How to Make Herbal Ice Cubes | | Take your drinks one step further by adding healthy, delicious herbal ice cubes to the mix!

How to Make Herbal Ice Cubes

There is nothing like a glass of ice tea on a hot summer day. My family is originally from the mid-west so ice tea (not sweetened thankyouverymuch) was a staple at any gathering in the summer time. Nothing beat having a glass cold glass of tea after playing outside at Grandma’s house for hours on […]

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Q&A - What Does Shay Say? |

Q&A: Crohn’s Disease

Question: I am looking for the herbal remedy for Crohn’s disease and anal fistulas, can you help me? Answer: There are no quick fixes for digestive ailments of this magnitude, herbal or otherwise; however, with a number of dietary changes and some healing of the gut, I believe you can reverse these conditions. Crohn’s Disease […]

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Stress Relief Tea

We live in a culture in the USA that seems to be growing more and more stressful year by year. Some folks seem to have figured out ways to opt out of the rat race but most of us are caught in it and don’t know how to slow down. One option that can help […]

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Building Garden Soil With Herbs

Building Garden Soil With Herbs

For many of us summer is a time to work in our garden and reap a bountiful harvest. The summer heat often brings a desire for cold herbal teas to nourish and replenish our bodies. We are aware that herbs can be used as vitamins and minerals for our body but we don’t often consider […]

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3 Ways to Have Fun with Herbal Dye!

Do you love color, flowers, and all things natural, but you’re not sure where you can get a good natural dye? Well we have the answer you’ve been looking for. You can go outside and pick your own! (Or easily get some – dried & ready for you – from Bulk Herb Store.) That’s right, […]

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Homemade Electrolyte Drinks to Keep You Hydrated!

There are times in the summer, especially if you or the kids are into sports, that water just doesn’t cut it. You feel tired, worn out, and completely drained of energy. Yes, it is important to drink water to keep your body hydrated, but sometimes your body needs a little extra boost. The answer…Electrolytes. What […]

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How to Have an Herbal Tea Party

I’m a mama with two young daughters, and of course that means we have lots of tea parties at my house! My youngest daughter is a Summer Baby and we celebrated her eighth birthday just a few weeks ago.  Here are three delicious recipes we enjoyed for her herbal-themed breakfast tea! Hibiscus-Orange Punch with Frozen Strawberries […]

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Grilling Recipes for This Summer

Let’s Celebrate! It’s the 4th of July and today I am grilling out with these delicious ‘herb-covered’ foods for a tasty highlight to the day! These recipes are perfect for use all summer long too! So pull your herbs out, mix and match; then revel in the amazing taste of seasonings done right! Beef & […]

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Gluten-Free Celebration Cake

Have you enjoyed our last two “Patriotic” recipes? If you haven’t seen them, check out the Patriotic Popsicles and the Patriotic Lemon Tarts. Now for the grand finale; drumroll please….. our Gluten-Free Celebration Cake! Enjoy this perfect mixture of sweet, healthy, goodness all in one! Gluten-Free Carrot Cake: From the Making Babies Book! What You […]

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