Books: Nourishing Traditions

Nourishing Traditions


Author: Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0-96708973-5
Edition: Revised Second
Paperback: 674 pages
Publisher: New Trends Publishing

The Back Cover

The Diet Dictocrats don’t want you to know that...

  • Your body needs old-fashioned animals fats
  • New-fangled polyunsaturated oils can be bad for you
  • Modern whole grain products can cause health problems
  • Traditional sauces promote digestion and assimilation
  • Modern food processing denatures our foods but ancient preservation methods actually increase nutrients in fruits, nuts, vegetables, meats and milk products!

At last, a successful challenge to Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats!

Recalling the culinary customs of our ancestors and looking ahead to a future of robust good health for young and old, Nourishing Traditions offers modern families a fascinating guide to wise food choices and proper preparation techniques. Nutrition researcher Sally Fallon unites the wisdom of the ancients with the latest independent and accurate scientific research.

The revised and updated Second Edition contains over 700 delicious recipes that will please both exacting gourmets and busy parents.

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Book Review: Nourishing Traditions

by Jennifer Brooks

October 2005

A friend of ours gave my husband this book called Nourishing Traditions. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first. My husband was reading it intently for several days. He asked me to read the Introduction section where it gives the foundation and the facts – the basis of the book. I flipped through the contents and quickly found the desserts section. I have to admit, I have a “sweet tooth” and I usually judge a cookbook by the sweets section. So…I was surprised to see yummy desserts like Apple Cobbler, Baked Custard, Vanilla Ice Cream, Raspberry Tart, and Walnut Torte with Whipped Cream Icing. Yes, I thought, this book will do.

After approving the dessert section, I began reading the Introduction. The very thorough explanation of fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes was very impressive. It was quite obvious a lot of research had been done in preparation of this book. Research yes, but nothing I’d ever read before.

As I think about this cookbook, I remember the times when I heard about some one who lived to be very, very old – over 100 years. Usually, this very old person says they ate a regular diet of plenty of meat and butter and whole milk from the family cow. No low fat, processed, “new fangled” diet. Interesting. Nourishing Traditions is just that – traditional recipes from people all over the world that nourish, strengthen and build up the body. Nourishing Traditions is not the usual cookbook – it is not nutritionally correct (according to the USDA Food Pyramid or the American Heart Association). You won’t find any low fat, low cholesterol recipes. No recipe has loads of white sugar or flour. The American Heart Association would not approve this book. As my husband said, “It’s different; it’s not what you’d think.” Read on.

The “Guide to Food Selection” section was a great summary of the first sections and gave you lists of what is best to eat and what to avoid. Simple. Since I have several children, one nursing baby, I was very interested in the Feeding Babies part. It contains 3 recipes for baby formulas you can either make yourself or fortify the commercial product. I thought this was good to have in case someone found that they couldn’t nurse their baby and needed something else. The best thing I got out of this section was that the key to having good, nourishing milk for my baby was “having high levels of healthy animal fats” (pg. 606) and the fact that “mother’s milk contains over 50% of its calories as fat, much of it saturated fat…” (pg. 601). Wow! After implementing several diet changes recommended in Nourishing Traditions, I noticed an increase in my milk supply. Also, as my baby nears 1 year, I have more milk for her than I did with any other child at that age. I know the better quality food and fat has made the difference. A must read for any woman thinking about having a baby!

The Appendixes are fantastic! Since I’m a busy Mom of 5, schooling at home, gardening and cooking from “scratch” with a caring husband working part-time from home, we definitely fit into the “limited-time, limited budget” category. This section has great tips about what to buy and what you should not waste your money on. There are lots of expensive foods that you can make healthy at home. The section encourages you to make soup, stock, eat brown rice, kombucha, eggs, and butter not margarine, etc. Good suggestions.

The “Sources” appendix is another useful part of the book. As you’re reading along you begin to wonder where am I going to find all these things this book talks about? Well, the Sources Appendix alphabetically lists the items – like “Buttermilk culture” or “Grain Mills”, and then gives you company names, toll-free phone numbers, websites, and more. Super!

Lastly, I like the two indexes. One is a subject index, the other a recipe index. If you want a particular topic or person’s name, the subject index has it. You want to make something with cabbage or lamb, look in the recipe index. Easy to read and thorough. Oh and one more thing – it even has a conversion table when you can’t remember that 3 teaspoons=1/2 ounce. Great book! Highly recommended!

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nourishing traditions
by phil on Nov 24, 2013

I have just started reading your book and what a book it is. I have read many other books and the ones that look at th facts and actual research you see a very different picture to the one given to us by corporations and even governments. This book gives you a fantastic combination of fact and function, without overpowering the reader. And I now listen carefully to my very old swiss physio client....and how they traditionally used marmot fat for different conditions and ailments. So thank you Sally and Mary for your hard work.
Regrads Phil Sydney Australia

best recipe book
by Anonymous on Aug 30, 2013

I have improved or changed so many cooking habits in the last month based on the concise information provided in this recipe book for cooking. The foods are delicious, not very complicated, and the book is easy to maneuver. Explanations of why to use preserved and fermented foods, bone broths, and natural sweeteners in which forms are clearer than a Google search will yield, plus all in one place. This is a must-have for every kitchen.

Healthier Family
by Lisa S. on Aug 24, 2009

I just wanted to tell you I love the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, and if anyone is wondering if it is worth the price, it certainly is! This is really not your average cookbook, and I use mine all the time. This book has really saved us so much money on our grocery bill (which I was nervous about with changing our way of eating). My family eats less because they are full and satisfied from the nourishment they are getting from these recipies. I have also personally noticed alot of health benefits and how my body has responded to getting rid of alot of processed foods out of my diet.

If anyone is debating with themselves about getting this book, I feel this book is a must for every household. Thank you for all the work you do. It is much appreciated!!

Great Recipes
by Amy on Aug 24, 2009

I have Nourishing Traditions, and have read it cover to cover. A fabulous book! If you haven't tried the Cream of Vegetable Soup recipe, don't wait any longer! It is the best soup! Especially when it is made using the Nourishing Tradition's chicken stock. It doesn't get any better!

Eating Healthy
by Kala on Aug 24, 2009

I borrowed my friend's Nourishing Traditions book, and now I know why you guys enjoy it so much. It set me straight on how we should be eating. I always wanted to eat healthier, but thanks to the diet "dictocrats", I didn't even know what eating healthy meant. I enjoyed the book so much I'm ordering my own copy. Thanks for your help.

Nourishing Traditions
by Kristen on Mar 18, 2008

Sally Fallon
Nourishing Traditions is more than a bunch of recipes, itís a reference book!
This book changes the way the reader looks at nutrition by giving in depth WHYS and HOWS behind the age old methods of maintaining health through the food we eat. Sally Fallon provides a way to prepare your family meals that can greatly enhance their quality of life.

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