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by Melody on Nov 28, 2014

I love my tea strainer. I've had it for about a year and a half and it has held up very well. My mom bought a similar one from Frontier and it fell apart soon after she got it. I love how I can get a strong tea with this strainer as opposed to using a mesh strainer. I'm going to buy a couple more as Christmas gifts for my mom and sisters!

by Kim Horton on Nov 2, 2014

Love this tea mug basket strainer so much that i am ordering another one!!

stainless steel tea mug strainer
by Denise on Feb 10, 2014

I am very happy with this wonderful strainer. It certainly makes using loose tea very enjoyable. Only one concern, I see the strainer is made in China. Is there any possibility that the stainless steel material may have lead in it?

    Re: stainless steel tea mug strainer
    by Bulk Herb Store on Feb 12, 2014

    We are very careful to ensure that our products are made of the purest components, here, Stainless Steel

Strainer ?
by Malisa on Nov 29, 2013

How fine is the mesh? I always end up with tea crumble towards the end of my loose tea containers. Is the mesh fine enough to use up the crumble?

    Re: Strainer ?
    by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 5, 2013

    Yes, this is a very fine mesh so it works great to not leave any pieces in your tea!

by Amanda on Nov 15, 2013

Can you steep the tea using this product in a mug?

    Re: Steeping
    by Bulk Herb Store on Nov 18, 2013

    Yes, you can. That is what is was made for! Thanks!

Tea mug basket strainer
by Monica Barrows on Oct 5, 2013

Do we use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of dry herbs to make a cup of tea?? Is this the measurement per cup??

    Re: Tea mug basket strainer
    by Bulk Herb Store on Oct 7, 2013

    It can be used as a measurement! Normally you add two teaspoons per cup of tea then more or less for taste.

my favorite!!
by Brenda on Jan 17, 2013

My all time favorite tea strainer!! Wish I had ordered two!! Fits all my standard cups and mugs. Thanks

tea strainer
by verna Stoltzfus on Sep 17, 2012

Contact me when the tea strainer is back in stock. Thank you!!! PS. Love your products. :your catalog & website are so interesting!!! Keep it up. God bless you all

Love It!!
by Joyce on Aug 24, 2012

I ordered one at the beginning of this month, and have used every week. I love how nice it sits perfectly inside the coffee cup, I feel I get so much more from the herbs this way. Thanks for this great product.

tea mug basket strainer
by Susan on Jul 7, 2012

How wide is the top of this? Does it sit on top of a tea cut, lg or small? Or is it used some other way? I have never seen this before.

    Re: tea mug basket strainer
    by Bulk Herb Store on Dec 4, 2012

    You can use it on most every large or small cup or jar it works great on both!

Making tea is easy now!
by Alicia Roozeboom on Jun 21, 2012

I love my tea mug basket strainer! This makes making a cup of tea so much easier! I have already giving three away as gifts with some of the Bulk Herb Store’s awesome tea mixes. Everyone loves them! Thanks!

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