Milk Thistle Seed - Whole, Organic

Herbs: Milk Thistle Seed - Whole, Organic

Latin Name: Silybum marianum
Origin: USA

Milk Thistle Seed is one of the strongest liver protectors available.

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will they grow
by JC on Feb 7, 2015

Most certainly, the seeds will grow you your own garden of milk thistle. I threw a bunch out one day and sure enough they came up and I got what I hoped for. The Thistle is gorgeous and can also be used to coagulate raw milk for cheese. Search milk thistle cheese. Its actually a gourmet item in some places...says only for sheep or goat cheese, but I will some day attempt the cows milk and see if I agree that it is bitter or not. The thistle must be in the purple flower stage to use as rennet. Don't let it go too late or it won't work and you will have fluffy seeds. Be sure to let some grow for the seeds. Plant lots in a special place cause these are thistles.

Growing these
by Denise on Apr 19, 2014

I wondered if these seeds would be good to plant and grow in my garden. I sometimes put these seeds in my tea bags for extra liver support. I use very hot water but never boil my water for my tea herbs. When my tea is done brewing I always use the herbs for my compost. I can't count how many milk thistle plants I have from the seeds sprouting in my compost heap.
So to answer my own question "will these grow?" the answer is yes! They pop up without even trying!

For Morning Sickness
by Joseph & Jodi on May 17, 2011

Thank you for the tips on curing the pregnancy rash I developed this condition during my 5th pregnancy and will keep some milk thistle on hand for my next pregnancy. I have used it with my last 4 pregnancies to help with morning sickness the earlier in my pregnancies I took it, the more tolerable my morning sickness was. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is even thinking of conceiving!

Thank you
by Katrina on Jan 31, 2011

Through your suggestion of checking out the WellTellMe site, I was able to find a remedy for the dreaded Pregnancy Rash!!

Very rare to develop this rash during third pregnancy, my OB told me there was no remedy, to learn to tolerate this unbearable body rash. There was no sleep, no rest, no relief! It should clear on its own 4 to 6 weeks postpartum, he said.

Thank you for your resources. I took the Milk Thistle tea and tincture, and the Dandelion tea and tincture; in three days I was better and in five days the rash cleared!

I'm sharing with my sister-in-law who also suffers this.

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