Rescue Damaged Skin With This Herbal Sunburn Relief Gel | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Sooth hot, burning sunburns with this DIY sunburn relief gel. It's fast, simple, and gets the job done!

Rescue Damaged Skin With This Herbal Sunburn Relief Gel

Sun safety is a hot topic these days. Experts say that sun exposure is good and necessary for our health yet it can be harmful to us at the same time. It’s true the sun can damage the cells in our skin leading to malignancies, but the skin is also designed to protect itself against damage. […]

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DIY Sun-Kissed Soothing Spritz Giveaway | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Sooth summer sunburns with a DIY sunburn soothing spray. Win ingredients to make your own!

DIY Sun-Kissed Soothing Spritz Giveaway

This summer, we’re talking a lot about herbal skin care. We’re sharing recipes and remedies with you, doing some important teaching, and having a lot of fun using herbs on our skin. With summer comes the sun, and with the sun comes the chance to get a sunburn. Of course we hope you’ll do what […]

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How To Make Easy Cold-Processed Lavender Soap | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Ever wanted to make your own cold processed lavender soap? If so, we've got a great tutorial for you today!

How To Make Easy Cold-Processed Lavender Soap

Guest post by Jan of The Nerdy Farm Wife Soap is what’s made when pure oils meet a caustic substance. In times past, our grandmothers used potash made from wood ashes for this job. Because there was no way to determine the strength of those ashes, soaps often turned out lye-heavy and harsh. Today, we […]

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Honey Cinnamon Lip Scrub | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Make your own lip scrub using honey, cinnamon, and a bit of sugar to exfoliate and soften your lips!

Honey Cinnamon Lip Scrub

As we continue the theme here at Bulk Herb Store on toxins in personal care products, it is helpful to look at our make up and our skin care options. Make up is well known for having many toxins in the various products. For some women who don’t wear make up this is not an […]

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DIY Pucker Up Herban Chapstick | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Win some BHS ingredients to make our DIY Pucker-Up Chapstick for smooth summer lips!

DIY Pucker Up Herban Chapstick Giveaway

I’m addicted to chapstick. No lie. I seriously have to have it on my lips at. all. times. If I leave it at home, my loving husband will stop at the store so I can buy some. Yes, it’s that bad. Now, you actually can be addicted to the ingredients in commercial chapsticks as they […]

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Herbal Education @ The Academy: The Circulatory System | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Interested in herbal education and the heart? Come see what HANE is teaching in their cardiac unit this month on the BHS blog!

Herbal Education @ The Academy: The Circulatory System

“The cardiovascular systems job is to move oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, and to send deoxygenated blood and gaseous waste to the respiratory and urinary systems for removal.” – The Herbal Academy of New England: Intermediate Herbal Course This system is made up of the following: heart arteries veins arterioles venules capillaries Today I […]

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Oil & Honey Facial Steam Treatment | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Here's a quick and easy DIY facial steam to try out that's guaranteed to make your face soft and smooth!

Oil & Honey Facial Steam Treatment

My facial care is pretty basic. I wash with water and a microfiber cloth maybe once a day, and I follow up with a simple oil-based moisturizer that I make with jojoba oil and a few other ingredients. Simple. No fuss. Easy, and for me, effective. But every once in a while I want to […]

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DIY Herban Forever Young Cream Giveaway | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Would you like to make a nourishing herbal body cream for yourself? You can win BHS herbs and get started today! Enter here!

DIY Herban Forever Young Cream Giveaway

Who doesn’t want to keep their youthful skin as long as possible. The older I get, the more lines I see creeping across my face. Now I’m not one to stress about it too much (that would just create more wrinkles), but I have resorted to a more intentional approach when it comes to caring […]

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DIY Lavender Sachet | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Learn to make a quick and simple DIY lavender sachet. Use it in draws, under your furniture, or as a pretty decoration!

DIY Lavender Sachet

Do you suffer from stress and anxiety? Aromatherapy is an incredible tool when it comes to rest and relaxation, so if you’ve been tossing and turning at night, or biting those nails by day, a lavender sachet may be all it takes to help your body relax. Lavender has been known to help ease the mind […]

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DIY Rose Infused Solid Perfume | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Learn to make a natural solid perfume using nourishing oils and therapeutic essential oils to help you smell great!

Rose Infused Solid Perfume Recipe

When I was younger I used to love walking up and down the body spray aisle, trying out the different scents. I was addicted to great smelling lip balms, body sprays, lotions and all the other good smelling things of the world. All of that changed though once I became more conscious of what I […]

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