Books: The Naturally Clean Home

The Naturally Clean Home

Author: Karyn Siegel-Maier
ISBN: 1603420851
Paperback: 223 pages
Publisher: Storey Publishing

Short Description:

150 Super-Easy Herbal Formulas for Green Cleaning. Common nontoxic kitchen ingredients such as baking soda, borax, lemon, and vinegar are wonderfully effective household cleaners. Pair them with essential oils to disinfect and freshen every room. Banish harmful chemical cleaners from your home. With 150 all-natural, easy-to-prepare cleaning solutions, you can tackle any cleaning job.

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best 11 bucks you could spend all year
by Anonymous on Aug 30, 2013

This book has become my new best friend. (Ha! Not to push aside my fabulous husband.) I was already using many natural cleaning products, but this book covers all the holes of knowledge I could not fill, detailing the ENTIRE house and car for cleanliness using only natural options. My toilet bowls have not been whiter since my husband installed them. My laundry smells fabulous and I no longer need commercial stain removers for my husband's and toddler's clothing. Very helpful is the list of resources for reliable products found in the back of the book, as well as the ingredient details in the front chapter. Quite a few of the ingredients are ones also called for in Organic Body Care Recipes, so I know they're not only safe but I'm definitely saving money not splashing out on things only rarely used. Tiny book, but certainly packs a punch. Every household needs one.

must-have for every household
by Anonymous on Aug 12, 2013

This book is brilliant. Small, but packed full of all the info needed for cleaning the entire house and car using only natural ingredients, plus explanations of why each ingredient is useful, plus references for sourcing the ingredients. Every household should own this. Even once favorite recipes are memorized, it is highly useful to be able to find alternatives, or stain treatments, or all that info not in daily use.

I love this book
by Christine Elfer on Aug 29, 2012

I think everyone should own this book.

Safely Spotless!
by Clean Freak on May 23, 2012

I am thrilled to finally have wonderfully fragrant & safe cleaners! My family owns an industrial cleaning company, and over the years we have developed sensitivities to all the harsh chemicals. My little sister has very severe reactions to toxins, but we have finally been able to clean together again with the healthy, safe cleaners in Naturally Clean Home. It is so much fun creating my own products and I love the way my house smells! I am so happy to be getting things sparkling clean, without giving every one a chemical headache in the process. This book belongs on everyone's shelf!

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