Herbal Sinus Rinses

I don’t know anyone more skilled in discussing this topic than I am. And I’m not just blowing my own nose! Believe me; I would rather have no knowledge on the subject of allergies and sinus infections at all! But, alas, it is God’s plan that my family be the resident experts on all things […]

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10 Herbs That Help Manage Fever & How To Use Them

Fever. It’s something we’ve all experienced. A fever is a friend and the sign of a healthy immune system. It helps the body by making it an uncomfortable environment for viruses and bacteria to thrive in. But never mind a fever’s good intentions because there are times when it doesn’t feel much like a friend. There are times […]

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How do Herbal Antivirals Work? | BulkHerbStore.com/blog | Is there such a thing as antiviral herbs? You bet! Learn how they work here.

How Do Herbal Antivirals Work?

A common mistake often made is to think that the cold and flu are caused by bacteria, however both of these infections are actually caused by viruses. This is why when you go to the doctors for the flu they will not give you antibiotics. Unlike bacteria viruses are technically not alive. Therefore antivirals work […]

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Are There Really Herbal Antibiotics? - see which herbs can help!

Are There Really Herbal Antibiotics?

What are Antibiotics? We know that every year lots of people get sick with the flu or an infection, especially during the cooler winter months. Many of these people end up at the doctor’s office and leave with a prescription for an antibiotic. But what are they really, and why do we need antibiotics? Antibiotics […]

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Q&A - What Does Shay Say? | BulkHerbStore.com

Q&A: Irritable Bowel Synrome (IBS and Colitis)

Question: So I believe I have irritable bowel syndrome. I alternate between diarrhea and constipation and have large amounts of mucous in my stools.  My doctor recommended laxatives but I don’t think this is going to solve my problem, so I did my own research, and I found that my symptoms point to irritable bowel […]

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Medicinal Mushrooms for the Immune System

Mushrooms are for more than adding to soups and side dishes. They are a food that provides the body not only with nutrients, but also with therapeutic benefits as well. Modern science is beginning to reveal all the different ways these mushrooms are beneficial to the body. There are mushrooms that destroy viruses, bacteria, and yeast. […]

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6 Herbal Remedies for Sore Throats

Now that summer is over it is cold and flu season. One really common symptom of both those problems is a sore throat. Sore throats can also come from allergies, dryness, irritants like tobacco smoke, esophageal reflux, and muscle strain. Sore Throat Remedies 1.  Drink licorice root tea.   Licorice root is anti-viral and anti-inflammatory so […]

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