Accessories: Moresca Bottle


Holds 32 ounces. Clear glass bottle with swing top lid with a rubber band for an air tight seal.

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by lisa on Jan 4, 2014

are these bormioli rocco brand bottles? I am looking for that specific brand and want to make sure before ordering.


    Re: brand?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 6, 2014

    Hello, unfortunately these are the not bormioli rocco brand. Sorry.

Made in the USA
by Anonymous on Aug 26, 2013

Hi, I was wondering if you knew if those bottles were made in the USA ? I heard that some glass bottles made in China can have lead in them, and if using for fermenting could draw the lead out...
Do you have any info on that?

    Re: Made in the USA
    by Bulk Herb Store on Sep 3, 2013

    They are manufactured in Italy. Thanks!

by Denise on Jul 5, 2013

How tall is this bottle? Not sure if I can fit it in the fridge. I'd like to use it to make Kombucha.

    Re: Height
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jul 12, 2013

    It's approximately right over a foot. Thanks!

Moresca Bottle
by Melissa on Jun 10, 2013

How many ounces does this bottle hold??

    Re: Moresca Bottle
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jun 12, 2013

    This is a 32 oz. bottle.

Great bottles for kombucha!!
by Kristina on Mar 15, 2013

These bottles are wonderful for storing/second-fermenting my home-made kombucha!! They seal tightly and are pretty to display on open shelves. A bit of a challenge to clean, so a good bottle brush is a MUST! However, I have not found such good quality for such a great price anywhere else!! Thank you.

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First, I just want to say, thank you. I have made a few orders from BHS, and have been just thrilled with the herbs and books. My husband thinks it's great too. I have only been doing the "herbal thing" for a few months, and was actually excited for one of the kids to get sick, so I could try a few things out on them. Well, recently, all 4 of our children caught the flu, and I treated them using herbs, probiotics, baths and poultices. They recovered SO quickly! The next week, hubby got a cold and I asked him if I could mix something up for him. He said that after seeing how the kids responded to their herbal treatments, that he would take anything I had to give him! Well, I made what we have since dubbed 'the powerhouse' ( Echinacea, goldenseal, Yarrow and Cayenne), and that cleared him up right quick! Thank you so much for helping me to be confident and take responsibility for my family's healthcare.

~Kjersten H.

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