Pest Deterring Herbs

Pest Deterring Herbs

We recently moved from California, where we had annoying – but rarely biting – bugs, to Texas where we’ve been getting eaten alive! Seriously, there have been quite a few mornings and nights in our home – and no we don’t leave the doors open – that all the sudden I have found an itch. […]

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Natural Remedies in the Barnyard

My family and I have been country folk for several years now. Although we started out as basically city slickers, we’ve learned a lot over the years dealing with animals. Probably the biggest lesson we’ve learned is that animals are animals, not people. However, they do have some of the same physiological needs that humans […]

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DIY Black Drawing Salve

Activated Charcoal is THE best herbal remedy for pulling out splinters, wasp stingers, poison from insect bites, and more. Add to Charcoal, herbs that will aid in drawing infections and toxins out of the body, such as Plantain and Calendula, and there you have a simple, effective remedy for all your summertime needs! So get […]

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Herbal Chicken Salad | Bulk Herb Store Blog| Get a recipe for delicious herbal chicken salad... sure to please!

Herbal Chicken Salad

Herbs are a great addition to chicken salad; they infuse this traditional summer dish with extra health benefits and make it more visually appealing. The herbal chicken salad recipe I am sharing today uses dill, thyme, and parsley. However, lemon balm or tarragon are also good choices (although, you  will want to be light-handed with tarragon […]

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Backyard Foraging with Kids with The Bulk Herb Store Blog

Backyard Foraging with Kids

I don’t precisely remember when I became fascinated with foraging for wild plants, but when I did, I was excited to share my new interested with my children. Now when they go outside, it’s rare that I don’t find them munching on a favorite plant at least once! I am far from a foraging expert, […]

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DIY Four Thieves Bug Spray | | Keep those pesky bugs away this summer naturally with this herbal bug spray!

DIY Four Thieves Bug Spray

Legend has it that during the Black Death plague of the 1300’s, there were 4 thieves arrested for stealing from the homes of those who had died as a victim of the plague.  These thieves seemed to have some secret that kept them from contracting this terrible illness.  As the story goes, one of the […]

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Prepping for Baby: 25 Things to Remember |

Prepping for Baby: 25 Things to Remember

There’s nothing quite like preparing for the birth of your baby! Your body is in gear.  Your mind is in over-drive.  Anticipation, excitement, and just a little anxiousness mingle in a tangle of nerves and emotions that make you giddy one minute and have you crying the next! As a mama with five young children, I can […]

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Where Will Your Baby Be Born? Homebirth, Birth Center, or Hospital? | | Learn the pros and cons to each of these birthing choices to find which is best for you and your baby.

Where Will Your Baby Be Born?

So you are pregnant and excitement is running high. You are feeling some morning sickness and you are trying to decide who to tell and when. But the bigger question is who are you going to see for prenatal care and WHERE are you going to have this baby? Of course you have 3 options […]

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4 Herbal Remedies For Nutrition During Pregnancy | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Looking to get more nutrition during pregnancy? Herbs can help with that. here are 4 remedies to give you more nutrition during your next pregnancy.

4 Herbal Remedies For Nutrition During Pregnancy

It’s always important to make sure we’re getting the best nutrition in our diets as possible, but it’s never more important than when we’re pregnant.  Sometimes this can be a challenge though.  Food aversions, food cravings, nausea, and fatigue can impact our diets tremendously when we’re expecting.  Below I’ve listed 4 herbal remedies to help […]

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Nutritional Needs of the Pregnant Mama | | Pregnant? Curious about your and babies nutritional needs? Learn more here.

Nutritional Needs of the Pregnant Mama

A woman’s nutritional needs during pregnancy is my pet subject. I have stacks of reference books, some of them dating back to the 1800’s. My interest began, naturally, with my first pregnancy. Little did I realize at the time that I should have been interested in prenatal nutrition long before I found out I was […]

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10 Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy Complaints

10 Herbal Remedies for Common Pregnancy Complaints

This past year, while I was pregnant with my daughter, I was determined to have the most natural pregnancy possible. This was as pretty daunting goal, give that there are so many different symptoms that women can face during pregnancy. Luckily, many of them can be treated naturally! Today I want to share 12 natural […]

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The Ultimate Homemade Cleaner Roundup

The Ultimate DIY Home Cleaning Roundup

Cleaning- for many of us, it’s the bane of our existence. Windows always seem dirty, carpets need to be vacuumed, and what was it that overflowed from the pot and into the oven grates? Quinoa? A good Spring deep cleaning can feel a little overwhelming at first, but it’s often the key to keeping a […]

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Heart to Heart Giveaway | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Enter to win herbs that are good for the heart!

Heart to Heart Giveaway

According to the CDC, heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States. [1] This is a sure sign that the majority of Americans are not making the best choices when it comes to eating and lifestyle habits. Heart to Heart Giveaway This week we are giving away herbs that are good for the […]

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How To Make Chocolate Rose Bark For A Healthy Heart | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Make chocolate rose bark that's good for your heart!

How To Make Chocolate Rose Bark for a Healthy Heart

Chocolate and roses… could there be a more romantic combination? Valentine’s Day often conjures up images of bouquets of red roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates filled with all manner of sweet stuff and fluff. Store aisles are overrun with it all! Chocolate and roses are delightful, of course. The smell of fresh roses is […]

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How To Make Herbal Bath Salts That Melt Stress | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Learn how to say goodbye to stress with these homemade herbal bath salts!

How to Make Herbal Bath Salts That Melt Stress

Stress and tension can be part of daily life.  Some stress might even be good for us, like a rush of adrenaline.  In our busy world it may even be a new normal for many people. However, constant stress can cause many physical problems, and chronic stress releases many toxic reactions in our body. Let’s take […]

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Herbal A-Z: Hawthorn

Hawthorn. Crataegus species… from the plant family Rosaceae. Also known as thorn blossom, may bush, may tree, may apple, and Tree of Chastity among others. There are over 200 different species of hawthorn spread throughout Europe and northeastern North America. [2] History Before this post, if you had asked me about the history of hawthorn […]

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How To Set Herbal Goals This Year | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Learn how to increase your knowledge of herbalism by setting herbal goals this year.

How To Set Herbal Goals This Year

The craziness of the holiday season has passed and we have all settled down (hopefully) into our normal routine. Does that routine include herbal education? There is no time like the present to set herbal goals for the year, especially if you are wanting to increase your knowledge and understanding of herbalism. How To Set […]

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Herbal Immunity Giveaway

Our immune systems are responsible for keeping our entire body healthy.  How often we get sick, how long an illness lasts, how severe an infection becomes is all tied into how healthy our immune system is.  It’s no secret that we need to be diligent in keeping our immune systems healthy! An Herbal Immunity Giveaway […]

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