Giveaway: Herbal Cooking Delight | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Enter for a chance to win 5 bags of culinary herbs this week!

Giveaway: Herbal Cooking Delight

I’m sure that by now you know that herbs can be used for more than helping the body heal itself during times of sickness. Herbs are plants, and plants can be a great source of food for us which brings us to this weeks giveaway… all about herbs and food. An Herbal Cooking Delight Giveaway This […]

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Giveaway: DIY Tea Blending | Bulk Herb Store Blog | We're giving away 5 single herbs this week so you can mix and match them to make your very own tea blends!

Giveaway: DIY Tea Blending

Blending tea is as much of an art as it is a science. Some people have the gift naturally while others have to work at it. I’d put myself in the category of those who have to work on it… and I am! It’s SO much fun I tell you. Such fun! In the past, […]

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How To Make Delicious Rose Petal Jelly | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Elegantly floral rose petal jelly is the perfect toppig for your favorite baked goods.

How To Make Delicious Rose Petal Jelly

When we think of February we often think of Valentine’s day with it’s cards, roses and chocolates. When I was little, Valentine’s was always a special day to exchange cute cards with friends and get our biyearly box of chocolates. The only other occasion we got such a gift was Christmas, so it was always […]

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DIY Herbal Tea Blending in 4 Steps | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Come learn how to take a bunch of herbs and blend them into a delicious tea in 4 easy steps!

DIY Tea Blending In Four Steps

I’ve been blending herbal tea for our family for quite a few years. It all started when I would get delightful bunches of herbs in our weekly CSA box and began learning all about the delights of fresh herbal tea. Boxed tea bags from the grocery store don’t even compare in flavor! Now that I’ve […]

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Giveaway: Brew La La... Let's Drink Some Tea! | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Come join us on the BHS blog and win some tea!!

Giveaway: Brew La La… Let’s Drink Some Tea!

When I first started drinking tea, it was very basic, and honestly, quite boring. Plain peppermint. Plain chamomile. Plain hibiscus. It’s not that those teas aren’t good on their own, and they certainly have their place; however, when drinking tea for enjoyment, they need to taste good. They need some pizazz! Seeing as how these past […]

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Perfect Pairings for Herbal Tea | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Today we're talking about how to pair foods with different teas? Come see what we think!

Perfect Pairings for Herbal Tea

Several years ago my husband and I dove into the world of herbal tea. We wanted to explore the potential that tea had to transform meals and simply brighten the afternoon. For us, the sheer variety of flavor in tea created an unlimited potential for delicious food pairings. We decided we wanted to discover the simplicity of them all. Pairing […]

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Giveaway: Love Is In The Air | Bulk Herb Store | Come enter to win some lovely herbs for Valentine's Day!

Giveaway: Love Is In The Air

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s a day where relationships are celebrated. Marriage relationships, family relationships, and friend relationships. It’s a day to say, “You’re special to me, and I value your friendship!” A day to say, “I love you! You mean so much to me.” Everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day in different ways with the different people […]

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