AquaRain 3 Gallon Stainless Steel Water Filter

(AQ 404)
Origin: United States
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The AquaRain® Natural Water Filter uses microfiltration and gravity to filter any water at the rate of up to 1 gallon per hour. A dense and highly absorptive carbon filter bed is incorporated within the ceramic shell, and sterile metallic silver is added to maintain purity in the filter system. The stainless steel housing is pressed formed without seams or welds, and includes easy lifting handles as well as a unique ‘splash guard’ system that insures safe drinking water in everyday operation. Filtered with patented sub-micron ceramic technology, the filters remove dangerous living organisms and harmful bacteria to 99.999999%. Comes with two AquaRain® ceramic filtering elements as well as two complimentary Black Berkey filtering elements for a total of 4 elements. It stands at 21.5” tall and 10” wide, and holds 3 gallons of water.

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