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We all know that clean drinking water is a part of the foundation to good physical health. Nothing can substitute for that.

Today, obtaining this whole-some drinking water may be harder than one might expect. Water may contain chlorine, lead, high levels of harmful bacteria, and other unwanted contaminants. Sometimes, these contaminants produce unpleasant tastes and odors, but often, they are undetectable by our senses. Even bottled water can contain these same contaminants, and can be expensive.

The British Berkefeld Water Filtration Systems are the ultimate in water filtration. They're used world-wide for over 150 years to provide virtually the most delicious, sparkling clean water possible. This system is the most advanced passive water filter available. It removes pathogenic bacteria, cysts, chemicals including herbicides, pesticides, foul tastes and odors, and reduces heavy metals without removing the healthful and nutritional minerals your body needs!

Other filtration systems are inferior. Most do not remove pathogenic bacteria and many remove beneficial minerals from the water as well. In addition, the Big Berkey is powerful enough to filter raw, untreated water from sources like lakes, streams, rivers and ponds.

Contaminants are captured on and within the micro-porous filtering element and are separated from the water. Each durable and efficient self-sterilizing element can be cleaned with a toothbrush or scrub pad and will last for 6,000 gallons.

Its stainless steel construction and easy to assemble design has made it the choice of thousands, including missionaries, campers, home owners, emergency agencies and the preparedness community.

Included are two Black Berkey purifying elements that you can assemble in minutes. Simply screw in the filtering elements and spigot, stack the chambers, and you are ready to filter! These filters work by gravity, so electricity is not involved.

For those of you who only have city water available, this filter is a great way to get rid of the excess chemicals and dead bacteria found in your water as a result of the chemicals.

Those with access to well or spring water will find it filters out all the excess minerals that give the water an odor and/or funny taste.

We have also known missionaries over the years that have used these water filters overseas with great success. Many have given it raving reviews. No matter where you live, this will guarantee you pure, drinking water at any time.


  • Filters a full canister overnight. Adding more Berkey filtering elements will expedite the process*
  • Holds 3.25 Gallons (12.3 liters)
  • Includes 2 Black Berkey purifying elements
  • 23" Tall and 9.5" in diameter. When taken apart for transport it is only 15.25" tall
  • Free shipping

*Due to high levels of contaminants in water today and a finer matrix in the Black Berkey® purification elements, New Millennium Concepts Ltd. advises that one should expect a 3-6 hour period to empty a full chamber

Sales of any Berkey products to the states of California and Iowa have been suspended. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Customer Reviews

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by Denise on Jan 26, 2014

I see this system is offered with 2 or 4 elements. What is the difference? Not sure if you get two extra replacement elements or if the systems are made with 2 or 4 inside. If that is the case, I am assuming the 4 would filter much more, is that right? I hope you can clarify this for me :)

    Re: Elements
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 31, 2014

    You can screw up to 4 elements into the Berkey. They are supposed to be replaced every once in a while. If you have 4 elements in the Berkey it will just filter faster than with 2. Thanks!

Which Berkey holds more
by Denise on Jan 23, 2014

Which of the Berkey filters holds the most gallons of water?

    Re: Which Berkey holds more
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 31, 2014

    The Crown Berkey is the biggest holding 6 gallons. Thanks!

Saves Money
by Jennifer on Aug 24, 2009

I'm a Mom of 5 children. We live in rural Tennessee. Our family grows much of our own food and we eat simple, unprocessed foods. We don't want chemical additives in our food, and we sure don't want them in our water. The Berkey Water Filter took out the smell and sediment in our water to make it pure and fresh. With a new baby soon to drink the water, I wanted to be extra sure our water was clean and bacteria-free for her delicate system. I have no doubt the water is ok for her.

The Berkey has been great for us! Our children can easily fill it, and get water by themselves. Another reason we bought it was the cost. We were buying refills for our pitcher filter, and spending about $100 a year. So the Berkey saves us money. Thanks so much for offering it.

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From our Mailbox

I wanted to thank you for sending me my order so quickly. I am on my way with my family to Mexico for 2 months, and I wanted to take some herbs along. Thank you for your articles, and hard work at the Bulk Herb Store. God bless.


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