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Herbs: Tansy Herb - Cut, Organic

Common Names: Tansy, bachelor's buttons, hindheel, bitter buttons, parsley fern, ginger plant and golden buttons
Latin Name: Tanacetum vulgare
Origin: Hungary,Croatia

Tansy kills bugs, worms and lice! In a quart jar add 1/3 tansy to 2/3 apple cider vinegar. Seal and shake every day for 3 weeks, then strain and bottle. At the first sign of lice, wet your head down with the tansy extract, and cover hair with a plastic bag for 30 minutes. Then, wash. Do this 2 times 2 weeks apart. It will not harm your hair, it is not toxic and it works!

A Word of Warning

  • Avoid using it during pregnancy.
  • Internally taking large amounts of Tansy can have negative affects on sensitive individuals. Please do your research and know your herbs, before you start taking them.

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Tansy in, Bugs out

by Shoshanna Pearl

May 2002

Mom and Dad view foreign missions as a mandate from God. After all, God did say, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15. When my older sister Rebekah was just 17, she went to Papua New Guinea on a short-term mission outreach.

While there, she saw the need for the translation of Scriptures into the Kumboi language. She came back to America to study linguistics and prepare herself to do that job.

Although I was only 7 years old at the time, I remember when my sister returned with her horrid tales of jungle life. She had stories of ants, lice, spiders, bugs, and all sorts of little things that would crawl into your sleeping bag and your clothes. The stories she told sent creeping chills up and down my spine. Imagine trying to sleep with bugs climbing in and out as they please. American bugs are bad enough, but the thought of foreign bugs! Think about waking and seeing a big, black spider just six inches from your face, staring at you out of unblinking green eyes, with vicious fangs, long hairy legs, and a red dot on its back. As you scream “NOOOOOO,” you hope you are just dreaming, but you realize you aren’t, worst of all, the night has just begun. Get the picture?

You can see that Rebekah needed a remedy before she went back to the ends of the earth. So Dr. Deb (Mom) was consulted. She searched her books, the library, and the web to find a natural and safe solution. Dr. Deb discovered TANSY!

Mom found out that housewives in the Dark Ages used tansy in a variety of ways. They would scatter it across the floor to keep the pests away. They also hung it from the rafters, packed it between bed sheets and mattresses, and rubbed it on meat to discourage lice, flies, and other varmints. In these modern times, do we still have a use for tansy?

Well, we still have bugs, and tansy is a wonderful bug repellent. When Rebekah finished her training and went back to Papua New Guinea, Mom packed several socks with dried tansy. Beka put one herbal sock in her sleeping bag, the other in her duffel bag, and made tea of it as well to use on her hair and body.

The tribal people were very “huggy,” and they were constantly playing with the white girl's funny long hair. During Beka’s three-year stay, the herb worked so well that she never contracted lice or scabies. And as for those little bugs and ugly spiders that plagued her on that first trip, well, they fled from the tansy, never to be seen in Beka's bed again.

Customer Reviews

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Tansy in the garden
by Rozz on Jan 15, 2014

Hi, I started using wood chips to cover my garden last year. The plants loved this process; but, I attracted new insects. I'm wondering if Tansy would help rid my garden of squash bugs, and other critters. Thanks

    Re: Tansy in the garden
    by Bulk Herb Store on Jan 20, 2014

    Hello, tansy would be a great way to help deter bugs. You could also try a spray of 1 tsp of cayenne powder and 1 qt water. Thanks!

pantry moths
by nicole on Sep 4, 2013

Would this keep pantry moths away?

    Re: pantry moths
    by Bulk Herb store on Sep 5, 2013

    Because of its strong smell, tansy is a natural insect repellent. From the middle ages it has been scattered across floors to keep pests away. It can be used as a natural moth repellent. Thanks!

Bug repellent on the body??
by Deb on May 30, 2013

I'm looking for a natural means to deter the many mosquitoes and ticks biting our children. Can I make the tansy tea and spray it on our bodies to deter the insects? Are there any other solutions?

    Re: Bug repellent on the body??
    by Bulk Herb Store on May 31, 2013

    Personally I would use the Vinegar of The Four Thieves tincture as a stronger repellent/bug spray. You can find it under Herbal Mixes.

Stink bugs
by Alice on Apr 28, 2013

Do you know if this would work on Stink Bugs? We are infested with them all over the house once it gets warm.

    Re: Stink bugs
    by Bulk Herb Store on May 3, 2013

    Yes, from what I have read Tansy will repel Stink Bugs!

getting rid of bugs....
by KT on Jun 13, 2012

I'm thinking of getting Tansy for our apartment - my husband and i just moved from the desert part of WA, to NY, and our apartment is bottom floor. Our apartment was infested with Yellow Sac Spiders when we moved in, and although by spraying, i've been able to get rid of those, we constantly have cob-web spiders with long legs hanging out the second i don't vacuum every corner for 2 days. Ugly black spiders randomly run across the floor no matter how much a spray or how may traps i put out, and since i do all my sewing (cutting out and piecing at least) sitting on the floor, it creeps me out. How well does Tansy work for houses, and how much would i need?? would love a better way than chemicals to be spider free!

    Re: getting rid of bugs....
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 21, 2012

    Hello KT! I feel for you since I don't like spiders either! Tansy is one of the best bug/spider repellents available! Check out the article called Tansy In, Bugs Out! For the amount it really depends on how big the place is but 1lb of the herb should be enough I would think. Good Luck!

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From our Mailbox

I am a Registered Nurse, and have always believed that there was a better way to treat my children. My husband and I have always been very leery of antibiotics because I have seen and knew the overuse of them. You have given me a wonderful way to treat my family and to show them I love them. I am just now getting started and the first thing I did was to treat my 5yr old's sore throat with garlic "tea". She only drank a little (because she said it tasted bad) before bed. When she woke up the next morning, her sore throat was GONE!!!!! Again, thank you so much!! God Bless You.


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