Oregano Leaf - Cut, Organic

Herbs: Oregano Leaf - Cut Organic

Common Names: Oregano
Latin Name: Lippia graveolens
Origin: USA

Short Description:

Oregano is rich in vitamin K, an important vitamin that is often overlooked. Oregano has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, and is high in iron, manganese, and other minerals. Oregano also contains flavinoids, triterpenoids, sterols, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Oregano adds depth and savor to any dish, but goes particularly well with tomatoes, eggplant, and any meat.

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I am addicted to your store! In looking for a good quality loose leaf tea for pregnancy I discovered the Mama's Red Raspberry Brew, picked up Dr. Cinnamon for my husband who is pre-diabetic and the Sleep Tight Tea for his insomnia. Then I came back for the Mama's Milk Tea and picked up the Baby Bath while I was at it. I just sent the New Mama and Baby Kit to an expecting mother and she loved it! The latest newsletter has now tempted me with your tincture kit - I have been searching for remedies for my toddler who has started daycare and is now often sick. I discover something new every time I come to your website. Great stuff that I will definitely recommend!!


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