Stress Buster Tea

Herbal Mixes: Stress Buster Tea

Contains Small Amount of Natural Caffeine: St. John's Wort, Ginkgo leaf, Eleuthero Root, Green Tea, Jasmine flowers, peppermint leaf, raspberry leaf, and stevia leaves.

1. Put 1 Heaping tablespoon of herbs in a sauce pan.

2. Add one coffee cup of water.

3. Heat on low until it starts to boil.

4. Pour tea through a paper towel or coffee filter.

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Babies and Stress Buster
by Lisa Fehr on Aug 26, 2013

I love this product! it really helps me go to sleep after a particulary stressful day:)Can I use this product for babies and toddlers? And is it safe for a breastfeeding momma? Thank you in advance for any insight!

    Re: Babies and Stress Buster
    by Bulk Herb Store on Sep 3, 2013

    Because of the Saint Johns Wort, we would advice to use caution if nursing. The rest of the ingredients would be alright. Just start in small doses. Thanks

by Megan on Apr 27, 2013

My husband asked me to find an herbal blend for him to try last time I placed an order (I've been drinking the red rasberry and mothers milk blend). I was shocked that he was even interested in trying an herbal blend, but even more shocked at how much he loves it. He likes me to make him a cup almost every evening when he gets home from work. I really like it too. I'm enjoying a cup as I write this. I'm fighting off a cold and this blend is very soothing to me.

We love this tea!
by Amber on Jun 15, 2009

...I make a big pot every morning, and fill a thermos with it for my husband to take to work. He drinks it on the way home, and usually comes home with an empty thermos. The stevia leaves add just the right amount of sweetness. Recently, we've also been making it then chilling it. It's great as iced tea, too! Thanks for preparing it so all I have to do is open the bag.

Praise God!
by Kathleen on Jun 2, 2009

Praise God! My very first order arrived yesterday, and I promptly made a cup of Stress Buster. The stress headache that had been plaguing me for several days immediately melted away. Amazing...just one cup full of pleasantness. From now one, Stress Buster and I will meet for teatime every afternoon.!~Blessings

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From our Mailbox

I wanted to thank you for your youtube videos. They are fantastic!!! About a week ago my oldest daughter who is 8 was home sick with strep so we watched ALL of the videos. She loved them as much as I do. This past weekend we went to a health food store and while I was checking out their herbs I overheard my 8 year old teaching my 5 year old which herbs were hard and which were soft herbs. I couldn't help but chuckle. Then my 8 yr old looked at me and said "Remember mom, what Shoshanna taught us, I am showing Emily." I then had to tell her to stop squeezing the merchandise :) but told her how proud I was of her for teaching her sister. Thanks again for all the wonderful information you provide on this site.


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