Wormwood Herb - Powder

Herbs: Wormwood Herb - Powder, Wild Crafted

Common Name: Wormwood
Latin Name: Artemisia absinthium
Origin: Bulgaria

Excerpts from Herbal Antibiotics

Though the root is rarely used for medicine, it is extremely powerful, especially for hot, sore infections of the throat and lungs. Some herbalists do not recommend the use of this herb because of its thujone content. Millennia of traditional use support its continued place in the herbal dispensatory.

Wormwood is excellent to expel intestinal worms, stimulate the appetite and liver, and also the uterus. Two of its phytochemicals stimulate digestion and the extract improves liver and gallbladder function in people with liver disease. It is also an effective external antiseptic. Compresses soaked in wormwood tea are recommended for irritations, bruises, and sprains.

A word of warning

  • Avoid using it internally during pregnancy.
  • This is a very potent herb. Use caution when taking it internally.
  • Some people have sensitivities to Wormwood. If you experience any negative symptoms, stop taking immediately.

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Wormwood powder dose
by Stephanie on Sep 3, 2013

I have used wormwood powder a lot over the last few years for stimulating the digestive process - nothing else I have found comes close - after following the Hulda Regher Clark detox. The precaution of this herb is to take it for a while then have a clear break. It really is too bitter - unless you like bitter taste - to put in a smoothie; it really is best if you take it in capsules. I take seven 00 size capsules (about 3 grammes) before bed time for up to two weeks. I fill the capsules myself. If you need the bitter taste which stimulates the liver then a tincture is a good way of taking it. I put 100g of herb into 500 ml of 40% alcohol, stood for a minimum two weeks. In this way one teaspoon of 5 ml contains 1g of herb, so you can work out the dosage from there..If you use a powder it isn't necessary to strain the tincture. This also preserves the herb. Hope this helps.


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I just received my order and I am so impressed with everything. My order got to me promptly and the herbs and spices were so fresh. I thought I knew what cinnamon tasted like until I had a cup of your immune booster with a sprinkle of your cinnamon powder! As a mother of two children under 4 years old who are constantly getting sick, I am confident that I am better equipped to help them battle these illness that come their way. I cannot thank you enough for your products, your ministry.

~ A. Huerta

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