Oregano Leaf - Cut, Organic

Herbs: Oregano Leaf - Cut Organic

Common Names: Oregano
Latin Name: Lippia graveolens
Origin: USA

Short Description:

Oregano is rich in vitamin K, an important vitamin that is often overlooked. Oregano has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, and is high in iron, manganese, and other minerals. Oregano also contains flavinoids, triterpenoids, sterols, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Oregano adds depth and savor to any dish, but goes particularly well with tomatoes, eggplant, and any meat.

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Thank you for your prompt service and for going out of your way to make the website so nice and the service so great. Our family is so blessed to have this resource of inexpensive, yet top-quality herbs. My children do not go to the doctor anymore for anything that is not an emergency, whereas, before the herbal remedies that you have recommended, I had to run them to the doctor almost constantly. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! My children's immune systems are stronger because of you!

~Marsha W.

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