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Q&A: Hashimoto’s, Candida and Hormones

Question: I have had Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease for over 10 years. I have taken gluten out of my diet and have been on and off the SCD diet for a few years. I have a chronic yeast infection and am convinced I have a fungal gut infection. I have many food intolerances. I am in […]

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Christmas Wassail: DIY Mulled Cider Recipe | BulkHerbStore.com/blog | Enjoy this delicious mulled cider on a cold winter evening!

Christmas Wassail: DIY Mulled Cider Recipe

Sipping on steaming mugs of hot apple cider has always been a favorite winter and Christmas tradition in my family. As a kid, I loved to see my mom bring home jugs of apple cider from the grocery store, or purchase those gourmet cider mixes from the little antique stores we visited at the holidays. […]

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2014 Herbal Gift Guide for Men | BulkHerbStore.com/blog | Looking for something special and natural for you man this year? We've got you covered!

2014 Herbal Gift Guide for Men

In my opinion, men are the hardest to find gifts for, never mind a DIY gift! My hope is that these will kickstart your own creative ideas for the men in your life. Enjoy! Fizzing Foot Soak What husband doesn’t love a foot massage? Okay, I admit, I actually like giving them too. It’s the […]

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Making Herbal Christmas Ornaments, Gifts, and Cards | BulkHerbStore.com/blog

Making Herbal Christmas Ornaments, Gifts, and Cards

Christmas is a great time of the year to show others how much they mean to you. One of the best ways you can do that is by making homemade gifts to give to others. Today, I’m sharing several different ways you can make homemade Christmas ornaments, gifts, and decor using herbs. Keep them for yourself […]

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Frothy Real Food Hot Cocoa | BulkHerbStore.com/blog | Enjoy a delicious and oh so healthy hot cocoa on these cold winter days!

Frothy Real Food Hot Cocoa

Imagine wrapping your hands around a hot mug of cocoa while sitting by a fire this winter. Lovely picture isn’t it? I love hot cocoa like any other person but I’m not keen on the large amounts of sugar in traditional recipes, especially during the winter when so many people seem to get sick. Instead […]

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Last Minute Holiday Prep | BulkHerbStore.com/blog | Running out of time, but still have things that need to get done for the holidays? We have some last minute prep ideas for you this month!

Last Minute Holiday Prep

The holidays are here. A time for reflecting on the past year, remembering what’s important in life, celebrating with family, and looking forward to things to come. Last month we shared a lot of holiday gift giving ideas for you, and this month we have some more last minute holiday posts to share with you as […]

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"Made With Love" Giveaway Winner | BulkHerbStore.com/blog

“Made With Love” Giveaway Winner

I hope you and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday and were able to count your blessings. We here at the Bulk Herb Store are so very blessed by you, our customers and readers! Thank you for your support and for spreading the word about us as well as joining us in bringing the world of […]

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Herbal Infused Honey | BulkHerbStore.com/blog | Herbal honey is easy to make and make great holiday gifts!

Herbal Infused Honey

  As a budding herbalist, Lavender honey was the very first medicinal honey I made. Since lavender is considered a great all-purpose and generally safe herb, I decided to make a few jars for my friends and neighbors for Christmas this year. Not only does lavender smell lovely, here are a few other benefits to […]

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