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Doing It Together!

by Shoshanna Easling

March 2012

What a week! I have worked, danced, and played full blast. Sometimes I get so tired I think I can’t go any further. That is when I think of you guys, and I am encouraged to push through the pain, and I do. Now I have more endurance. I love it!! I can dance longer, exercise harder, and I am building muscle definition. I love feeling more agile! I can see and feel the difference, but still have a ways to go. Come on, lets bump it up a notch. Lets get sore again. Lets push our bodies harder. You can do this. We are doing it together.

Things I Am Doing

1. I continually focus on each muscle I want to target. This really makes a difference, because this way I hold those muscles tight throughout the day.

2. Drink water and herbal tea throughout the day.

3. I stand up straight. Visually you lose 10 pounds standing up straight. Think of God having a string tied around your heart and pulling it towards heaven, then relax your shoulders.

This week I am not only going to exercise and get healthy and fit, I am also going to beautify! I am doing a herbal hair treatment. I really need one. They give me more shine and a natural bounce. If you guys want to do one with me check out my You Tube on how it’s done. You can meet my friend Lauren and watch me give her a herbal hair treatment.

Read What Lauren at Bulk Herb Store Says About Her Workout

I have been wanting to lose weight and get toned for a while, and now I am actually doing it! It is so much easier and more exciting doing it with a friend and knowing that hundreds of people are striving for health right along with me. Even when it get’s tough, knowing that so many are doing it with me makes me want to put my whole heart into everything I do!

I feel so much better about myself! Actually, I feel better in general. I have been taking 2 tablespoons of Detox + and Resolution Fiber everyday and it has made a huge difference in my energy level and curbing my appetite. My skin has even cleared up and my stomach feels less “heavy and weighed down.” You guys have got to try these mixes, which are especially good in Shoshanna’s Enzyme Smoothie, or quickly mixed in a glass of water.

I have also been sipping on scrumptious tea throughout the day and boy does it pay off, both for my taste buds and my health. I figured it up and I have been consuming almost 12 cups of tea a day! No wonder it has been so much easier to eat smaller portions.

Little did I know what I was missing out on. It feels like I have conquered Mt. Everest every time I finish my workout. Life is such an adventure and feeling health and fit makes the journey all the better!

We Can Do It!
Lauren Brandt

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From our Mailbox

I have been ordering bulk herbs from the Bulk Herb Store for several years, and I have really enjoyed everything. I will now be adding Jasmine Green Tea to my orders.


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