if the two halves don't shut. Now I have to find another design, because I read on Amazon (they seem to sell the exact same one), the negative reviews were that it doesn't shut either. Bummer.


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RISE AND SHINE tea is wonderful. I got the UPS box containing my tea...and I could hardly wait to brew a cup! OOOOHHHHH it is soooo goood!


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