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Tea - Love at First Sip

by Bulk Herb Store

October 2009

I discovered my first cup of coffee when I was about 16 years old. Love at first taste! Over the next several years I cultivated and refined my coffee senses, knowing exactly what I liked. I loved experimenting, trying new brands and making different combinations. My mother's early warnings of caffeine addiction began to fade to the back of my mind as I enjoyed a cup every morning. And then every morning and evening. And sometimes in the afternoon, too.

Now I believe that caffeine affects different people in different ways. I am the classic caffeine-addict poster child. It gives me a great jump start in the morning, and brings warm comfort in the evening. Many of my friends love the brown drink as well, so I also became a "social drinker". If there was an excuse to drink a cup, I would find it. Gladly too.

Slowly, I began to notice a change in my hair and energy levels (once the caffeine would wear off). After doing a little bit of research and asking around, I came to the conclusion that some of it had to do with my constant coffee consumption. So I made up my mind to go on a three-month, total coffee fast. I knew it was going to be tough, mostly because I would miss the routine and drinking with friends. But I also knew it would be worth it.

So coffee fast I did. And just as I assumed I would, I missed my coffee. But I decided to start replacing it with other drinks that could be just as comforting (but nutritious too!). I decided to start with some herbal teas. Working in an herb store, I had many options. I started with an immune boosting tea, and absolutely loved the taste! It could compete with some of my favorite coffee drinks. I began making regular batches of a raspberry leaf blend each morning. Delicious. And also great for the female side of my life. Good taste and beneficial? Sure!

In the evenings, I would drink the most comforting tea I've found yet - Fast Asleep Tea, with an extra pinch of chamomile flowers and a little honey and cream. Perfection. And very relaxing. Or I would have the subtle sweetness of the red rooibos tea, one of my new favorites and full of beneficial nutrients.

When I would have company over, I'd leave the option open for coffee if they wanted, but I also made sure I gave them the list of all the great tea mixes I had in my cupboard. Most times tea out ruled coffee. Spearmint and peppermint remain the favorites.

Today I am done with my coffee fast. It will be nice to be able to drink a cup now and then with my friends. But in the meantime, I think I'm going to make myself a nice cup of peppermint tea!

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Hi! I LOVE you site and products! I healed my acne with your advice about cleansing the liver with dandelion and milk thistle! Thanks so much, Brittney!

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