Red Rose Petals

Herbs: Red Rose Petals

Common Name: Red rose
Latin Name: Rosa damascena
Origin: India

Red Rose Petals are not just decorative or a symbol of love.

Red Rose Petals are used for tonics and gargles because of their astringent properties. The oil from the red rose petals is used to relieve headaches, insomnia and nervous tension. The petals contain quercitrin, volatile oils, and coloring agents. Red rose petal tea is mild and quite lovely.

Chef Tip: Toss some red rose petals with fresh fruit and sprinkle with freshly squeezed lime juice. Enjoy!

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ginger rose kombucha
by Beth on Dec 22, 2013

I just started bottling homemade flavored kombucha, and made ginger rose using the rose petals I bought recently. Soooo yummy!!!

Shed that water weight!
by Crystal on Jun 8, 2013

If you have extra water weight, this tea is for you! It tastes like tea from heaven(don't let it steep too long or it gets bitter) and it just flushes the water out of you. Very good for that 'time of the month' water retention. If you're already dehydrated though, go easy on the tea and drink lots of water with it because it works that well! But seriously, this is the tea that is so good you could cry. I'm told the Chinese use it as their Beauty tea. Need I say more?

canker soars
by Sarah on Mar 7, 2013

I love this tea for one thing, canker soars. My dad is always getting canker soars in his mouth to where he can't stand it. Seeing that it helps with mouth soars I told him to try it one night. They were gone the next morning. I was so amazed that my sister and I both drink it for canker soars and it takes them away leaving our mouths healed. Thank you bulk herb store for the wonderful tea.

Roses Roses Roses!
by Ashley McConnell on Feb 25, 2013

I just received my dried rose petals in the mail and I could smell them through the box! The color and fragrance remind me of summer when everything is in bloom. Thanks again for delivering superb quality herbs to my front door!

Much love,

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