Videos: Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied DVD

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Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied DVD

Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied DVD

John & Geri McPherson, internationally known as experts in the field of Primitive Technology, are currently involved in an ongoing program of teaching primitive skills to the Survival Instructors of the U.S. Army Special Forces S.E.R.E. School.

"Survival" takes on a new connotation when you witness "reality" by following a small group into the wilderness under strictly primitive conditions.

In the first half of this DVD you will witness how to create a life from only what is offered by nature. Observe as they make fire (in wet conditions), a waterproof shelter, baskets, bow & arrow, traps, pottery, string, axes, knives, and more... all from natural materials.

The second half of this DVD illustrates how primitive living with all of your gear, even though "primitive' and "primitive made", is nothing more than a camping trip. Venture out with John and Geri McPherson as they lead groups into the Flint Hills of Kansas - teaching and presenting.

We at Pearl Outdoors decided to sell this DVD not because of the filming quality, because it is somewhat poor, but because of the excellent content. This is the only DVD that I've ever seen that has this level of aboriginal caveman / North American Indian skills applied. After watching these DVDs I am confident that I could go out into the woods with nothing, just as they did, make stone axes and knives, build shelters, and create fire even with wet wood. This man is the real deal with 40 years of wilderness experience.

Content warning: This DVD contains hardcore outdoorsmen cleaning game, wearing short shorts, and going without their shirts at times.

Copyright 2004
Run Time: 101 min.
Format: DVD

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"Naked Into the Wilderness"
by Wendy Kiser on Jun 1, 2012

I bought this for my 10 year old son for his birthday and he really liked it. Just to give you the heads up though- there are some butts shown when the men go for a swim. A little of a surprise as we were sitting there as an entire family watching this after dinner one night!


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