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Common Name: Pau D'Arco, taheebo
Latin Name: Tabebuia impetiginosa
Origin: Brazil

Excerpts from Nutritional Herbology

The Incas and native tribes of South America use pau d’arco bark externally as a poultice or decoction for treating skin diseases including eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, hemorrhoids and skin cancers.

The recent popularity of pau d’arco in western herbology is attributed to its antifungal activity in treating systemic yeast infections like candida albicans.

Yeast infections often accompany or follow antibiotic therapy and can be especially resistant to conventional treatment. The antifungal action of pau d’arco is used to combat these infections by drinking the tea thrice daily.

Pau d’arco is an excellent herbal source of calcium. It is also diuretic and antipyretic.

Pau D' Arco is high or very high on the following nutrients:

  • Calcium
  • Cobalt
  • Crude Fiber
  • Silicon
  • Excerpts from The How to Herb Book

    Pau d' Arco (Taheebo) comes from the inner bark of the Red Lapacho tree in the Andes of South America. It has been used for centuries. Theodoro Meyer of the National University of Tucuman, Argentina was the first modern scientist to study Taheebo’s chemical composition. He found it contained XYLOIDIN – an antibiotic with viricidal properties. Also contains LASPACHOL – an element noted for its anti-tumor activity.

    • Used for many disorders, considered an "everything" herb.
    • To make a tea, add 1 heaping tablespoon to 4-6 cups of hot water and steep for 5-20 minutes. Strain off herbs and enjoy!
    • Used for all skin diseases.
    • Good for sores, even old ones, used externally.
    • Blood purifier
    • Tonic
    • Eczema
    • Prostate

    From Our Reading and/or Experience...

    • We use Pau D' Arco often in teas as the taste is absolutely fabulous. Of course, it can be used in many other types of remedies. For instance, it can easily be made into powder, and used as such in capsules.
    • It can be used to benefit anyone: men, women (not to be used during pregnancy), children, and animals.
    • Storage is not very critical with Pau D' Arco.

    Customer Reviews

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    Verify Pau D'Arco?
    by Vicky on Mar 13, 2014

    Apparently Pau D'Arco is now endangered, and lots of people are substituting similar-looking bark because the real thing is hard to find. Do you verify that this is really Pau D'Arco? Thanks!

      Re: Verify Pau D'Arco?
      by Bulk Herb Store on Mar 17, 2014

      Yes we do carry actual Pau D'Arco and if you would like a Certificate of Analysis please send us an email at info@bulkherbstore.com. Thanks!

    Pregnancy and pau d arco
    by Tammy on Mar 7, 2014

    Your website says you think it is safe for pregnant women. Well I am in my first trimester and a friend gave me a bunch of it in powder form and as a brewed tea. This is the only website that says its safe . Can you help clarify why you think it should be ok to take during the pregnancy.

      Re: Pregnancy and pau d arco
      by Bulk Herb Store on Apr 1, 2014

      We say, "from our reading or experience". Everyone else has their own opinion and of course it is in moderation. Mu suggestion would be to do your own research to figure out what's best for you!

    by monica Sartin on Jan 20, 2014

    I'm wondering if this would be of benefit in an infusion for soaps. Also, would the saponification process diminish the skin attributes of the herb.

      Re: soap
      by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 27, 2014

      Hello, Pau D'Arco would be great in soaps or salves, however I am not sure how the soap process would affect the herbal properties.

    by Erin on Dec 9, 2013

    I'm a bit confused about using this for children. Your info states that is safe for children as well as pregnant & nursing women. Other sources state that it is not for children under four and that it is not safe for pregnant or nursing women. It sounds wonderful, but don't want to harm my little ones.

      Re: Children
      by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 9, 2013

      From our research and experience Pau D'Arco should be fine for children to take. However if you have any doubts it would be best to talk to a professional or pediatrician.

    Cures hemorrhoid too!
    by Tania on Oct 22, 2013

    We bought this herb for persistent esophagus pain for my husband (doctors failed to diagnose the condition, so we had to guess the nature of pain). We made tea of 2 parts of Pau D'Arco (we call it lapacho), 1 part of chamomile and 1 part of licorice root. My husband faithfully brewed 700-800 ml of tea each night and drank it during the day for past 8 months. First, his digestion was normalized, then the pain slowly started to go away. Finally, he noticed that his hemorrhoid shrinks and bothers him less and less. Herbal treatment is a slow process, but much more effective and safe, than any man-made medicine.

    Traditional cure
    by Nicholas on Jun 28, 2013

    My wife and I have been suffering from leishmaniasis (a flesh eating protozoa)for about 7 months and have tried almost everything (except for what they give you at the hospital which is mercury or antimony compounds) until I read that certain native tribes use this plant for the same condition. After the first skin wash there was a noticeable change in the wounds and they began to heal and dry out. We use it every day three times per day and let it dry on the wounds, it is a miracle plant. I drink it every day as well but it is more effective at treating the wounds externally and killing the parasites.

    Thanks you!
    by Jodi on Jul 5, 2011

    I suffer from yeast infections frequently, especially during pregnancy. The over-the-counter meds didnít touch them. After studying your website, I bought some of your Pau DíArco and made it into a tincture as well as in a salve for yeast infections. I recently got another raging infection that kept me up all night. In addition to boosting my probiotic, I rinsed with diluted Pau DíArco tincture a couple of times a day, as well as applied my salve frequently. Within 24 hours I was almost symptom-free! It was the first time Iíve had an infection that severe that I was able to clear up naturally, without taking any prescription meds.

    Tea bark healed me.
    by SD on Aug 18, 2006

    I had terrible stomach problems in my teen age years that resulted in migraine headaches. I drank this tea faithfully for about 1/2 to 1 year. I can say that this has cured me. I also have a low blood sugar count, and with a continued watch on my diet(abstaining from sugars and desserts)and drinking this tea on and off, I have been headache free for the last few years. I would recommend this tea bark to anyone who might be suffering from the same.

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