8 Ways To Brew Herbal Tea | Bulk Herb Store | Come learn about 8 easy ways to brew herbal tea. There's something for everyone here!

Herbal Tea 101: 8 Ways To Brew Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is one of the simplest natural remedies available. Requiring little more than steeping herbs in water, tea can be made quickly and easily and enjoyed on a daily basis. Today I’m sharing eight simple ways to brew herbal tea: 1. Tea Ball/Infuser Mesh tea balls/infusers are great for making one cup of tea. Simply add […]

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Giveaway: Let's Drink To Your Health! |Bulk Herb Store Blog | Enter to win the BHS "Drink To Your Health" Kit this week on the BHS blog!

Giveaway: Let’s Drink To Your Health!

Health is a priceless thing. It’s something that most people take for granted when they are blessed with it, and its value is really known when it begins to falter. Over the years I’ve seen the value in working hard to keep myself and my family healthy before sickness and disease set in. It’s much […]

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How To Make Happy Hair Tea | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Want healthy hair? Today we're sharing the recipe for our healthy hair tea blend! Don't miss it!

How To Make Happy Hair Tea

This simple herbal tea, with a good base of alfalfa and nettles, is Shaaron Lavy’s daily drink for “happy hair.” I drink 3-5 cups of mixed teas a day and love using the following herbs [for long & full hair], which are all high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants –  Gingko, Red Clover Herb, Alfalfa, […]

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Giveaway: Pomegranate Flavored Green Tea | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Win a free bag of our Pomegranate Green Tea this week!

Giveaway: Pomegranate Flavored Green Tea

Our Pomegranate Flavored Green Tea is definitely a favorite of BHS customers so this week we decided to give a 1/2 pound bag away for free! This tea has a green tea base with pomegranate flowers and fruit flavoring so everything is all natural and good for you. Speaking of good for you, did you […]

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Wellness Tea | http://BulkHerbStore.com/blog | Here's an herbal tea blend that will nourish your body during cold and flu season.

Wellness Tea Blend

It is that time of the year when we all think about being well as colds and flu hit the masses. As I have observed over the years there is no one magic remedy to keep one healthy, but there are a number of things which can work together to build a strong immune system. […]

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