Baking With Herbal Flowers | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Beautify your food by baking with herbal flowers! We'll give you some recipes and ideas in today's post!

Baking With Herbal Flowers

After a long winter, spring is finally here. Many are starting to get their garden trowels out and seeds started. This year I’ll be planting lots of flowers for the bees and other bugs, but also some edible flowers. Rose petal jelly is comfy served on a warm biscuit, and bee balm petals really perk […]

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May Flowers Giveaway | Bulk Herb Store Blog | This week we're giving away herbal flowers to celebrate spring and the beauty of herbs! Enter today!

May Flowers Giveaway

May Flowers Giveaway This week on the BHS blog we’re giving away 5 half-pound bags of herbal flowers! Use them for decorations, in remedies and nourishing teas, in cosmetics and other skincare products, in potpourri, or in foods and healthy recipes. The sky’s the limit! You can win the following: 1/2 lb. calendula flowers 1/2 lb. […]

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Savory Sage Chicken Rub | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Make a savory sage chicken rub to liven up your next meal!

Savory Sage Chicken Rub

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep my life simple.  That means I like to have herbs and remedies on hand that can each be used for many different issues and ailments. It’s so much easier to have a handful of herbs that can cure just about any issue that I might […]

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Herbal Electuaries, Oxymels, and Cordials | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Learn how to sweeten up your medicinal herbal preparations by making electuaries, oxymels, and cordials!

Herbal Electuaries, Oxymels, and Cordials

Do you have a hard time getting your family to take herbs?  Would you like to learn more ways to bring sweetness and creativity into the kitchen when you make herbal preparations? Let me introduce you to herbal electuaries, oxymels and cordials! Herbal Electuary Electuaries are a mixture of powdered herbs and honey.  Some herbs […]

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Allergy Buster Giveaway | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Allergies are the worst. This week you can win the ingredients to make your own allergy buster glycerite. Trust me... you'll love it!

Allergy Buster Giveaway

Runny noses, itchy eyes, scratchy throats, dry coughs, and painful sinuses… allergy symptoms can often make you want to reach for the OTC meds. Thankfully, if you’re an allergy sufferer, there are some herbal allies that can help you out. This week on the BHS blog we’re giving away all the ingredients needed to make an […]

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How to Make Herbal Honey, Syrup and Candy | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Learn to make some sweet herbal preparations and get a good bit of recipes to get you started!

How to Make Herbal Honeys, Syrups and Candies

Herbal honeys, syrups and candies are sweet herbal remedies. You can make them as simply as 1-2-3, or as involved as a several day/week process. These can be a great way to start adjusting to the herbal taste of home remedies, a pleasant way to mask unsavory herbs, or just fun and tasty ways to […]

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Elderberry Syrup Giveaway | Bulk Herb Store Blog | This week you can win everything you need to make homemade elderberry syrup! Yum!

Elderberry Syrup Giveaway

Colds and other viruses can show up any time of the year… not only during flu season, and that means having antiviral herbs like elderberry on hand is a good decision. Elderberry has been shown to reduce the duration and severity of a viral infection when taken at the first signs of illness and continued […]

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Sage Spot Treatment For Acne | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Reduce redness and help dry up unwanted acne quickly with this herbal sage spot treatment.

Sage Spot Treatment For Acne

When was the last time you woke up early for a busy day ahead, wandered into the bathroom to get ready, and looked up at yourself in the mirror only to find… … a big red spot on the end of your nose? Call it what you want… a pimple… a zit… … a blemish… a spot. […]

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The Sweet Truth - The History of Honey | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Learn about the history of honey and its medicinal values! It's so good for you!

The Sweet Truth – The History of Honey

I love you, honey! Not only is honey a sweet term of endearment, but it has benefits that many people don’t even know about. We know it’s sweet, we know it’s sticky, and we know it’s yummy. But did you know it has a long history, and it has medicinal use? I am going to talk about a […]

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