Books: The Help Meet's Journey - Journal

The Help Meet's Journey - Journal


Author: Debi Pearl
ISBN: 978-1-892112-87-3
Hardback: 184 pages
Publisher: No Greater Joy Ministries

A Yearly Companion Journal for Created to be His Help Meet

184 pages of studies and diary pages to work with all year long. Extra pages for memory-making, recipes or doodling. The Journey is a year-long companion journal for Created to be His Help Meet. There are special pages for your stories, doodlings, studies and pictures where you will create a lasting memory of the miracle God is doing in you. This is a perfect study guide for individuals or women's study groups.
From the back cover...
This is your journey.

The Help Meet’s Journey was designed to be a combination scrapebook, diary, and picture album, documenting what God does in your life as you read through Created To Be His Help Meet. This will be a record of your soul’s journey as you become the woman God means for you to be. In later years, when memory dims and we take things for granted, it will remind you of God’s grace at work, and you will laugh with joy as you recall your journey of joy.

“I have never read such an awesome life-changing book. I now have a marriage I dreamed of as a girl.” ~Sara

“Our ladies class studied through Created to be His Help Meet. There has never been anything that has changed our lives, marriages or Church as much as this study. Many marriages were restored. Our Pastor wept like a baby at what God did in their marriage.” ~Reader

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