Disinfecting Essential Oil Blend | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Learn to make a DIY disinfecting essential oil blend to use for health and home!

Disinfecting Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils are often confused with chemical fragrance oils that offer nothing but a nice scent. The term aromatherapy may play into that misconception, leaving many people to believe that the only read benefit of essential oils is the good smell. However, if you are somewhat familiar with essential oils, then you realize that while they […]

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Giveaway: DIY Spicy Chocolate | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Win the ingredients to make our Spicy Chocolate Drops in this weeks BHS giveaway!

Giveaway: DIY Spicy Chocolate

I’m a sucker for sweet foods so it takes a good bit of will-power for me to not eat 3 cupcakes at the kiddo’s birthday parties instead of 1. In fact, I’d say it takes a bit more than will-power alone seeing as how we only have so much of that before it runs out. I suppose it’s a […]

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Herbal Education At The Academy: The Digestive System | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Get a glimpse of the Intermediate Herbal Course from HANE in this month's behind-the-scenes post on the digestive system unit.

Herbal Education @ The Academy: The Digestive System

This month’s sneak peek into the Herbal Academy of New England’s Intermediate Herbal Course is on the Alimentary system… better known as the digestive system. Last month I talked my studies on using food as medicine, but in order to get the most nutrition from your food, your digestive system needs to be functioning properly. When I […]

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Herbal Salad Dressings For Summer | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Make your own healthy & delicious salad dressings this summer! We have a bunch of recipes to share with you!

Herbal Salad Dressings For Summer

Wow! It’s almost summer and you know what that means; it’s time for salads! A salad dressing can make or break a meal. Why have another boring green salad when you can serve a different salad every night of the month? My family loves a good, fresh salad! We love it so much that it is hard to […]

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DIY Herbal Salad Dressing Giveaway | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Win what you need to make your own healthy, delicious herbal salad dressings this week on the BHS blog!

Giveaway: DIY Herbal Salad Dressing

There’s something about spring… when the weather begins to warm up just enough for me to plant my lettuce bed full of green leafy goodness that makes me feel so alive… so energized! It means warmer weather is on the way and that means more light, healthy salads and homemade salad dressings will be showing up […]

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Giveaway: Herbal Infused Honey | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Come win $55 worth of BHS products to make your own herbal infused honeys!

Giveaway: Herbal Infused Honey

Did you know that you can infuse herbs into honey? Yes, you can! It not only tastes delicious, but it gives that naturally healthy honey a bit of a boost as well. Some examples of herbal honeys are onion & honey which is great if you have a cough, lavender honey which can be used on pancakes or in […]

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Herbal A-Z | Bulk Herb Store Blog | This month we're studying all about the fabulous herb rosemary! Won't you join us?

Herbal A-Z: Rosemary

Rosemary. Rosmarinus officialis… from the plant family Lamiaceae which is the mint family. Also known as Dew of the Sea, Old Man, Garden Rosemary, Mary’s Mantle, and Compass Weed. History Rosemary gets its name from the Latin words ros maris or “dew of the sea” as it originated in the Mediterranean region. It’s been praised since ancient times as a […]

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