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Seed to Seed


Author: Suzanne Ashworth.
ISBN: 9-781882-424580
Edition: Updated, Greatly Expanded Second
Paperback: 228 pages
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publ. Co.

2nd Edition! By Suzanne Ashworth. The expanded 2nd edition now includes seed starting info! Complete seed-saving guide for 160 vegetable crops, with detailed information on each vegetable: pollination methods, isolation distances, caging and hand-pollination techniques, proper methods for harvesting, drying, cleaning and storing the seeds. This is the best book ever written on seed saving. Easy to read, it is a must for all seed savers & is our best seller! 228 large pages.

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Seed to Seed is a complete seed-saving guide describing specific techniques for saving the seeds of 160 vegetables. Detailed information on each vegetable includes: botanical classification, flower structure and pollination, isolation distance, population size, caging or hand-pollination, and proper methods to grow, harvest, clean, dry and store the seeds.

This updated, greatly expanded Second Edition includes additional information on how to start each vegetable from seed. Expert gardeners from seven major regions of the U.S. have shared their extensive local knowledge on seed starting techniques.

Seed to Seed is widely acknowledged as the best guide available, for beginning or experienced gardeners, to learn effective ways of producing and storing seeds. The author has grown seed crops of each vegetable discussed, thoroughly researching and testing all of these techniques for the home garden.

"Seed to Seed is the wisest guide to seed saving and grassroots genetic preservation you will ever find. Suzanne Ashworth has distilled the best information from researchers and Seed Savers Exchange to guide vegetable gardeners from all walks of life."
-Gary Paul Nabhan, author of The Desert Smells Like Rain, Gathering the Desert, Coming Home to Eat, Enduring Seed, and Songbirds, Truffles and Wolves.

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