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Red Raspberry and Debbie Osborne's Goats

by Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries

March 2003

I was talking to a lady on the phone the other day concerning herbs, and she told me the most interesting story. She had ordered a large amount of red raspberry. I thought she must be a midwife that delivered several babies a week. “No,” she told me, “I raise goats.” I was really surprised.

She adds 2 tablespoons of red raspberry to the feed of her female goats each morning for 2 weeks before the doe was bred. She said, “This aids in fertility.” She also feeds pregnant goats 2 tablespoons per day for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy.

This seemed a strange and expensive way to feed goats until she told me the amazing results she had achieved. She said they have many goats and have not had to call the vet in over 4 years. After commencing the red raspberry, it has become normal for her goats to have 3 and even 4 kids at one birthing, with no complications. She said her goats yield record breaking volumes of milk that is creamy and delicious.

Their little farm is known far and wide for the wonderful success they have had with goats. She believes the red raspberry is a very significant factor.

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From our Mailbox

My name is Loresa, and I am writing to THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your kind hearts. I have the book Herbal Antibiotics and wanted to get a better handle on how I could start to use herbs more effectively on a daily basis. I happened upon your website through sheer coincidence and my, how my heart is so full of joy.

I know that this was indeed NO ACCIDENT. I am so thankful to FINALLY find a place where there are no gimmicks or complicated instructions or measurements to follow. I will definitely be a dedicated follower of you wonderful healing advice. I feel that now my family can start to heal in a very real and sustainable way.

Thank you for answering God's callling,


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