Books: Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way


Author: Susan McCutcheon
ISBN: 978-0-452-27659-8
Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: The Penguin Group

The Back Cover

The Bradley Method, used and praised by women for more than thirty years, prepares couples for drug- and surgery-free natural childbirth. Many births today are still medicated, forceped, or caesarean - not natural. The Bradley Method changes all that for couples who wish to give birth in a relaxed, warm, loving environment, that maximizes the joy of the birth experience - and puts the mother in control. Certified childbirth educator Susan McCutcheon, one of Dr. Bradley's first students, now makes this natural approach to childbirth more accessible than ever to American women. You will learn:

  • The crucial differences between The Bradley Method and Lamaze - and why you may end up medicated with the latter
  • How to choose a doctor who will respect your wishes for natural childbirth
  • Exercises and nutrition to get your body ready for birthing
  • How to involve your partner as a birth coach and fully engaged participant
  • The truth about episiotomy, caesarean surgery, and other routine medical interventions that may pose a threat to your baby

Customer Reviews

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Great book highly recommend
by MrsT on Apr 10, 2014

My sister constantly told me how much she learned from this book so I ordered my own copy and before and during my 1st pregnancy & natural midwife delivery I was so informed! With the pregnancy of my twin boys I re-read this book for the 100th time :) and felt so confident going through pregnancy and natural hospital delivery. It helped all my worries and concerns go away & helped me decide what kind of delivery I wanted. I highly encourage any parents to be to get this book hospital or home delivery, 1st or 10th baby you'll be so glad you did!

Great info
by Patti on May 7, 2013

When I was pregnant with my second (in1980) we were stationed in Hawaii and I came into contact with Bradley's information and it made a difference in all of my births after that. I have recommended this information for years and it is nice to see it included here.

Bradley Method Really Works!
by Myra on Nov 8, 2012

After studying Lamaze childbirth, we had one very difficult labor which ended in a C section. Determined not to have such a difficult birth the next time, I read every childbirth book I could find and discovered The Bradley Method of Childbirth. We studied it over a period of about five months and really studied to learn the methods of relaxation it teaches. We have had two natural VBACs since then. This is not a learn-in-a-weekend method; it takes commitment to study and practice the methods, but it truly works. Relaxation greatly diminishes pain and made the natural births far easier than the one Lamaze birth which ended in a C Section. I recommend this book to every pregnant lady I know. * * * * * 5 Stars!

by Cindee on Nov 3, 2012

I stumbled upon your comments on The Bradley Method, I used this over 30 years ago.. I am so pleased to see it is still being practiced. Three healthy kids, all adults with kids, 10 grandkids later, I support it!

I recommend it!
by D. Jones on Sep 15, 2010

I used the Bradley method 31 years ago and my birth experience was wonderful. I recommend it for everyone.

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